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Good Girls - A View From The Top - Advance Preview: Flipping the Game

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Good Girls is one of the most enjoyable shows on broadcast TV right now. The balance between fun and serious drama with a proper story and character development. "A View From The Top" pushes the girls to new extremes with their past actions catching up on them and forces them to tel versions of their truth.

This week the story between Dean and Beth took so many turns that I wasn´t sure where the two characters would end up by the end of the hour. Dean and his cancer pushed Beth down a new spiral fearing for the future of their family. Still, the police finding the car the gang used for their Canada trip puts up a new strain in their relationship and forces Beth to tell a version of the truth to Dean. And while Dean does play all mighty towards Beth he has a shady secret of his own.

This week there is no "Bow Chica Wow Wow" scene between Rio and Beth but Rio shares some truth with the girls as they struggle to continue their money laundry mission. The way the girls find a way to work it borderline brilliant and hilarious.

Of course, their plan has some major flaws and bites them into their sweet behinds. But their back up plan brings up some good laughs as Beth and Annie handle it like pros.

Speaking of Annie, Mae Whitman brings it hard this week. I was waiting for Annie´s break out moment and it came big this week as Annie had to face Bummer´s grandmother Marianne (June Squibb). Marianne is a delight and her scenes with Annie and Bummer are both funny and hilarious. Bummer is playing hard with Karma this week as his plot to hurt Annie crosses some major lines. I`m intrigued to see how the story he set up will play out.

Once again Ruby`s story was both hilarious and serious as her family situation gets more complicated as the truth comes out and hits her home hard. Major kudos to Reno Wilson this week, Stan really brings the scary silent treatment out and I loved it. Ruby`s reaction to his behavior feels so realistic and if you ever disappointed someone you care about you will see yourself in Ruby`s face.
The first scene the Hill family shares in this episode is a heartbreaker and the situation surrounding Sara and her health is getting more serious as the story progresses.

That´s it from me guys. Hope you`ve enjoyed this preview and don`t forget to tune in live at 10pm Central guys. We need this show renewed.

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