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Scorpion - Gator Done - Review: "Don't Fear, Buttercup!"

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Saving the world is a hard job.

This week on Scorpion, the team tried to save the world on a few different fronts and not everything went quite as planned. Sly, Flo, and Ralph are out handing out the new water filters to members of West Altadena. Ralph is urging Sly to make a move on Florence, but right as he gets ready to, Patty shows up, sad and surprisingly less dictator like. Apparently, she's gotten her first tardy because some mean girls slashed the tires on her bike after she asked good-looking idiot boy from "Nerd, Wind, and Fire" to the Sadie Hawkins dance (and got rejected).

At the Garage, after making Walter an apparently terrible breakfast (and him telling her about it), Paige tries to teach Walter about good-intentioned white lies. Meanwhile, the team gets ready for a trip to the Big Easy, where they'll be dispersing specially engineered sterile mosquitoes to end the spread of a dangerous virus. On the chance she is pregnant, Happy stays behind in order to avoid the virus.

In New Orleans, Walter, Paige, Cabe, and Toby (who's very happy to be in the middle of party city one last time before impending fatherhood) head out on a fan boat to the prime spot in the bayou to disperse the bugs. Alas, the canister containing the mosquitoes takes a trip soaring into the water and straight into the mouth of an alligator!

Through an online system that keeps track of the animals in the preserve, the team is able to track the alligator (whose name is apparently Yvonne) to her nesting site. Using the radio A.M. band on the boat, they're able to build a metal detector to find the canister inside Yvonne. They plan to entice her with a chicken carcass (which their boat is loaded with, cause, well...crazy stuff happens in the south ya'll), grab her with the snare and shoot her with the tranquilizer gun. From there, Toby can perform simple surgery to remove the canister and they should be on the way. Easy, right?

As if. The snare rope gets stuck on Toby's hand, and in the chaos of everyone thrashing around, Walter accidentally shoots Cabe instead of Yvonne. With the dart, Cabe's got an alligator-sized sedative in him that needs to be counteracted before it kills him. Toby (and a now high-as-the-damn-sky) Cabe head out to the nearest road, where the CDC guy is going to meet them with the antidote, while Paige
and Walter go about finding Yvonne.

Back in L.A., Sly resolves to fix Patty's problem through some good old-fashioned diplomacy. As he tries and (and fails) to convince the principle to punish the mean girls responsible and take the tardy off of Patty's record, Ralph gets an idea that might send a bit stronger of a message...

On the bayou, Paige and Walter track down a plant commonly known by the name "the puke weed." With the help of some crawdad-rope tree climbing, they retrieve the weed and stuff another chicken carcass with it, before heading back out on the water with their metal detector.

Meanwhile, Toby decides it'll be quicker to have Cabe, who's still totally spaced out, stay put, while he heads to the road to meet the CDC guy on his own. But, because this is Scorpion, Toby only gets a few feet before falling into quicksand. Toby figures out that there's probably a stream running under the quicksand pit he can surface in if he can quickly weigh himself down. Of course, this involves Cabe finding a heavy bolder to weigh him down, and because he's loony from the drugs, he comes back with a bunch of pebbles. This, however, is only a problem for a second. Cabe face-plants into the quicksand himself, and even though he's "not the weight [Toby] was looking for...[he'll] do." The two resurface from "the worst water-park ride ever" in the stream next to the quicksand.

At Patty's school, Sly comes out from his meeting with the principle to discover what I can only describe as a spectacular sculpture of bikes changed together with numerous locks, courtesy of Ralph. He decided to give the mean girls a taste of their own medicine.

Now back in the boat, Paige and Walter are able to find the gator. Walter stuffs the chicken carcass with the puke weed (along with Paige's smartwatch so they won't risk losing Yvonne again) and is able to feed it to her. The two follow her and wait for her to puke, which she quickly does. As Paige leans out to catch the canister with the net, the boat hits a tree stump and throws her into the water.

Although Paige is able to get the canister quickly, Yvonne shows up before she can climb back in the boat. Walter reasons that the best way to keep her from being eaten is to toss her a rope and throw the boat into maximum speed, hopefully outrunning the alligator when he drags her away. Thankfully, boats are faster than gators, and Paige gets away. The two are able to release the mosquitoes from the canister just in the nick of time.

Cabe and Toby finally get to the road, but Cabe passes out right before the CDC doctor pulls up with the antidote. For a moment it looks like it's too late, but Cabe springs to life, and laments to the CDC doctor that his toupee "really is a quality rug!"

Once back home, Paige blasts Ralph for his revenge trick. Sly informs Patty that even if she doesn't have many friends in school, she'll always have friends at Scorpion. And Happy and Toby realize that if they want to be good parents, he's going to have to be less of a man-child and she's going to have to be less of a control freak. Realizing how tired Paige is, Walter puts his new "white-lie" skills to the test and tells her the lecture they had been planning to go to was canceled. Unfortunately, he then invites someone else via text - Florence.

Random Thoughts:
-Loopy-doopy Cabe was funny.

-Sly's meltdown in the principle's office was terrific if I do say so myself.

-Personally, I loved Ralph's trick. Makes me wish I tried something like that with the mean girls back in my school days.

-This Walter and Flo thing is getting really old...

-Best quote goes to Happy. "Hey dummy, if I am pregnant, I do not want to tell my child that Dad died as gator bait!"

Is Walter going to ruin his relationship with Paige? Are Toby and Happy going to be parents soon? Let me know what you think below.

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