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The Middle - Toasted - Review

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It's Sue's 21st birthday! I have to say that I loved this episode. It was my favorite in a long time, and I hope you all enjoyed it, too. I'm going to start with Sue's story this week even though I liked all three stories. Frankie takes Sue out to celebrate, and she gives her advice on how to drink. I laughed when Sue takes a drink and then said something bad was in the drink. She has to hold her nose to take a second drink.

Frankie tries to teach Sue how to drink responsibly, but this fails after Frankie ends up tasting the drink that the foreign exchange student buys Sue. She then ends up having a bunch of people at the bar cheer her on as she drinks. She's pretty drunk after this so Aiden shows up to try to get them home. But Sue wants to kiss the dragon before her birthday ends instead of going home. She runs into Sean and he convinces her to wait to kiss the dragon the next day and helps get them home. When Sue and Frankie get back to the apartment Sue needs to lie down. Sean gets her on the couch and after she throws up she asks Sean if he will kiss her. He asks her if she's talking about him or Aiden. Then she passes out.

"Sue you can be a very frustrating person. Hope you're worth waiting for." - Sean

The next day Aiden comes over to check on Sue, and she breaks up with him. Finally! I know that this is the moment that fans have been waiting for. Now that Aiden's out of the picture I think Sue and Sean can be together. It's taken the writers long enough. And I'm choosing to believe that Sue knew she was asking Sean to kiss her.

Hutch was back this week as he and Axl head to Kenny's wedding in the Winnebago. They start to write their toast, but realize they don't really know anything about Kenny. They're not worried about the speech until they learn there will be 600 guests at the wedding. While trying to write, Hutch and Axl decide to give speeches about each other. It was a very touching moment as Axl says he couldn't have survived three years in an RV with anyone else and calls Hutch his best friend. When they get to the wedding they think they both look grown up. Then they shake hands which they call the "grown up fist bump". The wedding turns out to have very few people physically present, but those 600 people were watching online. It all makes sense to Hutch and Axl now.

The last time we saw Hutch I was disappointed, but I liked this episode. I hope that we get to see Hutch one more time before the series ends, but if this was the final time I'll be okay. Axl and Hutch expressed how much they meant to each other and had a nice bromance moment.

While everyone else was away, Mike and Brick attend the Planet Nowhere convention. Mike is pretty irritated having to wait in line, and becomes more agitated when Brick throws his food against the wall. Mike also doesn't want to pay $26 for the collectors cup. Brick texts Frankie who tells Mike he needs to let Brick have fun. They end up coming home early from the convention because Brick keeps texting Frankie even though Mike tells him not to.

When they get home they are both pretty angry. Mike tells Brick he doesn't need all the stuff- the collectors cup, etc. My favorite part of this story is when Brick walks into the living room wearing a ton of Colts gear and has a Colts cup. He also nods to Mike drinking out of a Colts mug. Mike gets the message about all of his stuff so he takes Brick back to the Planet Nowhere convention and gets him the special edition collector cup. Go Brick! As someone who is a huge sports fan, I know how important that "stuff" is.

So obviously I loved this episode, but what did you think about it? Are you happy Aiden's gone? Did you enjoy Hutch being back? Discuss below in the comments section

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