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The Good Doctor - Smile - Review: "Life Without a Smile"

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While watching shows and movies, I always try to put myself into questionable choices trying to resonate and understand where characters decision come. I really can`t imagine a life without my smile. It`s a part of me and I understand why Gretchen (OUAT`s Violet) wanted her smile. Smile was written by David Hoselton and Karen Struck, and directed by Bill D’Elia.

This week´s episode had three very strong cases that pushed our residents into different directions and challenged their views on patient care. So let`s start with Jared this week. I didn´t really anticipate Celez returning but I do love how much layers this case provides to Jared. He is so much more complex and interesting from the shallow person introduced in the Pilot episode. Jared and Shaun talking and being sort of friends were really sweet. Shaun putting himself out there and opening to Jared indicating they could spend time together was so sweet. Praising Freddie Highmore is bit redundant atm but he really brought the feels at that moment. Shaun turning into Celez`s doctor so that Kalu could date her was really sweet. The acceptance letter Jared got was truly surprising but I understand that he needs to cover

Before talking about the big Smile surgery, let's talk about Claire and Morgan's fraud case. It was an interesting take on the usual fraud stories and using the contrast between Claire's and Megan's personalities and takes on lives. I did feel for both patients and was quite during the death scene. Personally, I warmed up to Reznick as well. Morgan is a complicated person and the more we find out the more entertaining it is to watch her.

Living without a smile must be terrifying and Olivia Steel Falconer delivered an amazing performance here. Not sure if they've used some props or local anesthesia to stop her from smiling but it did seem all her. The complexity they've created about her was interesting, they put her into a complex situation and tried to expand her story with the writing so we would care more about her. And they did succeed in their attempspt, caus I was heartbroken the moment I've thought she died. And while I was happy after they've find a solution, thanks dear Dr Park, the more important and impressive part was the talk between Andrews and Shaun. How to barry such a burden?

A special shoot out to all the Shaun-Aaron and Aaron-Debbi scenes. Shaun playing matchmaker was hilarious and Freddie`s smile is radiating. Aaron finding someone and his bonding with Debbi was really sweet. That last scene though great acting from Richard Shiff.

Last but not least I wanna punch Chris D`Elia in the face so hard. I thought Shaun and Kenny could have something really sweet but this is really despicable at this point. The way he let Shaun down was terrible and I hope Shaun steps up to him next week and puts him into his place before the season checks out.

What are your thoughts on Smile? Could you imagine your life without your Smile? Only 1 more episode of The Good Doctor left this season and the promo makes it look like a true heartbreaker, so don´t forget to tune in next Monday 10pm Central on ABC.

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