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Scorpion - Dork Day Afternoon - Review: "The Immaculate Reception"

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Well, it seems that a Scorpion baby may indeed be on the horizon!

At the garage, Sly and Cabe are meticulously planning out the route to get Toby and his "samples" to the clinic for fertilization. (Because of course, he insists on "procuring" said samples in the comfort of his own home. They've got the route down to a science. Walter and Cabe will pick up Toby and the samples, and take them to the clinic, where Paige will meet them with Happy. They've even planned out hazard time.

Unfortunately, Walter decides to use those extra minutes they have built in for unforeseen hazards to stop at the bank. And said bank gets held up...

The team figures out that the robbers intend to kill everyone when they're done and Cabe gets to work coordinating with the LAPD, while Happy guides Toby to switch the bank cameras back on. In order to ensure Toby's samples make it to the clinic on-time, Toby uses the tellers' old pneumatic tube system to get the sample from inside the bank to outside. Unfortunately, because the system hasn't been used in a long time, the container gets stuck on the way.

Walter, meanwhile, comes up with a way to possibly stop the robbery using the dye-packs attached to the cash. If Sly and Florence (whose over helping him with his water filtration project and who Sly was hoping to ask out) built a remote trigger, they might be able to reach the radio frequency chip controlling the dye packs and set them all off at once, knocking them out for long enough for the LAPD to enter and disarm them, as well as jostling the sample lose from the tube.

To do this, Walt will have to run into the vault and get the information off the RFID card for the dye-packs while the robbers are wheeling the money to their escape vehicle. Unfortunately, they come back early and he ends up hiding in one of the money storage drums.

When Sly and Florence activate the dye-packs, nothing happens, and they realize the blinds in the bank are blocking the signal. In order to allow Walter time to get out the drum and to the front room to open the blinds, Cabe (disguised as a nearby bar owner) strikes up an argument with the getaway driver about his parking, causing the rest of the robbers to come outside to deal with the situation.

Before Walter can get hidden again, one of the robbers comes back in and cold-cocks him. As he prepares to shoot him, Walter yells for Sly to activate the signal again, which causes the dye-packs from the money behind the counter to explode right next to the robber with the gun, knocking him down.

As Cabe and the LAPD enter to free everyone and capture the robbers, Toby runs outside and is able to catch the container as it jostles out of the pneumatic tubes. With minutes left to spare, they race to the clinic and make it just in time for the sample to still be viable.

At the garage that night, Sly is disappointed to find out that Florence assumes they're just grabbing food as friends and Ralph counsels him that he needs to make it clear that he's actually asking her out on a date, or she's going to keep missing the message. As Walter, Paige, and Ralph sit down for dinner that night, Walter mentions that he hopes it works out for Toby and Happy because they should know "how great it [parenthood] all turns out to be."

Random Thoughts:
-I'm glad they seemed to drop the Walter/Florence possibility this episode.

-The ending scene was sweet.

-Best line goes to Toby when he gets to the clinic and sees Happy holding a baby. "They just gave us one?"

Do you think we'll be seeing a little Happy or Toby soon? Is Sly going to be able to ask Florence out? Let me know below!

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