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Suits - Tiny Violin - Review: "Get Your House in Order"

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Quick review today because we’ve got two episodes to cover back-to-back!

Nathan asks Mike to get the firm to make an investment in the clinic since their funds are shaky. Quick reminder that the same actor that plays Nate on NCIS: LA plays Nathan on Suits. I guess he just looks like a Nate.

Mike decides - yet again - that he needs to pour all of his time and effort into a big case the clinic is facing. After he gets the blessing from Donna to put his attention into the case, he’s approached in the lobby by a guy who’s building a firm on the west coast and wants Mike as a partner.

He appeals to Mike’s bleeding heart, saying that the lawyer will inevitably have to leave Specter & Litt when he is forced to defend the indefensible. “I’m looking to make a firm that takes on the big guys without relying on funding,” he says. He wants Mike to run the place, and Rachel Zane can be right by his side. Mike has 48 hours to make up his mind. Well. That’s literally Mike’s definition of a dream come true.

Mike tells his fiancee about the pitch, and she gently suggests that she’d probably be on board. In the meantime, he should focus on winning this case for the clinic - fighting on behalf of children with lead poisoning - because she doesn’t want their future children to live in a world where “something like this can happen.”

In the room, Mike pushes the lawyer representing the party responsible for the lead poisoning, much to Nate’s horror. Mike pulls a Harvey and says if they just wait a day, the guy will come back with more money. Turns out the gamble didn’t pay off as Nate informs Mike that all of their angel investors pulled their funding, effectively shutting down the clinic.

Turns out the guy pitching Mike his dream job was the one who got the donors to pull their money - it was all a ploy. But the idea was still a good one, Mike insists, and tells Nate they should drop their non-profit status so they can keep running. Nate says it would take half a million to foot the bill of the entire firm.

Fortunately, Donna hears about this and solves the problem - she and Louis “anonymously” donate half a million dollars to get the clinic on solid ground. "You've been doing the right thing ever since you got here,” Louis says. “The world could use a lot more people like you.”

Well… I mean, he was definitely a fraud and practicing law without a license for a pretty long time. It’s kinda the entire concept of the show. But I get what he’s saying.

On the Harvey side of things, he and Donna seem to be on good terms and their flirty banter is back to normal. But business as usual doesn’t last long when good ole’ Stanley Gordon shows up to drop a lawsuit on Specter & Litt on behalf of all former partners. He claims that when Mike went to jail, they all instantly became “damaged goods.” Oh, good grief. These guys will sue anyone about anything.

They have a statement from someone claiming that her life was ruined by the firm, and it is… (drumroll please.) Scotty! Wearing significantly more makeup than she wears on Timeless, Scotty’s role in the lawsuit is completely ignored as she immediately starts talking about her relationship with Harvey.

She reminds the lawyer that they had sort of decided that they would get back together once he figured his life out. But when she delicately inquires as to Donna’s presence in his life, she’s wise enough (unlike Paula,) to nod sagely and back away, saving herself heartache.

Harvey, Louis, and Mike start putting some pieces together - all the former partners want to get back in the company and then vote to merge with Robert Zane. That’s pretty sneaky. When Harvey confronts the man, he’s blindsided. He had no idea, his partners had conspired the whole thing and were going to stab him in the back. “You better get your house in order, because now I have to protect mine,” Harvey instructs.

Time for another cameo! Jessica shows up at the office to ask Harvey for help. And by “ask,” I mean “put a lot of pressure on him.” They revoked her license to practice law in Chicago and are actively trying to run her out of town. "I'm going to war with the people who took my license,” she says. “I don't need the top guy, I need the best partner I've ever had, and I need him to have my back.”

And it’s not just Harvey who’s going to have her back - it’s going to be the whole dream team. Mike, Rachel, Donna, Louis, and Harvey all agree: They’re going to do whatever is necessary to help Jessica.

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