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For The People - World`s Greatest Jugde - Review: "I am Sorry"

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For The People surprises me week after week as the found a way to make the lawyer/justice genre interesting for me. I was never truly a fan of it but the youthly passion of the lawyers with the contemporary cases makes really invested into this show. Episode 5 was written by Zahir McGhee and directed by Andrew Bernstein.

The whole vibe, atmosphere or however you wanna call it within this episode was different. The episode turned a very serious story a put very human twist on it. The struggle the honorable Judge Byrne felt is something we all should relate too. The imperfections of the justice system are something that should concern us all and that the black/white view isn`t approachable to the fluid world we all are living in.

The whole set up of the whole case was very interesting and how the story progressed from the first deposition to the sentencing. It was a brave choice for the writers to give Byrne this change of character and let us discover this different side of him. Throughout the first 4 episodes, he was presented as such a firm and strong person with this white/black approach we are challenging within this episode. I had so much sympathy for Rodrigo, he just wanted to do this job and earn extra money. Is he a faulty part of the drug mafia? Yes but will sentencing him to 10 years make a change? No. Jay`s and Seth`s involvement, in this case, wasn`t big but Roger and Jill played major parts in the discussion and I loved all the sparks flying around.

Byrne`s speech at the end was truly impactful, especially as they were combined with the flashes of his personal life and closed the episodes with a powerful.

Judge Byrne: I am Sorry!

And while the big heavy case going on one side of the show we had two minor cases trying to steal the spotlight, while I`ve enjoyed Alison and her case, I didn`t care about Leonard`s family drama. Leonard does get slightly more likable with each episode. The way they are playing around with his narcissistic behavior and mostly make fun of it is making him more relatable and humanize the machine introduced in the Pilot episode. Leonard and Kate are a great combination and the way she tries to be strong at his side is really admirable. Not a fan of them playing this story of the big player and the shy nerdy girl, but they are working so well together. She put him in his place was powerful and I think it slightly turned him on. Very weird. I am also glad Leonard stepped up to his mother and did things his way.

Alison´s case was entertaining and a nice balance out to the other two dark-ish stories. Jasmin did a great job in balancing the serious and hot and bothered. Miles Gaston Villanueva was an impeccable guest star and I laughed so hard at all the looks Sandra gave Alison. Loved the solution Alison came up with, seems like this is the plot of a new Shondaland show.

P.S. Sandra and Jay imitating Mrs. Krissman`s look made me crack up.

P.P.S. Kate visiting Seth`s office so he wouldn`t bother her later was another hilarious moment. This show is so well cast and the chemistry between the characters is priceless.

With us crossing the half-mark line of For The People`s freshman season, what are your thoughts on the show so far and this latest outing? Feel free to sound off in the comment section down below and continuously spread the good word about this gem hidden in ABC`s death slot also known as Tuesday 10pm.

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