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The Big Bang Theory - The Athenaeum Allocation - Review: "Sacrificial Love"

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Has everyone recovered from the excitement of last week? In case you missed it, click here to read all about Bernadette's labour and delivery of Wolowitz Baby #2, Neil.

Now, without further ado, let's jump right in to this weeks' adventures in Pasadena!

The gang is video chatting with Bernadette and Howard, checking in on how the new family of four is doing. We learn that Bernie calls her son 'Michael' - although his name is Neil. We also find out that baby boys can pee straight up into the air (and Raj can, too. What a talent). Not to mention, a checkout lady asked when Bernie's due date is.

She looks flattered. Raj offers to help take care of the kids, but the fam wants some time to themselves before regular life resumes. Raj's biological clock is ticking out of control. Penny points out that men don't have a bio--

He does.

Amy and Sheldon walk in, handing out save the date cards! Pictured on the card is an MRI photo of Sheldon and Amy's brains making sweet, sweet love.

What a vision.

Turns out they've chosen May 12th as the day of their 'big day' - which is coming up awfully quickly. Amy shuts Leonard up before he can continue - pointing out it's taken nearly a year for them to get here. Fair point.

Leonard obliges.

It's bedtime at the Wolowitz home, and Bernie and Howard are taking turns looking lovingly at their little ones.

Preciousness! They're both in their cribs! Bernie refers to her boy as 'Michael' again - am I missing something? Have they changed his name? I know she wanted to name the baby after her father, but last week they announced his name was Neil Michael. Perhaps it's his nickname.

The two come to the realization that they love their children more than they love one another - and that Bernie would leave Howard if he was seriously mutilated... in case you were wondering.

Amy and Sheldon are washing dishes - well, Amy is - as they discuss their wedding plans. Turns out the date is a well calculated mathematic equation. Whatever floats their Sheldon's boat! Amy brings up a potential venue - the Athenaeum Club at Caltech. Sheldon's overjoyed, especially given Albert Einstein was once a member.

That's a whole lotta reason to be jazzed. Amy proceeds to say that they've offered to give them a tour of the place anytime - despite Leonard trying to get in for years to no avail. Sheldon can't wait, and even suggests going to a Chinese restaurant nearby that Einstein supposedly liked. Amy proposes they think beyond Einstein. Sheldon calls Amy bridezilla.

So what does that make Sheldon? Groomothra?

Howard and Raj are hanging out when Howard mentions that he thinks it'll be hard for him and Bernadette to return to work. Raj reminds him that he was raised by servants, and turned out.

Turned out something, alright.

Howard reveals that he thinks either him or Bernadette should stay home with the kids - but that it should be him, as Bernie's invested in her career. Raj is impressed that he's willing to defy traditional gender roles for his kids - something he could never do. Howard reminds his pal that he's seen Taylor Swift live twice in the last month.

And for bringing that up, baby now they've got bad blood.

Amy and Sheldon are touring the Athenaeum Club, and learn that Stephen Hawking has sat in some of the chairs.

Sheldon's unimpressed - he brings his own chair. Bazinga!

Another great thing about this place is that it's close enough to Sheldon's office that he can use his own bathroom! The hostess gives them her card and scurries off to the nearest emergency exit, so i'm guessing. The two continue looking around, and Sheldon notices a group of somber looking scientists on the wall. Another plus for him!

Uh oh. Amy sees something weird - Penny and Leonard are eating at one of the tables. She notifies Sheldon, and hopes the two can find a reasonable excuse that won't ruin her day. Unlikely, but it's always good to have hope!

Leonard reveals he lied to Sheldon. Penny's confused, as he also told her the place is exclusive.

It is. He used the same line on both. I must say, that's pretty darn genius. Sheldon's now unsure if this is where he wants to get married.

Well if he didn't know before, he sure as heck knows now.

Meanwhile, Howard shares his thoughts with Bernadette about one of them staying home with the kids. First, Bernie doesn't want to stay home - so Howard offers to. Then, she's angry that Howard isn't giving her the chance to be at home when she's the mom. Howard asks if that's what she wants, and she doesn't know.

She just knows that she's the mom. Bernie then makes a point - they can't both quit their jobs. Howard volunteers, as she makes more. Bernie suggests he just start making more. Howard thinks it's sexist that she won't let him stay home.

She tells him to suck it. Oh man. Or should I say - woman. Oh gender neutral pronoun.

Amy and Sheldon are headed home, Sheldon still fuming over Leonard's lie that's cost him many happy meals at the Athenaeum Club. Amy says he can have the rest of his married life to be mad at Leonard, but that shouldn't stand in their way of getting married there. Sheldon begins an internal battle of whether or not he should seek revenge on Leonard - and if that means doing it where he was betrayed, or elsewhere.

Amy's clearly very engaged in this argument. Sheldon decides revenge on their wedding day may not be the best idea after all. Wow! He's come to his senses!

Just one problem. The Athenaeum Club has been booked by someone else on May 12th.

KRIPKE! Apparently he's reserved the venue for his birthday that day. Sheldon asks if he'll move his party, to no avail. I wonder if the comic book store has any availability on the 12th.

