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Please note that the views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SpoilerTV.

Happy International Siblings Day everyone! If you have a sibling or a friend who is like a sibling to you, you know how important that person is in your life. Seeing a strong and honest sibling connection on air is one of the great joys of TV viewing.

SpoilerTV´s choices of Best Siblings Currently on Air

Major thanks to STV writers DJRiter (DR), Yon (SJ), Laura (LS), Lisa (LM), Sam (SD), Ami (AG), Jaz (JZ), Claire (CS), Beth (BW), Aja (AH), Naomi (NA) & Luana (LA) for joining me (MK) for this piece.

DiMeo Siblings

SJ: Dylan loves to give Ray a hard time. It's just what they do and when Dylan isn't giving Ray a hard time? That's when her brother starts to worry. JJ may be disabled, but that never stops him being the best big brother he can be and his siblings return the favor. Dylan going with JJ and his friend to the movies and doing everything in her power to make sure the day was a success because JJ was convinced everything would go wrong was beautiful. JJ and Ray fighting over Star wars tickets before coming together were hilarious, and the DiMeo siblings are probably one of the sweetest, loveliest siblings you'll find on TV.

MK: The combination of serious, funny, bullying and authentic the DiMeos bring to life for two seasons now is one of the most beautiful and relatable sibling relationships I have seen on my small screen.

Basket Brothers

CS: They are both so very flawed but watching them finally start to mature (they’re 40) has been quite wonderful this season; especially Chip. Zach Galafinakis is amazing at portraying both brothers. I completely forget that he is only one actor. No matter what happens Chip and Dale know each other so well and call each other out on their shi*. But when all is said and done they are family and will be there for each other. It isn’t a sappy, contrived relationship but more realistic with fighting, yelling, and tears. It can be ugly at times, but so can life. I know I’m in the minority but I prefer the Baskets to the This Is Us siblings. I find them at times sappy and unrealistic. Please don’t be mad at me.

The Earp Sisters

SJ: Waverly & Wynonna Earp. They're the heartbeat of the show and it's not hard to see why. Though their relationship on the show may have started out rocky following Wynonna's return, that was soon a distant memory. Dominique & Melanie have had such wonderful chemistry ever since their first scene together. It's a natural chemistry that is extremely hard to find, but when you do strike gold, you pander to it for all it's worth and that's exactly what the show does. They laugh, they joke, and they suffer heartbreak together. Wynonna realizing that she was pregnant and Waverly comforting her was a scene that completely gutted me because it was so simple, and that's only elevated by the fact Dominique was crying real tears during that scene. And of course, how can I not mention Nicole ending up in hospital and Wynonna being willing to do whatever it took to save her, because she knew how much her sister loved Nicole and was completely destroyed that Waverly went behind her back to strike a deal to save Nicole. It symbolized in Wynonna's eyes that despite her unwavering trust in her sister, she didn't have that same trust in Wynonna. their relationship is frequently tested as is the nature of the show they're on, but they do always come back together in the end.

LA: Wynonna and Waverly are so kick a*s, amazing women in their own right and they are willing to go to hell and back for those they love, and especially each other. They are always there for one another without judgment (almost always). Both are amazing characters by themselves but every scene is better when they are together, this is a duo you wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of.

Elijah & Klaus Mikaelson

BW: So I will preface this with yes, I am fully aware that there are several siblings in the Mikaelson family tree, but let's be honest, The Originals has always leaned on the dynamic between these two. When I met Klaus in TVD, I was absolutely indifferent to him, sure it was fun to watch him be a big bad but I honestly felt nothing for him and same goes for Elijah. Then I watched that first episode of The Originals and I was instantly pulled in to their dynamic. Here was Elijah, being an advocate for his brother's miracle baby because in their dysfunctional way he believed it would finally save his brother's soul and heck he inadvertently named her by calling her their Hope and Klaus went with it. As the show dug into their bond, no matter how toxic it seemed, I became extremely invested in what these two are to each other. Through every brush with death, they always fight for each other. Even when they are at odds, you know their bond is there. I have no doubt that when the show begins its final run in a few weeks, we will see a lost and broken Klaus that has been living with the knowledge his big brother has no idea who he is and it kills him. I also think these two have amazing bro chemistry because Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan are just a fun dynamic to watch in character and out. I am going to desperately miss these two and these characters together when the final scene fades to black.

