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Good Girls - Shutdown - Advance Preview: Missing The Hood Life

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The world of our favorite girls got turned around fast this week as Rio put a spin on their lives, pushing them a couple of steps back and with them landing in "Desperate Moves Land".

After the events of last week, with the FBI getting closer to Rio`s business, he decides to shut the girls down for a while. For how long we all ask of course but no one knows.

The charm of this episode and its biggest strength are the scenes including the 3 girls. The three of them work out so well together and the dynamic is just as engaging and phenomenal as back in the Pilot. The three brainstorming ideas to get to more cash to pay off Mary is really funny. Their final decision, of course, isn`t a great idea and Annie´s part of the plan gets sidelined as always. This serves up for some really funny moments and the actors have so much fun with the situation while they tag jabs at each other and the situations they are in. The product they`ve stolen doesn`t get them anyway till a surprising alley comes out of the shadows and help them get their money.

Annie finally starts growing on me and her character moment gets more and more mention worthy of all the stories around her get more convoluted and Mae Birdman is spreading her acting wings. After the drug charger from next week, Annie can only have supervised visits with her daughter and weird stuff come to light when you spend time with your Exes new wife.

Sometimes I find myself really surprised by how much story and development the writers achieve each week with Ruby. Each week so much stuff happens in Ruby`s life and Retta kills it week after week. This week her daughter continues to be a troublemaker and that sets up a whole other spiral in movement, that will play over the remaining two episodes of Season One. Ruby`s husband is always sweet as they come and the energy between him and Ruby works really fine. There is real chemistry between them and you really feel kindness and care between the two characters.

Last but not least there is Beth. Beth being kicked out of the game really makes her struggle. Christina Hendricks energy is so captivating and you feel so much with her character and the situation she is getting through. Her life between scams, the thrill, Dean and Rio is making her spiral in different directions and she loves the control she had in all of it and it being taken away from her is immediately felt in the show's vibe. Beth and Mary share a very poignant scene towards the end of the episode and Christina and Allison are perfect in it. Really looking forward to seeing how the writers will play out this game with Allison`s Mary.

Hope you've enjoyed my little preview and don't forget to tune into a new episode of Good Girls Monday 10pm Central on NBC.

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