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Deception - Black Art & Sacrifice 99 to Fool One - Double Review

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Now halfway through Deception, the show delivered its most suspenseful, heartbreaking, and game-changing episode in 'Sacrifice 99 to Fool One.'

'Black Art,' preceding it, was more like the calm before the storm, a filler episode that explored two love triangles.

But before we talk about that, let's get right to 'Sacrifice 99.'

I always thought one of the Black brothers would die. I just couldn't see this show playing it out with two twins with big personalities sharing the spotlight for too long.

I also expected Cameron to die just because of how big of a twist it would have been being that he had been the focal point of this show. However, if he is indeed dead, I was not expecting it to happen this early. And that's a big If, as the next episode's title, 'Multiple Outs', suggests Cameron will find a way out of his predicament.

The predicament that Cameron found himself in, gave that much more importance to 'Black Art,' which explored a bit of his past. It was a touching episode that focused on the jealousy he was feeling for his ex's new boyfriend. A man more successful than him, albeit by fake means, and who ultimately saved the day despite his heroic efforts.

'Black Art' also explored the triangle between Dina, Jonathan and Mike. Mike's childlike wonderment at the Black's magic has been too funny. But it's that innocence compared to the edginess of Jonathan that makes him such a perfect companion for the fervent Dina.

I normally don't like love triangles, but Deception has executed the romances well with humour and some discipline when it comes to the level of sappy-ness.

On top of it all, what has separated Deception from so many other police procedurals is the overarching plot and the clever stories. '99' was a standout example of what has made this show great.

This whole Pokemon Go like app to trap Cameron was such a clever plot device, and the twists and turns throughout ' Sacrifice 99' that followed were all so well thought out.

We still don't know what the Mystery Woman is up to with this theft of a diamond, though things are nevertheless picking up with her devious plan now in full effect and Kay and the FBI finally on her trail.

It is also such a great twist to have Jonathan now the focal point. Actor Jack Cutmore-Scott has done an exceptional job at portraying the two Black brothers, bringing out the subtle differences between them. If we have indeed lost Cameron, it feels like a big loss, but yet it doesn't at the same time since they are the same actor!

Overall, Deception continues to surprise. The show gets better week by week, especially now that the overarching story is heating up. The emotional stakes are also now higher, putting the show in a great position as it heads into its second half.


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