Lance Sisters

MK: In the whole wide landscape of TV siblings there aren`t many stories as tragic as the story of the two Lance sisters. The relationship that started so poorly on the writers` side, with them pitting two sisters one against the other and tearing their relationship apart cause of a man but the love they`ve had for each other crossed Hades river just to have them reunite and be put apart again. The truly beautiful relationship that blossomed between them was obviously growing in front and behind the screen. The scenes between the sisters always had a special spark and lightened up the screen giving both actresses space to show their skills as actresses. Laurel`s fight to bring back Sara from the death was one of the stronger stories since the shows quality drop post season 2 of Arrow and Sara´s struggle not to safe Laurel is a focal point of Legend`s storytelling.

The Pearsons

LA: The Pearson family has made us fall in love with them from the beginning, and it helps that we get to see them in so many different moments of their lives, and how much they’ve grown and changed. The Big Three, Kate, Randall, and Kevin are so different from each other, and they have been through so much, they have lost each other countless times and yet they keep finding that connection, they are still there for each other when it counts, and it was never more evident than during Kate’s wedding, the way her brothers bent over backwards to make her happy was so sweet. There will never be too much of this deeply flawed and yet amazing individuals and their inspiring bond, made so much stronger by the pain they’ve shared and the amazing people around them.

Michael & Lincoln - Prison Break

BW: Bill Kim in season two explained the bond these two have perfectly by saying that they are, 'two brothers who would go to the ends of the Earth for each other' and honestly they have (see season 5). Michael Scofield gave up his life and career to save his brother from the electric chair and the backbone of Prison Break is what these two brothers are to each other. I think the mark of a beautiful sibling relationship is to always have each other's backs when the world and your parents have failed you and that is Michael and Lincoln. In season one Michael put it all on the line to save his innocent brother and that was what grabbed me, their bond and mantra to always have 'a little faith'. In season 5 Lincoln got a whiff that his 'dead' brother could have survived and was living in hell and he left no stone unturned until he found him. Hearing Michael through tears tell Whip when he was finally in the same room as Lincoln, 'he's my brother' sent chills through me. Once again I think the reason these pairings get me is that the actors have such great chemistry to pull it off and Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell have that in spades. Do we need a season 6? Probably not, but if it means I get some more episodes watching these brothers do their thing, then I am all for it.

Cora Tanetti & Phoene - The Sinner

SJ: They may very well be the saddest TV siblings you ever come across but in the best way. The Sinner took us on a massive journey through the whole of their relationship. We saw Phoebe emotionally manipulating Cora at times as she was forced to live her life through her, and Cora trying so hard to be everything her sister wanted even if it meant her own life took a downturn. Their relationship did at times enter the EXTREMELY icky territory, but it was never lost on us that despite everything that was happening, these two sisters really did love each other and were just stuck in a really crappy situation. The culmination of their storyline ending in Cora throwing caution to the wind to give Phoebe the happiest day of her life, only for it to end in such heartbreaking fashion isn't lost on any viewer of the Sinner (and THAT crunching sound won't leave you in a hurry).

The Rose siblings

LS: Real siblings bicker. A lot. They pout, they wonder who is the "favorite child", they meddle in their sibling's romantic relationships all the time. But at the end of the day, they support one another despite everything. That's David and Alexis in a nutshell. They start the series being in the same place - removed from their wealth and security and are now fishes out of water trying to stay afloat. They annoy each other to no end, constantly teasing and interfering with the other's personal doings. And yet, they're also fiercely loyal to one another and honestly just want to help them succeed. Alexis started off using Rose's Apothecary to steal facial cream, but she ended up really wanting to see the business thrive. And she was instrumental in helping David see that Patrick was hugely crushing on him. The same could be said for David, who gives Alexis plenty of pep talks trying to help her see what's happening with Ted. These two have grown tremendously over 4 seasons, and I can't wait to see them grow even more in the future. They're so lovely.

