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The Fosters - Makeover - Advance Preview

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The Fosters airs Tuesday nights at 8PM ET on FREEFORM

I started watching this episode, and it felt like I had missed something from last week. The beginning completely threw me off. There are several characters that I thought we would not see again, but I have been proven wrong. So prepare yourself to see Sheila Snow and Aaron Baker. I thought we had seen the last of Aaron but do not worry because he is back. He and Callie manage to talk, but it is a very awkward conversation which I am not sure where it’s heading. Aaron has moved on with his life and is in a new relationship. Callie confuses me; it’s like she is always so intense with her exes but at the same time she is not sure if she wants them or not. As for Sheila whenever she shows up, you know that we are going to see Kyle or there would be a story about Detective Gray and Stef gets sucked into the whole mess. I am not saying that’s what is going on in this episode but it could be, so stay tuned.

I thought Mariana chose to date Logan or was I dreaming about this? Anyway, Wyatt is back, and he seems to be complicating things for her, or maybe she’s just going to see where this goes. I have always complained about her love triangles, but what the heck! The show is ending so they can juice it up whichever way they want. We do get a little bit of background on Logan’s life in this episode which seriously could have made more sense at the beginning of the season. They manage to have a sweet and somewhat depressive scene that will leave you with questions. Logan also decides to give Mariana a special treat and adds to her confusion about who to move forward with.

I will admit when this show first started I was rooting for Brandon and Callie to be endgame, but that turned out to be a disaster. What I like about the type of relationship they have is they still manage to confide in each other and bounce ideas around. He tries to help her with a project in support of Ximena who is also back on the show. This show is doing a great job at addressing the issue of immigration and what it means to belong to this country. I don’t know what the audience that watches this show thinks about all these social issues, but I hope many minds will be opened about the plight of those who have no status and are in limbo. There is a scene between Brandon and Callie that I think shows that he is still in love with her, but it could be just me. Brandon is still trying to make Grace feel comfortable, but she always wants him to live a little. I don’t know what their issues are other than her terminal illness, but it’s like they deliberately try to push each other away.

Jude, on the other hand, is trying to fit in with the ideal image that Declan wants him to portray, I don’t like Declan, but he is just a kid, so maybe I need to be nicer. He is a manipulative bully who is not suitable for Jude, but I digress. We get to see a different look on Jude which, to be honest, doesn’t change much about him but it’s quite noticeable. Whatever attention that Jude is seeking may or may not get achieved. Stef and Lena find out about what happens on the YouTube channel, and they confront Jude, and it is not a pleasant conversation.

This episode has a really heartbreaking scene that I cannot reveal or hint at because it comes at you from the left field and will break your heart.

Don’t forget to tune in on Tuesday night...

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