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S.W.A.T - Crews - Review

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SWAT is failing to disappoint. Every week it’s delivering on its promise of emotional storylines and high-octane action, with a cast of characters who have gelled like family.
This week’s episode, Crews, is no different.

SWAT’s after a crew who have been robbing armored trucks (or are they armored cars?) in Phoenix, Dallas, and now LA, and Agent DuBois returns to lead the op – and she’s still seen holding energy drinks like we saw in her previous episode. Hmmm.

Chris doesn’t draw attention to herself. In her team, she’s one of the guys. They don’t consider her any less because she’s female. But she’s aware that not everyone views her the same, or views other women trying out for SWAT the same.
And she can’t be seen giving too much attention to the only female in SWAT academy. She wants to help Erica, and she will, but not so it turns into a negative experience for either of them.

Chris: “They’ve got to see you as a great cop, not a great woman cop. That’s just the reality.”

It won’t be easy for Erica.

The team always keeps things light-hearted when possible, and they pull a good one on Street. When Hondo does the usual, “Fill the gaps” line, only an unwitting Street yells back, “Stay liquid!”. It’s a fun moment before things get serious.
And things certainly get serious. Hondo’s CI, Craig, has just turned up dead in an alley.
This episode is going to be a tough one for Hondo and his big heart.

Agent DuBois is worrying me. She’s sucking back energy drinks like water, and her concentration levels are nearly non-existent. And Jessica is worried too. Hicks isn’t happy about having to deal with Jess’ proposals, but he still listens when she brings up her concerns.

Hicks: “We worry about our people. You do what you need to do to protect them.”

Which is what she’s doing with her proposals, Hicks. Just by the way.

It’s nice to see even Hondo stares into the fridge for answers when things get rough.
“I just keep wondering what I could have done different for Craig,” he tells Deacon.
Deacon’s there with the support, promising Hondo they’ll get the people responsible for Craig’s death. It might not help Hondo’s feelings of guilt though.
Being able to get Lana, Craig’s daughter, more money, to help pay for college and to help look after her grandmother, will help though. And he’s able to do this. If Lana’s casino tip cracks the case she’ll get 15% of the money recovered. That could amount to almost $100,000. I know I say this a lot, but I seriously want Hondo on my side if I’m ever in trouble.

There’s conflict for the women of SWAT. Chris is concerned that her being on the team makes it harder for other women to succeed. She just hopes the right people are being chosen, that people are being judged fairly despite their gender. Unfortunately, the conversation doesn’t get to go any further, as Agent DuBois interrupts. She’s unimpressed with Jessica double-checking her work; In response, Jessica tells DuBois a story about her cousin’s oxycodone addiction.
“I know what painkiller addiction looks like,” she tells Dubois.
And DuBois doesn’t take kindly to the accusation.

Hondo and Jessica’s professional relationship is still as strong as ever, but I miss how they used to be. The trust, the respect, it’s all still there. When they work together they’re a solid team, but the flirtatious glint is gone from Hondo’s eyes when they’re alone. If one of them were to break before the end of the season, coax their relationship back towards a romantic one, I certainly wouldn’t complain.

Luca’s an evaluator for SWAT, and I hope this is something we see more of in future episodes. From memory, this is the first time we’ve seen him in this position, and it’s nice seeing him having this extra responsibility.
He and Chris shouldn’t be discussing the candidates, but he trusts Chris so he answers a few of her questions regarding Erica’s performance.
She then turns to Street for help, asking him to help Erica with her target practise at the range. Chris may be reluctant to physically help because of the backlash, but she’ll make sure she’s still helping by gathering all the information and turning to her team to fill in where she cannot.

When DuBois makes an error, putting SWAT’s lives in jeopardy during an op, Jessica steps in and takes control. DuBois protests but Jessica doesn’t have time for her behaviour and tells her the op’s now out of her hands.
DuBois leaves the room, and Jessica works to get Hondo, Tan, and Luca’s backup out of the traffic – with a little help from Street’s mad driving skills.
All the stunts in this show are epic. Hondo rides on the top of the armored truck, clinging to its antennae as it weaves through traffic, pursued by Street. Street rams the side of the truck with his car, sending it careening off to the edge of the road, Hondo somehow managing to hang on.
SWAT gets the bad guys, but not before the writers and actors make them somewhat sympathetic. I almost feel bad for them before they’re hauled away.

Jessica will always do what she feels is right, and she’s already filed her report about DuBois’ behaviour and likely painkiller addiction. Judging from DuBois’ response, Jessica isn’t wrong in her assumptions. But if she is, she’ll take responsibility for that.

The episode follows up on Chris’ dedication to helping Erica. With season two now confirmed, perhaps Chris won’t be the lone woman on the team, or in any of the teams, for much longer…?

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