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Once Upon A time - Breadcrumbs and Chosen - Review : Wicked Always Wins

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Though a little later than intended before this week’s episode I am looking back at the last two weeks. We had a quick reveal and capture of the sinister Candy killer. Also, the highly anticipated directorial debut for one of the cast. So, let’s look back at Breadcrumbs and Chosen.

Bread Crumbs

This episode, despite trying to create a tension revolving around the Candy Killer, gave us a very silly Nook storyline with Henry in the flashback. When New Hook spins him a tall tale about looking for the perfect ring for Cinderella, Henry feels he needs to be a hero to prove his worth but in truth all she needs is him. Maybe this is to draw parallels to current events in Hyperion Heights. Henry’s H Town podcast has gotten attention, but a job offer in New York would take him away from Jacinda. Before he leaves for the Job interview, Weaver/ Rumple wants his help with the Candy Killer Case. It would seem a copy of Henry’s book is of interest to the killer who has even gone as far to rewrite parts of the original Hansel and Gretel story. They conclude the killer thinks he is Hansel and mentions scars in his own notes. They believe he has a score to settle with people he believes are witches.

Henry goes to leave for his New York interview repeatedly checking his phone for messages but gets a flat tire that looks like its caused by a piece of glass. Nick shows up and offers him a lift to the airport but when Henry changes his mind he notices scars on Nicks' arms. Subdued by Nick he awakens in his apartment to Nick getting ready another box of chocolates stating he hasn’t finished killing yet.

The other little storyline (but the one which for me once again saved this episode from its monotony) was Tilly/ Alice and Margot/|Robin meet. This is the first time they have seen each other in Hyperion Heights since Margot saved Tilly. Tilly now is living with Rogers and working at the food truck so seems more together than we have previously seen her. Margot has had an argument with Kelly/ Zelena knowing her Mother is hiding things from her. Tilly offers her some sound advice and when Margot returns to apologize to Kelly a heart-shaped box of chocolates has arrived which Margot mistakenly thinks are from Kelly’s fiancée.
The whole Hook trying to help Henry story was a terrible plot point and, to be honest, left the episode feeling flat. The ‘will they won’t they’ from Henry and Jacinda is annoying at this point, but we know we need Roni who is looking for something to work on a cure to return before that will happen. The exchange between Margo and Tilly was the highlight.


This episode being the directorial debut of Lana Parrilla gave us a dose of the old Once magic, a wicked tale, and the bond we have always wanted to see between the two sisters.
Rebecca Mader as Zelena/Kelly really gives us all the feels as she must deal with her past as it comes back to haunt her in the form of Hansel/ Jack/ Nick. Yes, Nick is awake and remembers his life not only as Jack, friend to Henry, but it seems he was hiding a dark secret of his own.

We revisit the Hansel and Gretel story but in this version, it’s not the Evil Queen using the children to gain entrance to a Blind witch’s house but Zelena only out for her own gains and ignoring the plight of the two captives to a witch. The Witch, who at this point isn’t blind, is more than a match for Zelena leaving her weakened. Zelena gets taken in by a blind man who is looking for his children. He shows a kindness that Zelena never had shown to her. Once recovered Zelena goes back taking the witches sight and hoping to rescue his children but she believes she is too late. Upon returning to the blind man she is shunned once again as the children have returned telling him of her deeds. When Hansel goes to attack her, she traps his arms in the flames.

In Hyperion Heights, Nick is clearly awake as he explains his tale to Henry. We learn he was happy being his friend Jack until his Aunt Zelena arrived and old memories resurfaced. We also learn its because of this Gretel wanted to find power, which leads to her demise at Druzilla’s hand and the coven. You can tell his friendship with Henry is the only reason he hasn’t killed him. He tries to convince Henry with the blood test results showing Henry is Lucy’s father, but Henry doesn’t believe any of it.

Kelly / Zelena is his next target and like explained above as told through flashbacks Hansel has a lot to hate her for.
Roni / Regina returns, she had been on a mission to find a moss to help with a spell to cure Henry. The sisters talk and Zelena fills her in on events, neither knowing Henry has been captured by Nick. Revealing to Roni why she is the next target, Zelena states while Kelly may have had some questionable food choices and use organic deodorant she was loved and didn’t go around killing munchkins, unlike Zelena. Zelena tells Regina her cursed life was good, Kelly was liked and for once Zelena realized that even though cursed she was, in fact, happy. She also misses Chad, Kelly’s fiancée who has left a message again for her.

Zelena/ Kelly goes to Weaver/ Rumple for help. Of course, these two have never got on but he reluctantly decides to help her. We see a touch of the old Rumple here as he gives Zelena her old necklace. While it doesn’t hold magic it reminds her she can’t run away from her past.

Detective Rogers learns Henry’s car has been found with a flat tire and abandoned. Jacinda isn’t too concerned as Henry sent her a text saying he was in New York. We learn this was, in fact, Nick as Henry has never called her J. When Rogers sees a Gingerbread house in Jacinda’s car, a gift from Nick to Lucy, he adds up the clues.

Zelena learns Chad is here but has fallen into Nicks clutches. Tricking Roni to go to the airport Zelena faces off against Nick/Hansel and certainly isn’t a damsel in distress. She chooses not to kill Nick despite his murderous intent towards her. I did wonder how she would explain things to Chad but her abridged version of her past doesn’t have him running for the hills. In fact, she realizes she wants her cursed life as Kelly. Chad sees her for who she is now and still wants to get married.

Rogers finds Henry, who no surprise once released runs straight to Jacinda and you get the feeling these two will kiss soon so Roni/Regina must work on that cure.

As Zelena and Regina say their goodbyes you can’t help but realize that it's probably the last time we will see these two together. Margot/Robin and her Mother also say their goodbyes as she gives her the necklace. I think we all know the reason Margot wants to stay and Kelly teases her. In truth though Zelena’s happiness started with the birth of her daughter. As Zelena finally comes full circle once again we say goodbye to her wicked self and all the munchkins can breathe a sigh of relief.

As for Nick how did he awaken, well Samdi/ Facilier has the answers and it seems he wanted him to kill Gothel who is also after the Dark Ones’ dagger, but Nick went off on his killing spree to Zelena.
With some secret ingredient( now we know his interest in the food truck) and a voodoo doll, Samdi kills Nick.

We a love a good redemption story and no one does them better than Once. Evil and Wicked both fighting for good in previous seasons and once again in this episode. It was one of the few highlights of this season for me and shows why Zelena has always been a fan favourite.

What was your favourite Zelena quote?
What are your thoughts on Lana’s turn in the director’s chair?

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