The next day, Bernie wakes up to a bright eyed and bushy tailed Howard, who by 8am has taken the kids on a tour-de-Los Angeles. Howard asks what she's been up to.

Sleeping. Bernadette calls her husband out on trying to prove himself as a good stay-at-home dad while she sleeps.

Well, in his defence, fatherhood looks great on him. He encourages Bernadette to take the day off, and get a massage. She says she'll go for lunch with Penny, but that he won't last - and then she'll have three tired babies on her hands. Howard replies that she deserves some time to rest after all the sleep she's been getting.

Shots (paci)fired!

Amy and Sheldon are back in their apartment, Sheldon saying he lost his temper with Kripke and that he used the "S" word to describe his work.

Subpar. Ouch. Sheldon agrees to the potential of finding another wedding date - Amy thinks she could find another husband before going through that ordeal again. She's not wrong. Leonard walks in, wanting to apologize for the Athenaeum debacle. The first one. So much drama around this place! Although, he's not THAT sorry - he found the whole 'not telling Sheldon he has a membership' thing to be quite comical.

Sheldon and Amy know that was far from an apology. Sheldon says he's already dealing with another Athenaeum situation right now, and doesn't have time for two. Leonard's confused. Amy explains what's happening with Kripke, and Sheldon ushers him out before he says something he'll regret about a slew of different characteristics Leonard possesses; including his work that lacks panache.

Leonard takes it as a compliment. Sheldon closes the door in his face.

Bernadette meets Penny at work for a lunch date, where she shares that she's not sure if she wants to come back to work. A co-worker drops by, noticing Bernie's there, and offers to grab her a coffee. Then, she gets a call from another co-worker, who asks if she'll look over something.

Yup. Sure looks like she doesn't miss work at all. The co-worker then returns with coffee and her favourite cookies, and all is good in the world. Except for Penny, that is, who was never offered coffee or cookies. What a (scripted) life.

Leonard gets to work, and decides to visit Kripke - who's doing some dirty work. Literally dirty, though. You'll see. Leonard speaks to him from the other side of the glass, asking if he'll move the date of his birthday for Sheldon and Amy's wedding. Because he's a good guy.

Even Kripke knows that ain't true. The two broker a deal.

Now Leonard's the one doing the deed. Sheldon walks by, thinking he'll try to convince Kripke once more. To his surprise, Leonard's inside - because Kripke's not a good guy. He tells Sheldon what happened.

He thinks Leonard's giving him his dream wedding on Mars! Close enough. Sheldon says they won't let Kripke win; they have to work together.

Well, this is one way of doing it.

Howard wakes up from a long nap to Raj cleaning the kitchen. Turns out being mom is hard - and that Neil poops a rainbow of colours.

Raj is mentally scarred. It's almost 6, which means Bernie will be home soon. Howard says he'll make dinner while Raj puts the kids to sleep. Raj says they're already asleep - which puts him on dinner duty. What would he do without his pal?

... I'm genuinely wondering.

Sheldon and Leonard get back to the apartment and excitedly tell Amy that Kripke gave up the Athenaeum.

Happy wife, happy life!

They tell of their afternoon cleaning sludge, and that they agreed to letting Kripke come to the wedding, with a date. And that they'll pay the hourly charge for the date. Oh - and that he can sing at the celebration.

Amy is flabbergasted and says she'd rather find a different venue, suggesting the Planetarium. Sheldon forgets of the Athenaeum's existence when the Planetarium is mentioned. Leonard thinks his day went to waste - literally - and that now he might be radioactive for nothing.

Sheldon says that's simply not true. Then he whispers to Amy that they can't let him touch the silverware. Yikes. My inner hypochondriac is shaking. I'm still surprised Sheldon agreed to clean the radioactive sludge. This is sacrificial love at it's finest!

Finally, Bernie arrives home to discover that Raj did all of the work around the house. Howard's exhausted, and says she should stay at home because she wants to. After her day, that's the last thing Bernie wants - she tells Howard not to give up. Howard catches her in her tracks, and says he too loves his job and doesn't want to quit. Bernie just likes that nobody pee'd on her. Turns out the two took prolonged naps today, and bond over their tiredness.

Howard notes that everyone's asleep, and that they can go upstairs and have some fun. Bernie pushes her food away wanting to do it right there on the kitchen table! Well this just got very steamy!

Did I say steamy? I meant sleepy.

And they all lived nappily ever after. Until next episode, when more drama will no doubt ensue. I loved seeing a real life struggle be dealt with - parents deciding on what to do once maternity and paternity leave come to an end. I'm interested in seeing what they ultimately end up doing, whether it be one of them stays home... or Raj becomes their full time nanny. I'm also looking forward to finding out which venue Amy and Sheldon secure. The Athenaeum has a bad omen. The somber scientists on the wall were sitting up a little too straight. Oh yeah, and the place caused a lot of fighting. But mostly the posture thing.

Down below, let me know who would be a better stay-at-home parent: Bernadette or Howard, where you think Amy and Sheldon will get married, and if you can't wait (like me) to see the wedding!

The Big Bang Theory returns on March 29th, so i'll see you then!

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