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The Big Bang Theory - The Gates Excitation - Review: "Scientists Gone Mad"

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Welllllllllllcome back friends! It has been a minute since we last gathered 'round our respective devices and broke down an episode of The Big Bang Theory. In these several weeks, sadly we lost the incredible Stephen Hawking. He was a huge part of this series, and he'll no doubt be missed by both the cast and fans around the world. I've always thought it was pretty cool that he agreed to be in so many episodes, often the centre of the humour in each one. If you want to read the Vanity Card Chuck Lorre dedicated to Stephen Hawking at the end of this week's episode, click here. It describes the essence of who he was so well. May he Rest in Peace.

Next, I want to wish everyone celebrating a Happy Easter and Passover! If you're not partaking in any of the aforementioned holidays, I hope you're enjoying your long weekend and soon to be discounted Easter chocolate!

Now, without further ado, let's jump right in.

The guys are having a heated debate over Batman's Bat-Signal. I'm no Batman aficionado, and don't want to step on the toes of any fans by offering false information, so if interested i'd just go back and watch the scene to hear what they're arguing about. You're welcome :)

The ladies appear enthralled. After eleven years of being part of this friend group, Penny doesn't think it'll ever end. Until, perhaps she has a solution. She proudly announces that Bill Gates will be at her work on Monday!

Batman WHO?

Everyone's excited and wants to learn more. Everybody that is, except Sheldon.

He's convinced, given Bill Gates arrives on April 1st, that Penny is pulling one of her annual April Fools Day pranks.

Need I say more? After attempting to convince Sheldon that this isn't the case, Leonard gets Penny to realize that it might be best Sheldon doesn't meet Bill after all. She changes her game plan and tells Sheldon that this "is" a prank. Something tells me this conversation isn't over.

Later, Leonard shares what appears to be happiness that Penny will be hanging with Bill Gates. Moments later, happiness changes over to jealousy when Leonard hints at wanting to join his wife at work that day. Purely to help her by talking shop with Bill, of course. Penny says she has it under control. Leonard plays it cool, replying that he's met Bill before and that he's super nice - his mom took him to meet him and even when he cried, Bill placed no judgement! Penny's not surprised, given Leonard must have been a child.

Yup. A child, alright. In Leonard's defence, there are celebrities out there i'd still cry if I met. Like Hilary Duff. My inner tween is shaking.

Stuart is taking the Wolowitz babies to the park when Amy walks in. Apparently he's learning Spanish to interact with the other nannies at the playground...

It's going no bueno.

Amy takes a seat beside Bernadette, who offers her a juice box and nanners (AKA, bananas). Turns out she's become an adult baby, who's currently really into whatever she's watching on TV. Grey's Anatomy? The Good DoctorThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Bob. The. Builder.

Amy's confused. Bernadette informs her that this is the content they watch now. Amy tries to lure Bernadette out to get something to eat, to which she agrees. After she's certain that Bob could, in fact, fix it. (If you don't know what she's talking about, click here at your own risk).

In the laundry room, Sheldon tells Penny he's been folding her clothes. Oh boy. Penny denies that what he's folding is actually hers.

Well, it's obvious Leonard doesn't have to worry about if Sheldon has been checking out his girl. Not like he would anyway, but(t)... he sure doesn't now. Sheldon begins vehemently washing his hands, trying to rid his body and mind of this day-ruining memory. Penny wants to know why Sheldon's been acting weird. Well ain't that the question of the decade! Nonetheless, Sheldon replies that it's occurred to him that perhaps the Bill Gates thing isn't a prank.

Golly gee! The two go back and forth, Sheldon then lapsing back into not knowing whether Penny's joking.

At this point, I bet Penny wishes Bill wasn't coming at all - he's turned the group into a gang of prepubescent fan girls.

Amy and Bernadette are out for lunch and Bernie can't seem to get her mind off of her kids. She tries apologizing to Amy for being fixated, but can't get past it when Amy shares a book she's been reading and Bernie does too - a 3 page novel that floats in the bathtub.

Yikes. Any baby fever Amy had is likely halfway to China.

Penny's packing up her things to go to work in preparation for Bill Gates Day tomorrow. Howard and Raj each try to finesse their way into meeting him once more - Howard wanting him to sign a body part and Raj reminding Penny of a time where she said she owed him 'big time'. Penny reminds them that her day is jam packed, giving Leonard a glimpse at her busy schedule - starting from when she meets Bill at his hotel. Leonard settles his pals down and Penny heads out. Once she's gone, Leonard reveals that he saw which hotel Bill is staying at! (I totally knew this was coming when she showed him the schedule - but, let's all take a moment and act shocked).

The guys sit around waiting for a few moments until they're confident Penny's gone.

Longest moments of their life. Then, like The Flash, they bolt. This is going to end so well.

Amazingly well.

Amy and Bernadette arrive back at the Wolowitz house, as Bernie is apologizing for monopolizing the conversation with stories of her babies. Amy understands - it's mom brain. And Bernie has a severe case of it. Bernadette doesn't want to have mom brain, but Amy explains that there are many positive changes to the brain that occur once a woman gives birth. Like, knowing that Amy was bored during lunch because of her ability to sense nonverbal cues. Bernie calls her condescending. Two for two! Up top!

