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Ash vs. Evil Dead - Rifting Apart - Review + Poll

The action picks up a few minutes after it left off last week. Ash hides in a classroom, about 2 feet from the cop who calls for a statewide man hunt for him. So I’m guessing that, as long as Ash doesn’t walk into the local police station, he’ll be okay.

I think this is the first time we’ve seen Ash this subdued. I’m glad they didn’t give us the usual flippant Ash. The huge difference in behavior worked to sell me on how much Ash has really taken his daughter into his heart.

The other stunner was Ash coming up with pretty good plan to save his daughter.

The only problem was, we were shown the first major roadblock the plan would hit pretty early on. When that body bag moved, we all knew that Ash was going to carry a Deadite into the basement instead of Brandy’s body.

The next twist was Pablo saying that Ash would have to die in order to get to Brandy. Um. Suddenly my faith in the plan was shaken.

I LOVED Kelly’s reaction to Ash killing himself to rescue her and Brandy.

The dimension that Kelly, Brandy, and Dalton (yes! Dalton) landed in is a bit of a reflection of reality. They, like others killed, are being hunted by, what I can only assume are, the Dark Ones. The character design for these guys is pretty cool.

If they take you, then that’s it, you don’t get to come back. While most don’t put up a fight, Kelly and Dalton were never the type to go gently. Consequently, they’re still in the dimension and are able to help a very confused and inexperienced Brandy when she arrives.

The number of people in the dimension confused me because I had initially assumed that this only happened to those killed with the Kandarian Dagger. But the dagger didn’t kill the party girl in pink. Ruby broke her neck.

So is Ruby the connection that got these people sent to this dimension, or is everyone killed in this battle between good and devil sent to this dimension? How does that work? Please let me know what you think in the comments.

It was really nice to see how happy Brandy was to see her father when he arrived. Ash didn’t waste any time. He led Kelly, Brandy, and Dalton through a door he thought led to the basement of the hardware store.

Instead they wound up on the street. When the Dark One appeared, Dalton volunteered to distract it so the others could run for the hardware store. He got another heroic death. (Not many characters get multiple heroic deaths. LOL

Ash discovered that the Delta was also in this dimension. Ash’s faith in that car knows no bounds. He kept trying to start the car even after it was dragged beneath the surface of the street. Sure enough, the Delta came roaring up through the asphalt to save the day!

I swear I did NOT cheer out loud when the Delta reappeared, scared off the Dark One and deposited them in front of the hardware store. No, really. I didn’t make a sound.

Pablo, meanwhile, had his hands full. Ash brought the body bag containing the Deadite into the hardware store with them. Then he co-killed himself leaving Pablo to deal with it on his own. For once, Pablo got the ‘found weapon’ Deadite kill. Cool!

Pablo got back to the basement in time to open the portal for Ash and Brandy. Unfortunately, Kelly couldn’t come through because, I’m guessing, her body is occupied. I don’t think her soul can get in until Kaiya is pushed out. Or maybe Kaiya has done a spell or something to lock Kelly out. I hope it’s the latter. I think watching the two souls fight over Kelly’s body would be fun.

What did you think of the episode?

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