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Shadowhunters - The Powers That Be - Review + POLL

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This week was all about date night. For Jace, Clary, Simon, and Maia that meant an accidental double date, while for Magnus and Alec that meant some light breaking and entering. The warlocks had some trouble with their magic this week, due to a powerful demon (Lilith) corrupting the lay lines. Magnus and Alec found a way to fix the lay lines, no thanks to Raj. Despite this, Lilith’s plan seems to still be on track. We finally got to see the Mark of Cain in action when the werewolves try to violently kick Simon out, and one of them gets thrown quite a few feet away. 

Worst liar: You know, I laughed a lot during this episode. And most of it was during the scene where Alec tries to distract Lorenzo. Now Alec has always been someone who follows the rules so, despite growing up with Jace, I doubt he’s done this a lot. Which is why he’s so terribly awkward at it. I have no idea how this guy didn’t see right through him. Anyone who knows Alec would realize he’s faking that smile. Also, what warlock has no idea someone is crawling behind his couch? 

Best couple: What’s that saying, the couple that breaks into people’s houses and fixes lay lines stays together? Well, at least that was the case for Magnus and Alec. I really enjoyed their scenes this week. They really functioned as a team this week. Supported each other when needed. My favorite scene of them would have to be Alec reassuring Magnus that his father does not define him. Their interactions with Madzie were also great. We’ve seen them together a few times now. Are the writers dropping hints for a possible adoption in the future? 

Most awkward: Speaking of date night, Jace and Clary’s first official date kind of fell through when they ended up sitting next to Simon and Maia. Especially when it became clear that Simon knows Clary a lot better than Jace does. And if things weren’t awkward enough, Simon and Clary learn that Jace and Maia hooked up last season. I’m actually really happy with how both couples handled this. On a lot of shows, this would’ve caused major drama. But both Clary and Simon handled this really well. And why shouldn’t they? Neither couples were together at the time, no one cheated on anyone. So I’m happy that this scene turned into an awkward funny moment rather than an angst-filled dramatic one. 

Biggest jerk: You’d think I’d go with Lorenzo here but nope. Raj, what the hell dude? Did he suddenly forget what his job was? To take out demons. Instead, he goes against his boss because of what? He doesn’t like Downworlders? You know, sometimes he sounds a lot like Valentine. Just saying. Glad he got exiled. If the show follows the books, Raj will soon get company on Wrangel Island. Though hopefully, they’ll skip that particular storyline (though it is necessary to get to The Dark Artifices if they ever plan a spin-off). 

Favorite character: Maia has not been getting enough screen time, I’m hoping that will change soon. I really liked how she pushed back against the other wolves at the beginning of the episode and how she later pushed back against Simon saying she had nothing to be sorry about. With Jordan soon making an appearance we’re going to find out more about Maia’s background and I personally cannot wait. 
The ignored: Everyone seems to be on the verge of big storylines. Magnus and Alec will always have a central storyline if the writers know what's good for them. Maia's is coming up (with Jordan), Simon has the mark, Jace and Clary have some issues that are bound to escalate (like murdering your girlfriend in your dreams). So what I’m really hoping for this season is that Izzy and Luke will get a decent storyline as well. If you read my reviews last year, you’ll know I wasn’t happy with Izzy’s drug-related storyline. I didn’t like how quickly she was taken in by Aldertree and thought she would’ve been a bit smarter in how she handled everything (plus I didn’t like the differences between book Yin Fen and the TV version, but that’s another matter). So I’m really hoping for a better storyline for her this season. As for Luke, he hasn’t really had a decent storyline at any point on this show and I think it’s about time he gets one. 

Best quotes: Alec: “If you can wash your hair magically, why do you go through the trouble?” Magnus: “Because I enjoy taking showers.” 
Jace: “Hi.” Simon: “Jace?” Jace: “Do you know any good mundane restaurants?” Simon: “How did you get my number?” 
Lorenzo: “Did you hear something?” Alec: “No.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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