Orrrrrr not.

Sheldon walks back into the apartment building, Leonard calling for him to hold the door.

Something about not wanting to be robbed. By his best friend.

Sheldon asks where he's been, Leonard responding that he went to Bill Gates' hotel and got to meet him, again. Apparently Sheldon's still under the impression that this is a prank.

Leonard shows him a photo he took with Bill, and Sheldon's in shock. Finally! Leonard says Bill is likely still at his hotel, La Quinta, under the name "Hernandez". Sheldon thanks him wholeheartedly and zooms back down the stairs. The April Fools Day joke that wasn't on Sheldon... is now on Sheldon. Mean, but genius.

Once back in his apartment, Penny asks if the guys are still mad. Leonard says he gave them a talking to (that involved very little talking), and all was good in the hood.

Awwe! Sorta. Penny has some great news - there's going to be a reception for Bill Gates tomorrow night, and Leonard's invited!

If I could guess, i'd say Leonard's feeling like this emoji right now: 🙃.

Leonard tries his best to act excited to meet Bill for the second time. Penny wonders if Bill will remember him. Eh, hard to tell. Good thing Penny doesn't have mom brain.

Howard sits down in his living room and overhears Bernadette talking in a very mathematical manner to the kids for their bedtime story, ending with saying everyone will eventually die.

Sweet dreams! She comes downstairs and talks to Howard about her bad case of mom brain - and how she's hacking it to retain more useful information, therefore, fixing the problem. Howard says this reminds him of an episode of Bob The Builder involving a giraffe!

Darn it, she hasn't seen that episode yet!

The guys are at the comic book store when Leonard says he's not looking forward to meeting Bill Gates again after yesterday's mishap. Howard and Raj are sure having fun with this, though. Sheldon saunters in, revealing the trek Leonard sent him on. Howard decides to play along, adding that Bill's actually at the DoubleTree in Long Beach.

Once again, Sheldon's not sure who to believe, if anyone. Raj chimes in that they could be lying, but they may not be. Sheldon backs away slowly, exiting the store as he yells at Leonard to shut up when asked where he's going. For a smart dude, this is the gag that keeps on giving.

Penny's on her way out the door as we learn that someone's come down with IalreadymetBillGatesandcompletelyembarrassedmyselfsoIcan'tfacehimagain-itis. Penny's sad for her hubby, but thinks he does look a little pale... and clammy.

Either Leonard's hypochondria is in full force or he feels offended. I think it's a mix of both. Penny leaves, and Leonard checks himself out on his phone. Penny's eyes must've been deceiving her - he hopes.

Amy and Bernadette are out to eat again, when Bernie won't stop using her hacked mom brain to share many, many scientific facts with Amy.

All Amy wanted to know is whether she wanted to share a salad. Nope. Bernie then reverts back into her science jargon. Amy says she'll just have chicken. Bernie continues.

Scrap that! Wine it is.

Back at the quarantined apartment, Patient Zero Leonard is playing video games. Penny calls him to video chat, and he jumps back onto the couch and bundles up.

I can only guess where this is going. Penny says she has something that will make him feel better!

Bill recognizes Leonard immediately, pointing out that he ruined his tie yesterday.

This is where I guessed things were going. Leonard covers up in the blankets and shuts down his computer. Dude, haven't you learned by now that Penny knows best?! If she wasn't going to find out on her own, someone would guide her in the right direction. Luckily for her, it was one of the most intelligent people in the world.

Sheldon gets home from a long day of trying to track down Bill Gates, and sees "I'm Sorry" written on Leonard and Penny's door. Thinking it's for him, he walks in.

Sheldon is amazed at the lengths Leonard went to to apologize to him.

Well, at least this ended in a sweet moment for Sheldon. Leonard, on the other hand, is setting up camp in the dog house.

Finally, we get an inside look at Stuart's interactions with other nannies at the park!

That line says it all. The nannies believe they may have to call the cops as they're not sure who would allow their kids to be watched by Stuart. To be fair, if I didn't know his connection to Howard and Bernadette i'd be asking the same thing. Actually, I still am. Stuart está loco!

I have to say, this may be one of my favourite episodes to date. The storylines were clearly thought out, with each one distinctly entertaining. As a media student whose taken a few show writing courses (including comedy writing), I still have no idea how they come up with these concepts out of the blue. What i've also learned is that even with the great writing, it's the cast that really makes The Big Bang Theory what it's become. Could you imagine anyone else other than Jim Parsons holding up underwear he thinks are Penny's, and then deep cleansing his hands when he finds out they're not? Or someone besides Johnny Galecki blubbering in front of Bill Gates? CBS truly hit the jackpot with this group. I can't wait until the guys, wrinkles, canes and all, are chasing Ashoke Sen (also, in a wheelchair) down a street in Season 21.

Down below, let me know which moment from this week's episode was your fave, if you think Bernadette will ever fully recover from the wrath of mom brain, and which other famous person you'd love to see the guys fanboy over!

Catch The Big Bang Theory Thursday Nights on CBS.

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