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Good Girls - Remix - Advance Preview: "How To Get Away With Catching Rio"

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Good Girls season 1 finale has it everything, drama, laughs, stupid moves, a little bit unbelievable writing, a jaw-dropper finale scene and a couple of cliffhangers. Read through my season finale preview and get ready for a ride that won`t leave any leaves unturned.

Remix is a strong episode, well paced, great story progression and once again gives all the girls enough time and focus concluding their season-long arcs and setting up stories for a potential second season. The plot to get Rio arrested is a good one, it is a smart move and brings our girls full circle from where they`ve started this season.

The only part of this Rio plot that I didn't really like is that Rio was very passive and all this stuff happens to him, seems unlikely for a person in his position. Besides this fact, I`ve really enjoyed the girls going back to the scene of their first crime and giving the story some extra t.ks making it more interesting and shocking. Why they`ve decided to go back is a secret I won`t tell!

But of course, there was a lot more going on in the lives of our girls as their personal lives were spinning out of control. Annie had to come piece with what is good for her daughter despite her personal judgment. Beth meanwhile besides be a small criminal mastermind and fearing for her life was given an ultimatum by Dean who wanted to know if they would celebrate their upcoming Wedding anniversary. But as karma has a personal sense of humor things turn around for our a dear Dean as his old patterns get him crushed. Literally crushed. Elizabeth Hendricks delivers another great performance with one shockingly hilarious scene and one scene that my heart skip a beat.

Retta`s Ruby had other struggles on her mind and the scenes involving the kids, her and her husband are just heartmelting. So sweet, so strong and with a high level of emotional resonance. Sadly the writers decided to break Ruby to the ground by the end of the episode and while I appreciate that they didn`t go for a gullible way it was very hard to watch that one very specific scene.

Last but not least Boomer gets what he fracking deserves and I was majorly cracking up as I saw the story with Mary unfold. I could see Mary become series regular in a potential 2nd season, she fits the verse very well and adds another great layer to the girls' story.

Hope you've enjoyed my little previews this season and I hope there will be a bunch more for me to do over the next couple of years. Till we meet again next season. . .

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