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Quantico - The Conscience Code - Advance Preview - "It's time for a new beginning..."

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After what feels like 5 years, Quantico is finally back on our screens this week and this season I’ll be previewing and reviewing the show this season. I loved the show since the first season and although the show has had its ups and downs, I still can't seem to let this show go. If you're curious, concerned (or both) about the direction of the season never fear! STV has scored a sneak preview of the first three episodes. Here's everything you need to know about the premiere " The Conscience Code"

Previously on Quantico....

- The team defeated The Collaborators with the rainbows, kittens and the concept of time

- Alex Parrish is on the run after committing treason

- Ryan Booth decided to follow Alex around the world

- Shelby took a teaching position at Quantico

- Owen is the director of the CIA

- Harry is in hiding

Known intel about this season so far

- Michael Seitzman has taken over as showrunner

- Season 3 has a 13 episode count

- Raina, Nimah, Miranda, Dayana, Sebastian, Clay and Caleb are out

- The show is set 3 years after the events of season 2

- Shelby has been kidnapped thanks to an entity called “The Widow”

- Alex has found a new love in Italy.

- Harry has taken on a private security job.

- Alex joins a special black ops team in exchange for a full pardon of her past crimes, led by Owen Hall.

The New Assets

Jocelyn Turner (Marlee Matlin)- Jocelyn Turner is an ex-FBI agent who was known at one time as the best undercover agent in the field until a bomb blew up near her and rendered her deaf. The FBI put her out to pasture, but now she’s being brought back to join a special unit.

Mike McQuigg (Alan Powell)- Mike McQuigg is described as an overly assertive and adept FBI operative, with over two years of undercover work experience within a white supremacist militia in the South. He is later called into action to help out the team, as he has expertise and intelligence about the organization, who are planning on instigating a biological attack in the future.

Jagdeep “Deep” Patel (Vandit Bhatt) & Celine Fox (Amber Skye Noyes)- NATs who join the special black-ops group. (More about them next week)

What to expect this season

- Don’t expect a recap on where former characters are. There is no mention of them (at all) in the first 3 episodes I’ve seen.

- In that same vein, the events of season 2 have pretty much been forgotten. (Clearly, someone wanted to remove all traces of Josh Safran from the show)

-The show has done away with any form of an overarching theme, instead opting for a “case of the week” format and explaining the past 5 years in dialogue over flashbacks. It's all very self-contained this season.

- As a long time fan, I felt some character's actions and mannerisms are off kilter with the characterisation from past seasons. I don't know whether it's due to the time jump or the new writing team, but I didn't feel at home with these characters as I'd have liked to.

Some covert snippets and quotes

- How Ryan has spent the last three years will shock you more than Alex’s adventures.

- There's a beautiful Ralex montage that'll give us all shipper feels.

- Bring your blue henleys out of storage! We're going back to class!

- Will Olsen is back like Taylor Swift in LWYMD.

- Out of all the characters, Owen is the only character that hasn’t drastically changed in 3 years.

- Marlee Matlin’s character Jocelyn is amazing and fits seamlessly into the fabric of the show.

- Owen and Jocelyn's relationship is a standout!

- Preacher/Gotham fans will be happy to see Nathan Darrow as a guest star this episode.

- “Not all doughnuts turn out the same”

-The Widow is revealed in the first episode and she’s a BAMF!

- Quantico now has an opening sequence that seems very Revenge-y to me.

- There's a recurring musical piece which is absolutely beautiful and gives the show a cinematic feel

- There was not one shirtless montage from our cast and honestly, that’s a crying shame

- Never fear PC fans! Alex Parrish’s hair is still on point!

Quantico returns Thursday 10/9c!

Let me know in the comments below what you are looking forward to this season!
If you have any other questions let me know and I might be able to answer them below.

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