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The Resident - Family Affair - Review: "No Charity at the Charity Ball"

“Family Affair,” “The Resident’s” eighth episode was good, but not great. The character storylines are slowly developing. This week, we get to see Mina and Devon’s personal lives clashing with their professional lives. Mina’s storyline was what saved the episode for me, as I could get by with a lot less of Devon in the show. The rest came out as quite predictable, in my opinion.

During a hospital fundraising Gala, which Mina is forced to attend, a homeless woman walks in, disoriented. After hitting her head on a table as she fell, the doctors bring her to the ER. After treating her head wound, knowing she needs further care, Conrad and Nic find a reason to get her admitted.

“I was invited because I’m black. Apparently, diversity matters.” - Mina

It’s no surprise that the show continues to critique the actual American Healthcare System. This week, the issue that is brought to light is hospital drop offs. Whether dumping patients onto other hospitals are isolated events is a whole other story, but it’s a pretty inhumane one. This act doesn’t surprise me that much, when I come to think about it. Hospitals are businesses and homeless, uninsured patients are surely a financial burden on them, but that doesn’t make it right. It’s scary, no?

Pretty early on, they find out that the homeless woman is the daughter of a very wealthy man. While this piece of information changes nothing for Conrad and Nic, it does change Bell’s take on the situation. From the beginning, the duo does everything they can to give her the best treatment possible. Bell only thinks she deserves their best care after he believes a generous donation will be coming his way. I would love for the characters to be more complex. Why do Nic, Conrad and Mina have to seem like the only genuine people at the event? Why did everyone move away from the woman who is in clear need of medical help? I understand protagonists and antagonists, but are they really the only good people there? It was a room full of doctors. Anyhow, tell me what you think about this. Is it too much?

“My heart jut skipped a beat.” - Micah

Micah, the heart transplant recipient from a few episodes ago comes back to the hospital, in this episode, for a check-up. He gets to see Mina in her top model attire, which I like to believe she sewed herself, and doesn’t hide that he has a crush on her. It seems to be common knowledge among the characters, that he has feelings for the surgeon. Mina reluctantly agrees so coffee, black and on the go. I thought their scenes together were pretty cute, but out of the blue, I do not even remember them talking before. Anyhow, I like the lighter side of Mina, and I feel like Micah would balance out her serious side quick perfectly. I also wouldn’t mind having Patrick R Walker on screen more.

This episode did nothing to make me like Devon’s character any more. I tried, I really did, I just don’t care for him, at all. Even when he apologises he looks like a jerk. While he did come to his senses by the end of the episode, his weak ass apology just didn’t cut it, it didn’t make up for the way he treated his parents. They looked so genuine, and loving. I don’t know what they are trying to do with his character, but I can’t be the only one who dislikes him.

So, this wasn't my favorite episode of "The Resident," but it wasn't bad. What did you think of the episode?


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