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The Middle - Hecks vs Glossners: The Final Battle - Review

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I have to admit that the last few episodes of The Middle have been somewhat disappointing and not what we wanted for the last season. But this episode wasn’t disappointing at all. The final battle between the Hecks and the Glossners was very entertaining and enjoyable to watch.

At the beginning of the episode Axl comes into the kitchen to tell Mike his shirt he’s wearing doesn’t require a tie. After further explanation, Mike says there are seven things every man should know how to do including tying a tie. Other things on this list include whistling with your fingers, breaking down a door, and opening a bottle without an opener. Axl is determined to prove his dad wrong. He argues that he doesn’t need his dad’s list since he has a phone that can make noises. He also dumps shoes on the kitchen table to show Mike that his shoes don’t need to be shined.

Brick complains about not being able to drive. Mike and Frankie just do not feel safe with him behind the wheel. They must be really worried if Mike is willing to pay nine dollars for a new learner’s permit since Brick’s current one is about to expire.

Shelly Donahue talks to Sue, and she wants to give the snow globe to her pen pal. Sue panics and gets the snow globe back after trading some of other stuff. Sue decides to give the snow globe to Sean to show him how she feels. This made me excited since I thought this would bring everything out in the open. I should have known I was wrong. Anyway, Sue starts to head back to school, and freaks out because someone stole her car!

They all brainstorm what could have happened. Brick’s upset because he was next in line for the car, and if they don’t get it back he’ll never be able to drive. I thought it was so funny when Frankie responded with “don’t try to put a positive spin on it, Brick”. Frankie discovers the car at the grocery story, and Rita Glossner is behind the wheel. She says her kids gave it to her as a gift. Frankie runs home and tells Mike, and she says the car is gone forever. Sue agrees. Mike is determined to get it back.

The policeman agrees that the car is gone forever. Mike doesn’t understand, but the policeman argues that he doesn’t like dealing with criminals. He says the Glossners will get tired of car and it’ll be on the side of the road in a few months. The Hecks complain that as long as they live next door to the Glossners this is how their life will be. But Mike is tired of it. He’s going to get the neighborhood back! All the Hecks are with him even Brick.

Mike knocks on the door, but the Hecks get ambushed by all the Glossner kids. Sue and Frankie fend them off with the garbage can top and a mop. Axl wants to quit and so does Brick, but Frankie disagrees. So does Mike. Then they realize Sue is missing. I about died laughing when the camera cut to Sue screaming inside the Glossner house.

The Hecks try to figure out a way to get Sue and the car back, but they’re outnumbered. That is until the neighbors show up to help. It was so much fun to watch this battle. I loved when Nancy Donahue grabbed some of the Glossners and threatened to cook them dinner. And Brick was funny with his “Glossners at all o’clocks” line. Frankie and Rita’s fight in the car and Frankie rolling out as the garage door opens was great. But the best part is when Axl struggles to kick down the door.

“Step aside. I have an app on my phone for that.” - Mike
“Really?” - Axl
“No.” - Mike

You know the list that Mike shared with Axl at the beginning of the episode? It turns out Mike was right. He kicks down the door for Axl who is able to get to Sue. Axl throws the keys to Brick (after whistling with his fingers another item on Mike’s list) and they tell Brick to get the car. Brick is so excited about being able to drive. His face while backing the car out of the garage was hilarious. He drives the car so slow because he wants to prove that he can drive, but everyone just screams at him to drive faster.

Meanwhile Sue is stuck inside trying to get her snow globe back from Derrick Glossner. This guy is super creepy and tells Sue he has a job at a tattoo parlor. They can start a life together now. He gets angry when Sue tells him she likes someone else, and he throws the snow globe. Sue flies through the air and manages to catch it before it his the ground.

The police finally arrive and everyone celebrates. Bill gets checked out (and hit on) by a paramedic. Axl tells Mike he was “pretty badass for an old guy.” Mike offers to write down the list, but Axl is fine. Except he does want to learn how to open the soda bottle like Mike did. And Sue and Frankie bond over getting the neighborhood back.

“After a twenty year reign of terror we finally got our neighborhood back.”

This was a great way to end the Glossners’ story. I loved this episode and laughed from beginning to end, but it also made me a little sad. This was probably the last time we’ll see the Glossners. It just reminded me of how much I’ll miss The Middle next year.

What did you think of the final battle with the Glossners? Was it everything you wanted it to be? Discuss below in the comments section!

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