Pierce Sisters

NA: The beauty of the entire Pierce family is refreshing to see on television, but the relationship between Anissa and Jennifer is extremely special. Even though they are destined to be superheroes, they are just two young ladies at heart- talking about boys and girls, doing math homework, and what is a sister if not someone to argue with?
Their bond seems so real, and when I watch them interact I'm always reminded of my own sister. Through endless ribbing of one another, there is immense love and understanding. They are not afraid to call each other out that will never let each other down.

The Shelbys

BW: Tommy, John, Arthur, Ada, and Finn are quite the family!! They were born into crime and have continued the family business. Ada, the lone sister started as a liability to her brothers but has grown into quite the badass woman who pulls no punches when telling Tommy what he needs to hear. Finn still needs to come into his own in the business but I have no doubt that his brothers' influence will pave the way just fine. John, oh John! I loved his go with the flow attitude when it came to his family. He lost his life being a Shelby and it still hurts. Arthur is the wildcard no doubt, he can fly off the handle but is also there to defend his family. Finally, Tommy... The patriarch and leader. He makes the tough calls (season 3 finale anyone?) but protecting the Shelby legacy is always the priority. I love these crime hungry siblings so much.

The Boatwrights

AH: Ramon and Kristen & Ashley and Duc

Although they are all siblings, I think these pairs are especially close. I like how Ashley and Duc relate to one another in terms of being people of color and also adopted and I love how easily Ramon and Kristen can talk to one another and connect as the babies of the family.

LA: I love this family, how different they are, how different their relationship is from one sibling to the next, how they challenge each other, how they disagree and yet love each other so much. These siblings are literally from completely different places around the world, they see everything differently and yet they talk about it all, and what amazing conversations this brings. This is one of the best-written shows in a while, the dialogue is riveting and the acting only makes it better.

Wheeler Brothers

SD: I love this relationship specifically for how much of a wonderful big brother Jonathan is to Will. So many times in shows it has the older sibling constantly being annoyed and wanting nothing to do with their kid sibling, but not Jonathan. He loves Will and has been so good to him in his life. When their father left, Jonathan was there for Will to build him up and make sure Will felt good about himself no matter what their father did to or said about him. He took on the role of the father figure/older male mentor with ease. When Will went missing, he was devastated and blamed himself and did everything he could to find him. Then when Will came back and had his struggles in season two, while Jonathan wasn't there for a lot of it, when he was there he once again upheld Will through his struggles with the shadow monster.

AH: They have a great relationship. Jonathan is a wonderful older brother who is protective, patient and kind. I feel like we don't see a lot of relationships like this within the age groups of both these characters.


AG: There hasn’t been a sibling duo that I’ve loved and can relate to more than these two, and they are easily my favorite at the moment. They tease each other relentlessly, but at the end of the day, they will always have each other’s back. Isabelle has been there since day one for Alec, knowing he was not only gay but in love with his parabatai, encouraging him to follow his heart and not the rules by persuing and loving Magnus, to helping him become the head of the NY Institute, and many more. And Alec himself has shown that he will bend all the rules just to protect his little sister. In a way, it’s almost criminal that they didn’t become parabatai; they have a closeness that not many on-screen siblings share, and a bond of dedication and loyalty to each other first before anyone else. Lightwoods are nothing if not loyal to each other!!

The Winchesters

LM: They've definitely stood the test of time. They must be right up there for longest running siblings on television. How many other siblings can say that they've actually died for and brought the other back from the dead? Over the course of the 13 years, the brothers' relationship has definitely changed and finally matured. The middle years of the series seemed to stall their relationship into endless rounds of them lying to each other, keeping secrets, and generally being at odds, but the love between the two brothers was never in doubt. The two were forced to be closed because of their dysfunctional childhood, including the loss of their mother. While Supernatural is at heart supposed to be a horror story, the emotional heart that keeps fans coming back is definitely the bond between the two brothers. Fans are often polarized by the brothers into Samgirls and Deangirls, but it's because the two are so different in many ways that their relationship works - they balance each other strengths and weaknesses. And all fans agree that some of - if not all - the best moments in the show are the brotherly scenes that so often take place in or on the Impala - and more recently in their new home, the Bunker.

