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Lucifer - Orange is the New Maze - Review

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After the events of the previous episode, Maze has moved out from Chloe’s, and she’s ready to go straight back to Hell. Unfortunately, Lucifer isn’t quite so ready to fly her down there. Because last time he did Chloe almost died and everything comes down to protecting Chloe – and Maze is not happy about this. For thousands of years it was just Maze and Lucifer, happily torturing people in Hell. Now she’s on Earth, slowly losing everyone she let herself get close to. As lonely as she would be, at least in Hell she’d have souls to torture, instead of inflicting it upon herself.

Speaking of torture, Chloe and Pierce are dating. She tries to protect Lucifer’s feelings by giving him subtle hints to leave her home before Pierce walks in, but he doesn’t pick up on it. She lies about there being a beach murder, that that’s where they were. He’s no fool, and, with his feelings hurt, he leaves.
Maybe it’s because we all know Pierce doesn’t have real feelings for Chloe, but he seems so cold with her during the scene in her home. That’s Pierce anyway, cold, detached, but Chloe is someone who needs the person she’s dating to be present - and Pierce just isn’t.

Charlotte tells Linda about the meetings with Amenadiel in the coffee shop, and Linda isn’t impressed. She suggests Charlotte keep away from Amenadiel, and keep moving forward with therapy, but it’s at the point now where the only way she will actually move forward is if she knows the truth, despite Linda’s best intentions at keeping her safe.
“I don’t think this man, whoever he is, has your best interests at heart,” Linda tells her. Because Linda knows what the truth can do to a person.
But Charlotte’s situation is so different, I think this might be one of the few times Linda is wrong in her advice.

At the scene of an actual beach murder, Chloe has to admit there was no previous one when Lucifer suggests a connection.
Ella is adorable as she tries to distract Lucifer from the news Chloe was on a date with Pierce, as she tries to scatter the sudden awkwardness that’s descended upon them all.
They’re saved by security cam footage – which appears to show Maze responsible for the body on the beach.

“You told her to blow off some stream,” Chloe says to Lucifer.

Murder wasn’t exactly what Lucifer had in mind when he suggested that.

Lucifer gets it out of Chloe that she and Pierce aren’t sleeping together, and is anyone really surprised? The sad thing is if it does happen, for him it will be meaningless, and Chloe’s not a casual, meaningless sex type of person. Even Lucifer previously turned her down when the one time they could have slept together wouldn’t have been for the right reasons. I’m feeling very protective of Chloe right now. I’d rather she had a nostalgic sleep-over with Dan than slept with Pierce. And why did Dan and Chloe end their relationship again? Someone remind me, because watching these two together, listening to Dan speak about her, I wonder how their problems were ever so big they couldn’t overcome them. I get that people grow and change and feelings don’t make that move, but sometimes the only reason I can see for the Dan/Chloe divorce is so the writers could work Lucifer into the picture.
I’m not a fan of Ella being supportive of Pierce and Chloe. That’s just her personality, and she’ll always cheer for people, but I wish she was on Lucifer’s side.
Not that she should be taking sides.
But if she did, and it was Lucifer’s, I’d be okay with that.

Maze arrives at the precinct and confesses, and Lucifer and Chloe question her in an interrogation room. They’re a good team these two, and they prove that in this scene.
The fantastic scenes continue as Charlotte arrives and demands answers from Lucifer about what he knows about her. And boy does he deliver.

“Fine. I suppose you do deserve to know the truth. Okay then, no sense dilly-dallying. I really am the Devil. My brother Amenadiel is a former angel. That time you thought you survived being stabbed by your junior associate you didn’t, you died, and your soul went straight to Hell. Your empty body become a vessel for my real mom, the goddess of all creation. Until her celestial light started bursting out of your midsection. Naturally I sent her to another universe so she wouldn’t destroy this one. Once she vacated your body you, Charlotte, came back to life. There we are, all caught up.”

Charlotte’s face may show amusement at the start of the conversation, but by the end she looks well and truly overwhelmed and possibly believing it.
She goes to Amenadiel and admits that she might believe it. But she doesn’t want to. Because believing it would mean she’s insane.
I’m starting to care about this character. She’s always been one I’ve struggled to connect with. It didn’t help last season when she was the goddess of creation and scheming, but even this season it’s taken me up until now to feel sympathy for her. The tough lawyer fa├žade is starting to crumble, and she’s finally becoming a character I’m starting to like. I might even start rooting for her and Dan.
The best scene comes when Lucifer stands before her and unfurls his wings. It’s not quite as exciting as the devil face reveal, but it’s a fantastic moment nonetheless. And if Chloe should ever be allowed in on the secret, I hope she gets a moment like this too. With Lucifer’s wings, rather than glowing red eyes and a burned face.

Dan and Pierce watch as Chloe and Lucifer interrogate people who might hold a grudge against Maze.
To Pierce, Lucifer is in the way. But Dan has learned to appreciate him and the connection he has with Chloe. It’s during this scene, as Dan talks about Chloe and her relationship with Lucifer, that I again wonder why they divorced. I’m sure there were conversations about this in season one, but feel free to leave what you know/your thoughts in the comments. I mean, apart from the obvious reason: Deckerstar.

I want to say this is a solid Maze episode, but as the character struggles with the changes around her, I struggle with the character. Her need to return to Hell could be her coming full circle, but I’ll still hold on to hope she’ll make peace with her life in LA and try a little forgiveness.

MAZE: “I destroy things, Chloe. It’s what I do. Friendships, relationships, apartment walls.”

Chloe tries to talk Maze around, and there’s real emotion in her voice as she tells Maze what she means to both herself and Trixie. She just wants to help Maze.

“Help? You’re the reason he won’t take me home,” Maze tells a confused Chloe, before storming off.

The episodes ends on a downer for Deckerstar and Lucifer fans. Chloe removes her necklace, the one Lucifer gave her for her birthday, and asks Pierce to take her home. If Chloe didn’t have real feelings for Lucifer, she wouldn’t be concerned about Pierce’s feelings over the necklace. So in that respect I don’t mind that she removed it, but I also hate that she removed it.
It also ends on a downer for Maze, who, while innocent of the murder she was framed for, pleads with Lucifer to take her back to Hell. Everything is simpler in Hell. She needs less complications for a while. He's standing firm in his decision though, and it's here that Maze realizes it's not just her and Lucifer anymore. It's Lucifer and Chloe, with Maze coming in second best. Hurt, and unable to go where she needs to, she leaves. Just as she’s about to board a bus out of town, because if Hell isn’t an option maybe another city is, Pierce arrives and suggest they work together.

“I can help us both get what we want.”

I’m nervous about these last couple of episodes.

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