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Timeless - The Darlington 500 - Advance Preview

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Timeless “The Darlington 500” was written by Jim Barnes and was directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi, whose other credits include Star Trek: Discovery, Bates Motel, Falling Skies, and Gotham. The team heads to 1955 for their first mission back together, chasing the sleeper agents – and some things have changed.

Jiya (Claudia Doumit) has a vision of something that happens on the mission. There are a couple of little nods to the new season of the show. We briefly see Flynn (Goran Visnjic). Lucy (Abigail Spencer) is struggling a bit. Wyatt (Matt Latner) gets to meet a childhood hero – Wendell Scott (Joseph Lee Anderson) as the team delves into the NASCAR scene – so yes. Get ready for a lot of cool cars!

The entire team get to help with the history on this one. Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) gets some of the best lines. We learn something surprising – a few things actually! – about Wyatt.

Connor (Paterson Joseph) does something to make Denise (Sakina Jaffrey) mad, and Denise returns the favor by doing something that infuriates Connor. Wyatt does something that doesn't infuriate Lucy - or almost does...

Carol (Susanna Thompson) struggles to help Nicholas (Michael Rady) adjust. Emma (Annie Wershing) and Carol experience some friction. Nicholas proves himself to be an “artist.”

And that’s all I’ll tease for the episode! But here are a bunch of lines for you to puzzle over!

Three. Counting the one in the oven.
I have an idea, but you’re going to hate it.
What about you? Are you squared away?
Rebel Without a Cause made jeans and t-shirts perpetually cool.
We set him up.
C’mon fanboy.
No offence, Lucy, but you’ve looked better.
Bankruptcy is temporary. Ingenuity lasts forever.
I’m shocked to see you here.
Time is a funny thing.
It’s not real; it’s not real.
So she sold me out.
This one’s free. The next one will cost you.
And more pickled eggs.
Red hair and a lot of freckles. God’s kisses, right?
Not exactly a prime place for Black folk.
How is he the sleeper!
Or? You’re completely nuts.
They aren’t going to call no race for a Black man.
I saw what you did to his car. Call it an even trade.
Dude is like a real-life Han Solo.
They could basically run Detroit.
What’s too tough for everyone else is just right enough for us.
This is George. My cousin. On my pit crew. You’ve seen him half a dozen times.

Don’t forget to watch Timeless, March 18 on NBC at 10/9c!

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