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Empire - Without Apology - Review

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This fourth season of Empire is not wasting time. After the end of Dwight's story, the writers decided that it was time for Lucious to discover the truth about Andre. Let’s summarize “Without Apology”.

With an upcoming lucrative tech deal, Eddie decides that he has to work on rebranding Empire. Cookie deals with a problem: the Divas, a girl group from the past reunites and threatens to reveal to TMZ secrets about Empire and Lucious. Cookie finds a way to stop them and saves the day.

Hakeem is finally happy with his situation and makes a move with Tiana: he proposes to her. The older Lyon brother is full of guilt: he can’t live with his secret any longer. Jamal and Becky share a tender moment in which both reveal to the other their secrets. I really love how they have evolved this friendship: they are the most human characters of the show. After the tech deal is done, we discover that Kelly Patel head of the tech company is plotting with Eddie to buy Empire. I really hate this character and I’m glad he will soon disappear, as the Empire’s enemies always do.

The ending is explosive: during a family dinner to celebrate Andre’s release from the hospital, Andre decides to reveal to Lucious that he planted the car bomb. His father is enraged: Lucious beats him and tries to strangle him before the rest of the family stops the fight. After everyone leaves the house, Cookie is in pain because of the Andre situation, and the amounting level of stress makes her suffer a heart attack. Lucious calls 911 and the episode ends. I really enjoyed this episode: it continues a positive path that doesn’t include fillers or useless moments. The storylines are going on with a specific rhythm and the viewer doesn’t get bored.

All in all, Without Apology, is an entertaining hour of television. And you? What do you think of the episode?

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