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Grey's Anatomy - Hold Back the River - Review

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Grey’s this week delivered, in my opinion, a much stronger and interesting episode than last week. I’ve always preferred the structure of last nights episode rather than last weeks, the shorter and larger number of scenes allow the episode to deliver more action which obviously makes it more interesting.

The episode began with short scenes of everyone’s mornings including April’s who, to our surprise, is in the Grey Sloan chapel. Straight away I smiled; the old April is coming back. As the episode went on April went around the hospital apologising to everyone for her behaviour. Now, April is truly back. She even apologised to Tom who straight away noticed that she made up with God. However, whilst apologising to everyone April was avoiding Jackson for a few obvious reasons. So, at the end of the episode they obviously met when picking up Harriet. April explained what had been going on and said that she’s finally okay. They hugged and left. The moment was truly beautiful, I’ve always loved Jackson and April not only as a couple but as friends as well. Since, Jackson and April obviously won’t end up together I’m glad that I’ll at least get to see their friendship again. At the very end April apologised to Maggie as well and ended up mentioning she jumped her ex-husband in a closet. Maggie’s face was priceless, and Jackson is screwed. I doubt this storyline will go on for long, but I can’t wait to see what happens. April’s storyline which has now mostly come to an end, was by far the best one Sarah Drew has received to work with. She did a fantastic job and I cannot stress how bad of a decision has been made letting her go.

Moving on, the next major storyline in the episode was Amelia and Alex’s project. If you remember back to two weeks when we met Noah, a young boy who laughed constantly which alarmed Arizona and after a scan they realised his laughs were seizures caused by a tumour. Noah became the perfect candidate for the new method that Amelia and Alex designed. So, after getting consent Noah goes through the treatment. The scene was tense. Amelia, Tom, DeLuca and Sam all had to keep a careful eye on what was happening in order not to boil Noah’s brain. They managed to carry out the procedure but where caught out by far too many problems they did not expect and at the end worry that the chance Noah will not wake up is very high. Luckily, he did, and all was well. However, when Alex went to talk about Kimmy, Amelia and Tom said they wouldn’t be able to do it, that it would be too dangerous for her and that the procedure will take years to perfect. But Kimmy doesn’t have years. Quickly becoming angry, Alex lashes out at Tom and shoves him back into a table smashing quite a few beakers in the process. If this is the way Alex reacts when he finds out he can’t do anything to help Kimmy, I can’t begin to imagine his reaction when she dies.

The next storyline I really enjoyed was Arizona and Owen’s. In the episode Arizona’s old patients were admitted into the ER after a car accident. One of the women was diagnosed with breast cancer but after a scan to check her ribs Owen and Arizona notice her scans are clean. Since they weren’t able to receive her medical records from her magical doctor, Arizona and Owen become suspicious and they decide to go undercover. Meet Mrs Arizona Hunt and Mr Otis Hunt. The two head over to Dr. Hanson’s office for an appointment. So, Hanson and examines Arizona and suddenly his face drops; she has cancer. At first, she can’t believe it until he shows them the screen, even Owen looked terrified. The two rush back to the hospital and grab April to do a second scan. She’s clean. After a few minutes of a cancer scare Arizona is relived. I’m not going to lie, I was terrified watching this; Jessica Capshaw was fantastic. Grey’s is losing another fantastic actress. Another huge mistake. Jessica Capshaw went from playing a light-hearted Arizona to one who is crying and breaking down within a matter of seconds; it was heart breaking to watch but I couldn’t help but admire her acting.

So, now that they know Arizona doesn’t have cancer they’ve realised that Hanson swaps the scans to make women think they have cancer for his personal money gain. Later that night Owen heads over to Dr. Hanson’s office and shows a dark and very creepy side of himself. He attacks the doctor but luckily doesn’t go any further than scaring him because the police he called finally arrive. Usually, I’m not a fan of Owens but I loved this scene; it was equal parts creepy, tense and entertaining.

Other notes

I obviously loved the undercover operation that Arizona and Owen carried out.

Richard’s storyline with his sponsor was heart breaking and I’m interested to see where it goes next and how Richard will deal with her death.

I loved the scene where Amelia called Teddy; I’m not going to lie Amelia is currently one of my favourite characters.

We found out at the end of the episode that Jo and Meredith never needed the polymer for their project in the first place, I can’t wait to see where this goes now and will Cerone find out?

I still don’t understand the DeLuca and Same storyline. Why are they all of a sudden moving in together?

Overall, I really enjoyed the episode and it actually might be my favourite one of the season. Let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments below!

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