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Ash vs. Evil Dead - The Mettle of Man - Review: The End? +POLL

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Picking up right where we left off last week. As gets a good look a the giant monster that came climbing up from Hell in Judgement Day.

Ash, Pablo and Brandy head for the house. On the way there they run into civilians hiding in an alley. That’s when Pablo announces that “Kandar the Destroyer has come to test the mettle of man.” It’s time for Ash to face his destiny.

Ash does the most sane thing we’ve ever seen him do. He says, “No way.” A sheriff’s deputy tries to force Ash into the fight by announcing Ash’s presence to Kandar.

You shouldn’t do things like, cowardly, run into the middle of the street yelling “The man you want is Ash Williams and he’s over here!”. These actions only result in Kandar noticing you, because you’re, you know, standing out in the open yelling. Yup. Deputy Deadite.

All Hell is breaking loose across the planet. Ash completely loses it. I think it’s been a while since we’ve seen Ash acknowledge the enormity of the fight and try to climb into a six pack and some drugs.

It’s Brandy that talks Ash down of the ledge.

But first things first, they have to get Kelly back. Okay, first things first Ash needs to get baked. Given the circumstances that might be the second sanest thing he’s done today.

Ash and Pablo head out to retrieve Kelly’s soul and return it to her body. Ash and Brandy go underground to get to the hardware store while Pablo, who is being ignored by Kandar and Deadites alike, takes Kelly’s body through the streets.

Ash and Brandy have a nice bonding moment underground. They’re really beginning to connect and I’m liking it.

The introduction of Brandy’s character, especially since her presence became real to Ash, has become a more interesting character for me. In a lot of ways the character has always been a bit of a cartoon character. But, the writers managed to move him beyond that. He’s a real boy. (Sorry, couldn’t help that one.)

They make it to the basement and Pablo goes after Kelly. Once Kelly wakes up the final battle can begin.

The military, as usual, decides to nuke Kandar the Destroyer. Pablo points out that a nuclear explosion will only make Kandar stronger. Ash decides he has to ‘finally for once, own up to who the hell he is’.

There’s another one of those odd tonal breaks in the show when Ash has his hero moment. He says good-bye to Pablo, Brandy, and Kelly before they’re driven to safety.

Ash commandeers a tank. I mean what else are you going to drive to a fight with a hundred foot tall demon? Guess what? I loved watching Ash trying to figure out how to drive the thing.

He straps the Kandarian Dagger to one of the tanks rounds (smart move) and fires it at Kandar the Destroyer. Does this mean that there’s a dagger for each of these giant demons? Is Kandar the only one?

The dagger does the trick. Kandar is taken down before the nukes are dropped.

After the destruction of Kandar the Destroyer, Ash is dragged away from the scene. We see a Knights of Sumeria ring just before Ash is closed in a box.

When the lights come back on Ash awakens in a storage room with a new hand. It’s obvious we’ve jumped some significant time given the futuristic tech used to provide the hand.

The android with the missing middle is another indicator of the massiveness of the time jump.

But as a series finale I’m a little disappointed in one aspect of the episode. The implication of this time jump is that The Dark Ones were never stopped. Movie in the works?

More than that The Knights of Sumeria pulled Ash out of the fight just as it was beginning, which would seem the point in the battle with the greatest odds of Ash winning. But I've mentioned my belief that the Knights are as savvy as the word knight implies.

Season two ended with it looking like Ash won his battle with Evil, would it have been so bad to give Ash a bigger win at the end of the series?

My biggest concern with the time jump is that pulling Ash out of the fight and into stasis pulls him out of Brandy’s life just as they were beginning to connect.

I can see Pablo and Kelly continuing the fight as leaders and they'd take care of Brandy, but I would rather think of them fighting the fight as a family.

Despite my misgivings on that point I thoroughly enjoyed the finale. This episode is, I think, my favorite of the season. Which I suppose is what you'd want from the series finale.

Did you guys enjoy it as much as I did? Have you enjoyed the series? Hoping for a movie?

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