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Good Girls - Shutdown - Review + Poll: 'What About Us?'

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Life is tough when you can't keep up your new con artist lifestyle which Ruby, Beth and Annie find out the hard way. They also still have Mary Pat breathing down their necks for her cash. Here we go!

Having never been through a shut down before, Beth is shocked to wake up and find her kitchen stash of money gone. She goes to Dean immediately and accuses him of the dirty deed and honestly who could blame her? But he has no idea what she is talking about and she believes him. It turns out Rio isn't so aloof about the feds and decides to shut it all down while the heat is on. Beth is totally miffed that he didn't tell them first, to which Rio scoffs at and basically tells her he doesn't need to run things by his workers. I am starting to think Beth is overestimating what pull she has with Rio, the guy clearly does not have any personal feelings for her and it could be her downfall later on, I guess we will see.

The only thing they have going with no funds piling in is the fact that they had just paid their new annoyance Mary Pat, but they have no way to do it again. Annie suggests they rob something again and that is quickly vetoed, Annie really does have a go-to doesn't she? With no viable options, it is time to return to the norm and try and earn legit. This means Beth must return to suburban housewife hell and I can honestly feel her crawling out of skin while discussing school functions at the park with other moms. Ruby gets a job at a place called Dandy Donuts where the manager is an annoying little brat who corrects her on her proper lingo. Finally and probably the part that saddens me the most, is that Annie must grovel to Boomer for more hours, yep, the man who tried to rape her and also framed her is now the guy who gets decide if Annie can scrape by. Crime has seriously never looked better.

They go through the motions for a month and it is time to pay Mary Pat again... That is going to be difficult considering they have only earned 1500 dollars and Mary Pat is expecting 10k. Mary Pat doubles down on her threat to expose them when she meets Ruby at Sara's soccer game with Stan there and low key shows that she will play ball if push comes to shove by engaging Stan in a little game of 'What would the Police do'. The girls are seriously screwed so Beth circles back to another robbery and Annie is reluctant until she spends a supervised custody visit with Greg, Sadie and Nancy. Nancy pushes one too many buttons with Annie and mentions she has opened a new spa to expand her business. The lightbulb in Annie's head goes off and they now have the perfect place to rob.

The ladies have a spa day, but not how you're thinking. The spa has no security cameras and is an easy mark, but they are not going for credit card info or cash, they go for the injectables to resale. The only problem is that Annie had some miscommunication with her dealer (the guy who also sold the drugs that helped Boomer set Annie up). He thought she had some heroin and was not interested in moving Botox and other substances people use to look younger. With that option out, Beth goes to Rio who pretty much tells her the same, and also tries to press her about who is putting the screws to them to be so desperate. Beth still refuses to name Mary Pat and strikes out with Rio.

The solution to unloading the injectables comes from a source that I didn't see coming, Dean. Beth lets him know what the issue is and that she needs help. He goes to his 'cancer' doctor and gets him to find a buyer because I doubt the medical board would be too keen on a doctor playing along with a cancer ruse in exchange for a Buick. So yes, Dean the terrible husband bailed out his wife and her friends and was rewarded with Beth telling him everything she's been up to and he seems like he is ready to be a ride or die accomplice for anything she needs. Aside from his horrible lie about cancer, I will admit that Dean has turned a corner here, he is the only man who knows the whole deal and rolls with it. Now that Mary Pat is ready to be paid, we see that she and Beth have more in common than originally thought. She may not be taking pleasure in watching these ladies squirm, but is instead a woman whose husband left her with a pile of debt and she needed to do what she had to do. This revelation is all too familiar to Beth when she hears it. With that threat cooled down, Ruby learns the next one is rearing its ugly head. You see, that first arrest Stan made was Eddie, our bleeder that was on Rio's team and he is talking to the feds.... Names, faces and crimes.... Our ladies are screwed once again and are left to ponder if they should tell Rio.

Other developments in the episode included:

* Annie realizing that even though she finds Nancy the worst (I mean hair oils on the couch!), she feels bad for hurting her without her knowing. She finds Nancy crying in their kitchen over the fact that their latest round of IVF failed. I guess Greg never thought it was appropriate to mention that they were trying for a kid did he? Annie and Greg were both in the wrong when they slept together, but to me, Greg is trapped and has no clue how to get out and confront his feelings for Annie like an adult. I find this really selfish on his part because he needs to grow up and figure it out not just for himself but most importantly, Sadie.

* Sara shows she is more like her mother than anyone knows by participating in a mini crime ring at school where she helps move stolen fidget spinners. In an attempt to scare her straight, Ruby arranges for the precinct to show Sara what life awaits her behind and it ends up freaking Ruby out way more than Sara because she gets a glimpse of where this life is going to take her.

* As I suspected, Beth hates the quiet life and Annie and Ruby took notice. They called her out on the fact that their added involvement all came from her and she's 'all about that life'. This is so true, when she was telling Dean everything, she sounded like a woman who had just killed it at her job and correct me if I am wrong he kinda beamed with pride. Oh Good Girls! Are you trying to tempt me with the idea of a husband/wife team up? Don't you do it!!

So what did you think? Does Mary Pat showing more of her intentions make you feel for her? The heat is really on Ruby now, when will she get burned? What are you thoughts on Greg? He's kind of turning into the worst, right?

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