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The Final Entries: Once Upon A Time . . . Best Romantic Moments

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Please note that this is a list made by several SpoilerTV writers/contributors and that this reflects our opinions and isn't the ultimate list and we don't preach this to be the only truth out there.

Today is the day! Once Upon A Time's is premiering tonight for the last time. After talking about Best Character Adaptation and Best Twists during previous weeks, today we are taklking about the Best Romantic Moments. There is no ranking just a mention of some very remarkable moments that we will recall everytime we mention Once Upon A Time.

Hope you enjoy the read and join the discussion in the comment section down below.
Major thx to Jaz (JZ), Jamie (JC), Donna (DC) and Yon (SB) for their writing contribution.

Prince Charming wakes Snow White up with True Loves Kiss, Pilot (1x01)

SB: It was an absolutely beautiful way to begin the episode and I knew from this moment that Snow/Charming were going to be my Once ship. Portrayed by excellent actors who even this early on in the series fed off each other so well. The dwarfs may have accepted her fate, but Charming wasn't giving up on his love so easily and I really love Once's adaption of two of my favorite fairy-tale characters.

Also, Emma and Hooks wedding in season 6. It was a beautiful ceremony for a beautiful couple. I like the fact Hooks speech acknowledged how much he'd grown since they first got together, and I think it speaks for the couple's popularity that their wedding was chosen to be the grand event of the musical episode.

DC: While the ‘I will always find you ‘wore a bit thin over the series I agree with SB Charming and Snow were the best which helped by there own love story happening off screen. The beginning scene from the pilot really was the stuff of fairytales.

MK: It was a truly epic moment. It opened the door to the OUAT world and what is more iconic and romantic than the kiss between Snow White and Charming. The whole shot was perfect and the perfect start to an epic tail.

Anna marries Kristoff while drowning, Fall (4x09)

MK: If I wasn`t convinced how amazing Elizabeth Lail was until this point, this scene would`ve made me a huge fan. It all came together at this moment, Anna was a brave girl even at this point full of desperation and doom she was brave and looked death right into its ugly face. She stepped up and did the only thing she could, marry the man she loves. The scene was beautifully written and directed as Elizabeth nailed every single word with so much emotion and conviction.

Emma and Regina talk, Witch Hunt (3x13)

JC: I would love to know what the director and both actors were thinking in this scene. And I’d love to know who decided on that last look. Because, honey, that’s not how to straight women who are just friends look at each other. So am I left to assume this was just queerbaiting (again)? I have to problem with Snow and Charming or most of the other very similar straight couples on this show. But OUAT could have been a revolutionary show, with a slow burn lesbian couple. Showing he LGBT community that we too get a happy ending. This scene was one of the many moments between Regina and Emma that could be considered queerbaiting. Why do I call this queerbaiting? Because while I dropped this show at least 3 times, seeing gifs and discussions of Swan Queen centric episodes is what pulled me back in EVERY SINGLE TIME. And to those of you who say we should be happy that we’re getting our representation with Red & Dorothy and Robin & Alice. Let me remind you that most straight couples (Snow&Charming, Emma& Hook, Robin&Regina, Belle&Rumple, …) got lots of buildup, romantic moments and even centric episodes. Meanwhile, both Red & Dorothy and Robin & Alice got no build up whatsoever (not holding my breath for detailed flashbacks that show how the latter got together) and the former actually vanished right after the episode they got together. But two female characters who have had a lot of buildup, who share a son, who would’ve undoubtedly gotten together if one of them had been male (same characteristics, and let’s face it, y’all would’ve shipped the hell out of it), who have looked at each other as intensely as I hope to one day look at my significant other on several occasions…. Oh no lol, they have to be straight. There couldn’t possibly be anything more than platonic feelings there (cause no one on the staff has ever heard of bisexuality).

Rumple and Belle dance, A Tale of Two Sisters (4x01)

JZ: It’s the culmination of one of my favorite childhood movies! From the outfits to the ballroom. It was just perfect and well-earned after all the years we’ve seen Rumbelle. I’d be lying if I didn’t tear up at this scene.

MK: Epic doesn´t even cut. It was one of those rare moments when Belle and Rumple were truly happy and without any issues. The costumes, the music, the dance itself true perfection. It is one iconic Disney moment and they did it justice beyond my imagination. Pure goosebumps moment.

The First Snowing Wedding, Lady of the Lake (2x03)

Simple and beautiful, just as Snowing. Snowing´s relationship at this point had so many ups and downs and obstacles and beautiful moments. Celebrating their love just for Ruth, who was dying, made this moment bittersweet. The simplicity of this moment was embedded with so much love and sincerity. You could see the love in the eyes of SW and Charming and how blessed they felt during this moment of peace.

Rumple and Belle kiss for the first time, Skin Deep (1x12)

JZ: Honestly the entire episode of “Skin Deep” deserves a shoutout but this by far was the moment that defined the entire relationship for the rest of the series. This was the scene which proved their true love for one another with their first kiss nearly stripping away Rumple’s crocodile exterior and into a man that Belle sees underneath. It’s a tender moment.

Emma marries Killian, The Song in Your Heart (6x20)

SB: It was a beautiful ceremony for a beautiful couple. I like the fact Hooks speech acknowledged how much he'd grown since they first got together, and I think it speaks for the couple's popularity that their wedding was chosen to be the grand event of the musical episode.

MK: It was the culmination of their love story, of their epic love story. The two of them went to heaven and hell and their road had great moments and some very poor written moments but all of that got erased by the moment they put on those clothes and delivered those simply beautiful vows and started their Happy Beginning.

That`s the wrap guys. Those are just some of the Best Romantic Moments, if we would count all up the article would probably be way way too long. Once Upon A Time`s final chapter opens today and my heart is starting to tear. Seeem unreal that the show is coming to an end and that we only have 12 more episodes to go. I hope you`ve enjoyed the 3 pieces and join us the discussion in the comment section.

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