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Will & Grace - Staten Island Fairy - Review: Peaking

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Eleven episodes into season 9 and Will and Grace continuously deliver great episode proving that not all revivals are a bad idea. Staten Island Fairy was full of great one-liners, hilarious setups and still delivered a meaningful contemporary story. The episode was directed by James Burrows and written by John Quaintance.

Jake continues to be the star of the season as his story and Sean`s performance is phenomenal and the character growth impressive. I was surprised that they stuck with the "straight" boyfriend story, but Ryan Pinkston is such funny guy that it really is obvious why. The whole set up with them doing it under Drew´s and Angela`s roof pretending to be butch while watching Real Housewives was a great set up and exploited the most of all three actors. Mixing Karen into the mix was another smart move and using her childhood flashback to push Drew out of the closet was a neat decision. The single focus on Megan in those moments was perfect and Karen brought it home as the memory was too powerful for her to keep lying.

Karen forcing Jake to admit his feelings to Drew and stop running from a true relationship. Jake´s "monologue" was brilliant and the interaction between him and Drew was really great and compelling. I look forward to see where this story will go and how it will turn out. Could maybe see a proposal and wedding in their stars.

The secondary story of the week was another hilarious thing. Putting Will and Grace under high pressure and making them flatter under it is always gold for the show. The banter, the exhcange of energy works is captivating and most importantly hilarious. Choosing this QBC add segment to exploit all of their tension was a smart move on the writers part and it was obvious for it to peak.
Lauren Weedman and Andy Buckley as the producer couple were another pair of great guest stars that walked onto the W&G stage. Lauren`s Cheryl was such an adorable weirdo and her teasing our regulars was hilarious. If we see more QBC segments I certainly hope we see more of Cheryl.

What are your thoughts on the episode? And what are you expecting from the remaining 6 episodes of the seasonß Don`t forget to tune in into a new episode of Will & Grace on NBC at 9pm.

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