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Famous In Love - "The Kids Aren't All Right" - Review

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Previously on Famous In Love……

TMZ finally revealed the damaging video about Jordan and Nina, and everyone was upset at each other for one reason or another. Cassie is the only person that seemed to be having a good day. She booked a role as “Lucy” in a horror or thriller type movie with a handsome co-star. Alley Brooke was around last week albeit briefly, and I did share my disappointment about her appearance. This show needs to do better with all the random new people they bring around in each episode. It’s obviously great marketing, and she might have brought in some fans, but after looking at the numbers, I don’t think it made a difference. Filming of “Locked” started with a new director whose story we still don’t know even though I do think she might be someone to ruffle Rainer and Paige’s relationship. Paige bought a house without Jake which was maybe an excellent independent move but the Paige we saw in the first season would not be ready to make such a big decision but, whatever. Nina seemed like she had been put in her place for the first time finally, but I don’t think she's done with her shenanigans yet this season.

I believe we are all caught up and can move on to this week’s episode aptly titled “The Kids Aren’t Alright.” You think!

Rainer has been struggling to deal with the information about his mother and Jordan. I am starting to warm up to Harper; the girl is winning my heart with how caring and loving she is with Rainer who apparently does not want to deal with any of this. Harper sees his pain and wants to help him get out of this current funk. I hate that she’s not going to be endgame because TV needs its drama but the writers should be brave here and let it happen. Rainer’s concern for the environment was quite comical, but it’s with the times. The amount of destruction humans are causing on earth with all kinds of pollution is scary. At the same time, this show is about excesses and bad behavior which Rainer engages in frequently so seeing him trying to be self-righteous and environmentally conscious is hilarious but, I care about the environment so I will take this "new" Rainer.

The Oscars nominations campaign is still underway, and Jordan’s manager wants him to stay in the running. Continuing to pursue a nomination would mean more press and more curiosity about his life; unfortunately, this is the beast of this business. Jordan has a lot to hide especially all the lies about his mother and her blackmailing schemes. I understand his hesitancy to do more press because it means people will be asking questions about his affair with Nina. Speaking of Nina, she is having a rough time convincing the board of Gold Brothers that keeping her on is still good for their business. It’s not and being as savvy as she is in the entertainment world you would think she would know this. Even a birth certificate proving that Jordan was older when she started sleeping with him will not help her or make Rainer forgive her. We do find out from Jordan’s confrontation with Tangey that he committed murder to save his mother and that’s why she’s been blackmailing him.

I will need to rewatch season one because I feel like I do not know anything anymore on this show. Did we know about Backsplash in season one? It supposedly was a famous show that the whole group minus Paige was in and that’s how they knew each other. The former cast of Backsplash is having a reunion on a talk show hosted by an Andy Cohen type character (Gregory Michael), and we get flashbacks scenes telling us how great these kids were. It looks like a replica of a Disney show with terrible costumes. Steve (Rob Estes) is a new character we meet in this episode, he is Sloane's (Sofia Carson) dad. Steve is a Hollywood mogul and was the producer of Backsplash; he is also an old friend of Nina’s or maybe lover, whatever they had going on is not very clear. Steve is a Buddhist, yoga loving, vegan eating, bead bracelet wearing type (insert eye roll emoji). He and Nina must have had a thing way back when because there was some tension when they briefly interacted at the beginning of the Backsplash reunion. Nina is not one to let an opportunity pass her by, and she bluntly asks Steve to go into business with her. What kind of business? I think movie making but at this point could be personal as well since he offers to buy her a “drink.”

