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Imposters - Trouble Maybe - Review: "Deceiving Lying Little Maddies"

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Previously on Imposters, Maddie tried to start a new life with a clean slate but was quickly tracked down by Shelly Cohen (Lenny's ex-husband), the Bumblers tried to unsuccessfully sell Maddie's engagement ring and later decided to flee to Mexico, and Max and Patrick are both suffering the consequences of the fall out of last season's finale.

This week, we open where the premiere ended - with Shelley at Maddie's door, where he quickly weasels his way into her apartment. Maddie wants to get down to business immediately, it's obvious that she's frightened, but Shelley wants to drag it out and make her sweat. Shelley makes it clear that he's only there for one thing, and that's to take Maddie to The Doctor. An altercation ensues in which Maddie tries to escape, going as far as hitting Shelley over the head with a book and then producing a knife from said book, which of course she uses to stab him. It's incredibly tense, and as we see Shelley struggling on Maddie's kitchen floor, we cut to Maddie running for her life to get away from him. Unfortunately for Maddie, he's quick on her trail, even with a stomach wound. She runs straight for Michael, the guy from the holistic wellness retreat, and asks for him to take her there immediately. Honestly, I'm a little bit suspicious of him and I don't believe he's being genuinely nice. I'm expecting Maddie to end up trusting him and him completely betraying that/working for The Doctor. Only time will tell though.

We catch up with the Bumblers in Mexico, where it appears that they're thriving. Jules (now going as Jill) appears to be a Spanish speaking art teacher, Richie (now going by Robbie) is day drinking in a bar and seemingly picking up women with cash to spare, and Ezra s(now going by Eddie) eems to be fully committed to the con, pickpocketing a man and giving him back his wallet for a reward, and then using that as a ploy to steal his watch. It's an upgrade on a move we saw him do in season one, and maybe Ezra is enjoying the con business more than he should be.

In order to get back to Scottsdale and the ring, the trio need another $5000 for their fake passports/new identities. Jules is worrying over how to make that much money in the five days before the deadline, especially with Richie bringing in less than $100 a day due to his morality kicking in, however Ezra produces all the money they need right then and there. He's completely abandoned the plan they had and gone for something much more elaborate, flashy and risky as it could draw a lot of attention to them. Neither Jules nor Richie are impressed, but at the end of the day they need the money. They devise a new code for their new set of circumstances, and vow to be better people than Maddie, somehow I think at this point they're just as bad as each other. There is good in all of them, just as there is bad.

Meanwhile, Maddie has checked into the wellness centre where she is promised relaxation but just can't seem to shake memories of what happened earlier that day with Shelley. As a voiceover from the woman inducting Maddie plays over, we see scenes of both Lenny and Shelley, and Maddie being quite clearly afraid as tears roll down her face in what should be her safe space. Unable to stop thinking about Shelley, she rings around local hospitals trying to find out what's happened to him. She lucks out with one called Cedarville, but when she is transferred to a detective, she quickly hangs up.

Back in Mexico, Ezra seems restless and we see him jump from multiple activities until he's writing in the city centre. He stumbles upon a beautiful woman, who he quickly gets conned by. We follow the mystery woman (I totally don't buy that she doesn't know much English, and that later turns out to be right) as she turns into an apartment building and looks through his wallet. We see her looking through her bag and pockets for her phone, presumably to ring whoever she's working with, but Ezra appears behind her with her phone; it turns out he really is better at this con business than a lot of other people. He lets her know how he figured her out so quickly, and gets some flirting in whilst he does so. He asks to walk with her and although she initially seemed reluctant she lets him do so. Ezra seems really into her, and offers to work with her, promising that she'll earn at least twice as much as she does already. Once again, she seems somewhat reluctant and cautious, but it's obvious that Ezra is going to win her over.

We cut to Max (whose storyline so far seems a little pointless with his screentime being pretty minimal) who's going to visit The Doctor. Max asks him to put him back to work or just kill him, because there's no way out of this life or the employ of The Doctor, and The Doctor gives him an address and tells him to wait for his decision later that night. I can't see how Max fits in to the show's long term plans any more, and hopefully they either realise that and give him something better to do, or just get rid of him.

Back in Mexico, Ezra and Rosa undertake their first con involving a coffee shop and a violin. It goes off without a hitch and they make a ridiculous amount of money because of it, much to the delight of Rosa who then kisses Ezra. She tells him her name and we see them running into a fancy hotel and booking their best room, the two of them unwilling to keep their hands off of each other. It's nice of Ezra to connect with someone, but it seems too easy. Can two con artists really trust each other? The answer might be no, because in the morning she's gone without a trace with all of the money they made. Ezra has no idea where to find her, and retraces their steps from the previous day hoping to find her. He finds her in the cinema where she says she took the money to make more money. They kiss once again but something feels off to me.

Back in the apartment, the Bumblers try to come up with new styles for their new identities in a pretty funny sequence. The passport pictures are taken and it should be almost time for them to return to America. Somehow I can see them either staying in Mexico a little longer or having to return there. In America however, Maddie has her first one-on-one with her advisor at the centre, and she seems to be making some immediate breakthroughs about her past. I can see this season being an emotional rollercoaster for her, and maybe she'll end up actually getting out of the life by the end of it.

The episode closes with Max waiting in a motel to hear back from The Doctor. He falls asleep whilst doing so, seemingly having waited all night, and is awoken by a gun in his face - and the person holding it just happens to be Sally. I really did think we'd seen the last of her in season one, but The Doctor must have had other plans.

'Trouble Maybe' definitely seemed like a step up from the premiere, but I don't think this season has really started going yet, and doesn't have the same dark comedic quirks that the first season had. How long do you think it will take for Maddie and the Bumblers to reunite? Do you think Maddie will truly be able to change? Let me know in the comments.

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