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Shadowhunters - A Window Into an Empty Room - Review + POLL

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This week on Shadowhunters, Jace spent the entire episode possessed and looking for his final victim which ended up being Ollie, Luke’s partner. Clary and Magnus realized something was wrong with Jace and eventually learned he’s the Owl. Alec was still upset over his recent argument with Magnus. Maryse returned to the Institute after being de-runed. Simon tried to deal with Heidi, who attacked Izzy thinking she was Simon’s girlfriend but ended up handing her over to the Praetor. 

Well handled: Even though Heidi was giving off very strong stalker vibes, Simon still did his best to help her. Sure, Maia is the one that convinced him, but I’m not so sure if I would’ve listened had I been in his place. But he still did his best, she was just too far gone. I’m glad he didn’t hand her over to the Clave, though. We’ve seen enough of how they treat downworlders that handing her over to them wouldn’t have been a solution but a death sentence. Not that the Praetor will be a picnic for her, but she might get better with their help (though IMO that’s doubtful). 

I’M SO EXCITED: and, you guessed it, I could not hide it. Raise your hand if you also screamed when seeing Brother Zachariah (or if you suppressed a scream because you watched the episode around midnight and you live with your parents). Now those who haven’t read the books may have noticed there was something different about him, but as he said, that’s a story for another time (FLASHBACKS PLEASE). I loved The Infernal Devices so any potential of seeing those characters on screen makes me a very happy camper. Now his appearance also means that Jace’s storyline is still very much on the book track. 

Cat’s out of the bag: Speaking of Jace, I’m very glad the secret of him being the Owl is finally out. Honestly, 6 episodes until a reveal was a bit much. Hopefully, this means we’ll get to that other reveal next week. Which reminds me, what the hell Luke. Why would he tell Clary took keep silent about the wish. He should know that stuff like that always comes out. And the more time passes, the more upset Jace’s family will be when they found out. 

Favorite family: I’m really happy with how far the Lightwoods have come as a family. They were so distant in season 1, but it was great to see them so casual this week at dinner (in a bar). It’s a shame Jace was possessed because the Lightwood kids really seemed to form a united front for their mother. I hope we continue to see more of Maryse this season, perhaps in a relationship with Luke? They sure seemed cozy. And all three of her grown-up kids are going to be in need of some advice soon. 

Thank god: I spent the entire episode worried that Alec was going to go home with that guy. (who even is that? Aside from a kiss-ass.) Alec and Magnus may be having some difficulty with the future of their relationship, but I do not want this to head into cheating territory. It would be a major cliché and very unlike Alec. But man, that guy certainly tried. Magnus and Alec need to have a serious talk. Alec needs to be more clear about what is bothering him and why. And Magnus needs to stop avoiding or redirecting the subject. And please do not let this last until the end of the season. 
Tik Tik Tik: I’m really liking the friendship between Simon and Kyle (*cough* Jordan *cough*). Not many people would volunteer to be thrown across a room. But you saw his face when Simon mentioned Maia. He knows exactly who Simon is talking about (of course he does, the Praetor has probably been watching her) and he knows what’ll happen when they meet, which is inevitable. Judging from next week’s synopsis, we might be getting a glimpse into how they know each other. 

Best quotes: Izzy: “You are not alone. You have 4 kids that love you more than anything.” 
Izzy: “You all have to promise to behave yourselves.” Jace: “Us?” Alec: “What?” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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