We get to see Alexi’s and Tangey as cool besties in Backsplash because the sneaky Alexis talked Sloane into convincing her dad to put up one cute flashback scene of her and Tangey, who is still not speaking to her to try and make amends. The thing about Hollywood is when you step on toes and burn bridges people will make you feel the heat for a very long time. Alexis is currently experiencing some backlash onset; the funny thing is she thinks she doesn’t deserve all the anger she got. Hello! You screwed up your best friend and all your other friends including your producer who surprisingly enough hasn’t fired you yet, but you want the queens' treatment? She did get some petty, passive-aggressive kickback onset that brought her to tears but, I feel no sympathy for her. This reunion does not end well because poor Rainer has a major breakdown on live TV and reads Jordan and everyone else the riots act, to get it together and acknowledge their mistakes. I have said this before about Carter Jenkins, he brings it home. He is the only one that gives an impressive, passionate performance every episode. Everyone else on the show is scared of going deep. It could be the material they are assigned to work with, but they struggle.

SIDE NOTE: Who in the world thought Jordan looked cute in that afro on Backsplash? Come on!

Pablo is back on this episode, and he comes off very sleazy. He was trying too hard to be smooth with Tangey, and it didn’t work for me at all. Tangey is vulnerable right now, and she does not need the distraction even though it looks like Jordan wants to get back with her. So, what about Marisol who was introduced to us just three episodes ago, is she done? Are we not going to see her story with Jordan anymore? Did they forget about her? Anyway, continuity issues are not suitable for a young show like this, but I digress. Back to Pablo, he manages to convince Tangey to cut off Alexis from her life. Ditching Alexis's friendship is good advice that I am on board with but why is she listening to Pablo who seems like is in this for more than just business. Did I mention how Tangey is na├»ve well, she is very trusting and this is a weak moment for her. Pablo is an excellent music producer though, and the music he is writing with Tangey is catchy, but can they please sing something together again for the fans.

It was great seeing Jake and Paige hang out despite their issues; I am a bonafide member of this ship. They finally find the waitress Vera (Claudia Lee) from the diner in episode one whose real name we find out is Billy. Jake offers her Paige’s role in his movie, and she’s ready to take over and rewrite the whole thing. Cue the Billy, Paige and Jake love triangle because the writers did not even take ten minutes before they hinted at this drama. Paige is already showing signs of jealousy at the working relationship between Jake and Billy. They are practicing some lines, and the scene is smoking hot, Claudia and Charlie have better chemistry than Bella and Charlie so, I see why the writers want to go there. I don’t know how this story is going to unfold, but my heart hurts for my ship. I bet you Cassie will also not be on board with this, seeing how she offered Jake a place to stay and she’s team Paige. She is also a good friend who does not want to see Paige falling on the Rainer bandwagon again but sorry Cassie “Raige” will happen. If you don’t believe me then Shane the bar attender bringing over expensive champagne for Paige and Cassie from anonymous should tell you something.

The episode ends in an elevator with a very pissed off Jordan who is feeling the power of Pablo who is outrightly trying to get with Tangey.

Let’s talk things about this episode because I am very frustrated right now….


Sloane is supposedly coming in to stir things up with Rainer; Yes, same the Rainer that is with Harper but loves Paige but, go ahead, bring in another woman. In the “The Players” episode Nina and Allan looked like they were warming up to each other and I will admit they have chemistry, but then again the showrunners decide to bring in Steve to shake things up. Dear beloved, Nina already has too many problems, even though from the look of this episode, it looked like everything was under control. Jake and Paige have somehow found some common ground in their relationship, but NO, let’s bring in Vera aka Billy for more drama. Cassie looks like the cute friend whose job is to tell Paige sweet nothings, granted Paige is nice to her too, but you get my drift. My new found love for Jordan is fading because he is becoming a brooding lovesick boy, then again who does he want, Tangey? I don’t think so even though they want us to believe that. Please bring Marisol back and let Jordan be with someone who is gentle with him because the boy has a lot going on. A significant number of “big” names have already come on the show, and there is not much flavor coming out of these storylines. This poor result should be a sign for the show, but at this point it feels like they are lazily meandering along as they wait to finish the season. The writing is not tight, and I am losing connection with all the characters…SIGH!

What did you guys think about "The Kids Aren't All Right"

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