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Mom - Crazy Snakes and a Clog to the Head - Review: "Misty, Water-colored Memories"

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This week, the girls take the show on the road as they bring an AA meeting to lock-up!

The episode starts with a rough looking Bonnie, Christy, Wendy, Jill, and Marjorie getting patched up by a prison nurse. When the warden comes in and asks what happened, we get flashbacks from the girls to fill in the blanks.

Marjorie has dragged them along to a prison to participate in the AA panel, which she does every year. Things don't seem to be going bad - with the exception of Wendy's terrible jokes and Jill's cringy rich girl comments, but then Bonnie gets up to speak. We don't get any further than the words "I'm Bonnie and I'm an alcoholic," before a large lady comes charging at her from the back yelling "Bonnie Plunkett!?! You ruined my life!" Next thing we know, Jill's standing on a chair screaming "Oh my god, I'm gonna die in a women's prison!" and it's riot time, folks!

Flashing back to the present, the warden questions how Bonnie knows Tammy, the woman who attacked her. Only problem? Bonnie doesn't. She's sure she's never seen her.

The girls leave the prison and head home, as Bonnie continues to try to remember Tammy. The next day at the bistro, she has her eureka moment. Tammy was put in the same foster home as her when she was 14. Bonnie had finally found a pleasant home with a nice clueless couple where she could do whatever she wanted - smoke, drink, sneak boys in through the window. But Tammy was a goody-two-shoes and was seriously cramping her style. So, Bonnie devised a plan to bring her over to the dark side. She had another girl make out with Tammy's boyfriend and made sure Tammy saw it, before comforting her guessed it...a joint. After that, Tammy exceeded even Bonnie's expectations and went full bad girl - "waking and baking, flunking tests, buying vodka from the janitor. A month later, she was gone!" Success for teenage-ed Bonnie.

The rest of the girls convince Bonnie that she really needs to make amends for her actions, and so Bonnie heads back up to the prison, prepared statement in hand and all! Unfortunately, Tammy's not having it. Actually, she could care less that Bonnie ruined her relationship and gave her her first joint. What she's really mad about is when Bonnie stole their foster dad's wallet and blamed it on Tammy - that's why she was actually kicked out of the house. When Tammy brings this up, Bonnie has an "Oh yeah. I forgot I did that too" moment. It doesn't look like those amends are going to stick.

The next day at a meeting, Bonnie tells the girls that she can't get over what she did to Tammy. In a last ditch effort, Bonnie brings Christy back up to the prison with her to visit Tammy. Christy has a lawyer friend who's agreed to take a look at Tammy's case and see about early release. "Oh that's
great. Because I totally didn't mean to kill those people and eat them!" Tammy says. Uh-oh.

Just kidding. "I robbed an Outback Steakhouse. Just my luck it was Cops Eat Free Night. I was arrested by 32 people!" Tammy tells them. Still, even though it wasn't murder and cannibalism, Tammy was "tripping balls on mushrooms" during the whole thing, so there's not too huge of a likelihood the parole board's going to look upon her with sympathy. Nevertheless, Tammy and Bonnie end up talking about their time in the foster home. (Turns out, Bonnie got kicked out two weeks later because she stole the mom's wallet and "had no one to blame it on.") The two are able to really make amends.

The prison lets the girls come back and try a do-over of their AA panel. Again, Bonnie stands up and gets the words "Hi. I'm Bonnie and I'm an alcoholic," out before another woman jumps up from the back, screaming "BONNIE PLUNKETT!?!?!?" Only this time, Bonnie remembers how she wronged this one and "It's bad. It's really bad!" Here we go again!

Random Thoughts:
-I loved Wendy critiquing the prison nurse's bandaging technique!

-I busted out laughing when Christy suggested she devote her whole law practice to people Bonnie destroyed!

-Best lines go to Marjorie when she's recapping the riot - "It wasn't my fault someone hit me with Wendy!" and Jill, when she's talking about her last bender - "It's real hard to crash a stationary bike, but it can be done."

Were you surprised to see Bonnie actually make up with someone from her past? Do you think the girls are finally done with their prison field-trips? Let me know below!

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