The Goldbergs

SJ: The Goldbergs in itself is an extremely dysfunctional family, and that goes right down to the siblings. Sometimes they wanna kill each other, other times they're doing everything they can for each other. It can bring us extremely amusing but also poignant moments like Barry helping Adam to throw his first big party, and Erica putting aside her misgivings to support Barry & Lainey's relationship.

Elena & Alex - ODAAT

LS: Now these two - these two are the definition of fantastic. They tease each other like all siblings do, but I've never seen such support from brother and sister like they do. When Alex first heard that Elena might be sapphic, he didn't even care. When he saw that their own father left her QuinceaƱera upon seeing her dressed in non-traditionally feminine clothing and actually being a lesbian? He started seeing him in private to chew him out and get him to speak to her again. He even tried to help Elena when he could see that she was acting weirdly around Syd, her crush. Elena extended the same help when he learned about Alex's flame. These two are so incredibly kind to their family and are constantly trying to fix their mistakes and learn from them. So excited to see more of these two next year.

Murphy Brothers

LA: The truth is we didn’t get to see enough of this relationship because of its tragic end, but what we did get was amazing. The way Steve took care of his little brother, how he encouraged him to live on his own terms no matter what the world saw in him. He’s the reason Shaun made it so far and honestly I would’ve loved to see an alternative universe where they both got to grow up together and see the kind of relationship they could’ve had as adults.

Danvers Sisters

DR: From the very first episodes, fans recognized that the relationship and sisterly bond between Kara and Alex Danvers was something special. Critics and fans alike dubbed the Danvers Sisters the heart of the show. And it came as no surprise that there was an equally strong bond between Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh, the actresses who play them. Theirs is one of the most realistic sibling relationships ever portrayed on television. The Danvers Sisters may argue, they may fight like real sisters do, but the bottom line is they love one another and will fight and die together if need be and have come close to doing just that many times during the show’s run.

Through nearly three full seasons we have watched these two remarkable actresses take these incredible women they play through a world and life-threatening and life-changing challenges. Yet, no matter the challenge, one constant remainder, at the core and heart of Supergirl are the Danvers Sisters. They are always there for one another, through joy, love, betrayal, and heartache and the Season 3 return of focus to the Danvers Sisters relationship has shown just how strong their bond is and how strong Alex and Kara have grown as women. The show and the sisterhood are at it’s best when the stories focus on them The Danvers Sisters are and always will be- El Mayarah – stronger together.
*DJRiter has contributed an in-depth article examining the Danvers Sisters to an upcoming anthology of academic articles Supergirl, to be published by McFarland Publishing in 2019.

Top 10+1 - Readers` choice of Best Siblings Currently on Air

NOTE:Before U scroll downa bit further to see the result of the Readers voting I have to say a couple of words about the winner. There was a discussion within the team if I should post the real results or cut the one with most votes cause of the obvious bias in voting for it. I'm truly disappointed and frustrated to see the direction in which this voting went and that people went for the petty and hateful solution here. I'm not a supporter of the ship but voting the way people did (Jaggie won over 30% of the votes, even after eliminating cheaters) cause of a beef they have with the writers doesn't feel right. And also shows that you don't care about the effort we've put into making this Article. But this isn't an isolated case, other ships were nominated as well just the nti-shippers weren't effective as the Jaggie ones. So here are the Top 10+1 Best Siblings accoridng to STV readers.

1. Maggie and Jackson - Grey`s Anatomy
2. Izzie and Alec - Shadowhunters
3. Sam and Dean - Supernatural
4. Alex and Kara - Supergirl
5. Iris and Wally - The Flash
6. Anessa and Jennifer - Black Lightning
7. Gabriella and Antonio Dawson - Chicago PD/Chicago Fire
8/9. Zelena and Regina - Once Upon A Time / Octavia and Bellamy - The 100
10. Liam and Elenor - The Royals
11. Kate, Kevin & Randall - This Is Us / Jane and Roman - Blindspot

This is it, guys. I hope you´ve enjoyed the piece I look forward to your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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