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Shadowhunters - What Lies Beneath - Advance Preview: "One Step Behind"

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Previously on Shadowhunters, Magnus and Alec investigated a demon disturbance that was messing with the Warlocks' magic, Lorenzo Rey was formally introduced, Jace and Clary went on their first date, and Simon surprised himself and those around him with his recent acquisition of some strange new powers.

'What Lies Beneath' delves deeper into the investigation of the owl. As shown last week, Lilith took a bit of a setback thanks to Magnus and Alec, but unfortunately the main characters do not know that she is the threat, where she is operating from, exactly how powerful she is, or her connection to the owl. Jace, still seeing visions of Jonathan, wears himself out investigating the owl on the behalf of the Shadowhunters, and Clary quickly becomes concerned about him. Meanwhile, Luke and Ollie conduct their own investigation on behalf of the New York Police Department, where Ollie is quick to suggest her own interpretation of Downworlders that may be behind the mundane murders. Jace's analyses of the current evidence, and attack of another mundane, lead them to a nearby nightclub, where both Jace and Izzy meet some familiar faces.

In the other main plot of the episode, Maryse surprises Alec, Izzy and Jace with an unexpected visit. When their dread at this becomes apparent due to Maryse's past behaviour, Magnus (with some buttering up by Izzy) offers his apartment and hosting skills in order to make the night go smoother. Due to his investigation of the owl, Jace has to drop out of the family dinner, and due to Clary's worry over Jace, Izzy also decides to join Jace and Clary on their stake out instead, which leaves just Alec, Magnus, and Maryse for dinner. What starts out as a nice family meal however may take a turn for the worse, as Maryse delivers some news which affects the whole Lightwood family.

Elsewhere, Simon and Maia try to explore their options when it comes to gaining information on the mark on Simon's forehead, trying to go to multiple sources.

In an episode about mortality and facing your demons, some of our main characters go further down the rabbit hole in search for answers. 'What Lies Beneath' delivers some great shocks that viewers may not see coming whilst giving real progression to both the main storyline and their main couples. Remember to tune in Tuesday at 8.00 on Freeform.

And with that I'm going to leave you with a few teasers to tide you over until Tuesday:
- One character may do an impression of someone unexpected.
- There's a scene with quite a bit of blood.
- Izzy is incredibly strong.
- Two words: TWIST. ENDING.
- "You know, there's someone you remind me of."

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