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Scene Of The Week - March 25, 2018 + POLL

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A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

9-1-1, "A Whole New You", March 21, 2018, Actors: Oliver Stark, Connie Britton and more, The Scenes: The previously dead guy calls 9-1-1 & Abby tells Buck that she's leaving
The previously dead guy calls 9-1-1. The "dead man" was picked up at a psychic's. It's clear to the audience that he's alive just uncommunicative. When the scene switched to the morgue, we knew he was going to wake up. The scene went exactly as expected until the Coroner passed out and "Dead Guy" is hit with blood spatter. What Coroner passes out like that?! LOL. (I thought they all played that 'fake cadaver sits up' joke on each other. They did it to my Dad.) When 9-1-1 answered that call and he said "Ummmm...." I was giggling for about 5 minutes.
Beth: Buck tells Abby he is excited for her adventure. Here is a guy that cared more about hooking up in the first episode and in the season finale he is letting go of a woman he possibly loved because it was best for her. The growth of this character is something to applaud.
Marine: Abby tells Buck she is leaving - such a sweet scene and a great reaction from Buck, shows how much his character has grown.

AGENTS OF SHIELD, "The Devil Complex", March 23, 2018, Actors: Iain De Caestecker, Elizabeth Henstridge, Chloe Bennet, Jeff Ward, The Scenes: Jemma and Fitz talk at the end & The truth about Fitz is revealed & Deke tells Jemma about his family
This must have been the most stressful episode of SHIELD I've even seen. And the most terrifying. As scary as the past villains might have been, losing one's mind feels so much worse. There were signs of this breakdown waiting to happen during the entire season. But the truth still hit so much harder than expected. I truly did believe The Doctor was another anomaly so, for me, the reveal ended up being one of the most shocking scenes of the show yet. But since the Fitz reveal and the hopeful conversation between Jemma and Deke in the end are already included in the article, there's one more moment I wanted to highlight. It's the aftermath when Jemma visits Fitz locked away after his actions. I'm glad she realizes that his brain injury got worse after his mind entered the Framework because I don't expect Fitz or the rest of the team to understand and forgive anytime soon. Knowing the cause of this mental breakdown, knowing it's not just Fitz turning evil should make everyone feel better, but it simply doesn't. The truth is, we're still left with broken Fitz, traumatized Daisy and Jemma barely holding it together. Not to mention the rest of the team. It's absolutely heartbreaking yet makes so much sense for Fitz's injury to make a return. I've been wondering for a while now how he's been able to maintain the progress he's made since season two considering everything that's been happening. In another show it could easily be forgotten but not here. Since the wedding, the fans of FitzSimmons have been waiting for another thing to break them apart and we didn't have to wait for long. Their conversation at the end, when Fitz admits he doesn't deserve to be forgiven and doesn't know where it leaves them, is hard to watch. The shot with the two of them standing on the opposite site of the glass was beautifully done. And the actors continue to steal the show. Both Iain De Caestecker and Elizabeth Henstridge have been spectacular in their work on the show. Among this brilliant and talented cast, they're still standing out with their award worthy performances. Special shout-out to Iain De Caestecker who perfectly played all the different versions of Fitz during the hour. Whether he was breaking down or turned cold and cruel towards his friends, it was hard to watch but also impossible to take eyes off this amazing actor. This episode already feels unforgettable, for better or worse. For sure it will stay with me for while... Kudos to cast & crew for their memorable and wonderful work!
Samantha: The truth about Fitz is revealed. What can really be said about this? Shield pulled an absolute blinder. The crumbs for Fitz breakdown have been laid throughout the season, but no-one really picked up on it. Another acting masterclass from Iain as Fitz battled against the Doctor and struggled with the reality that he wasn't really there. And of course Jemma desperately trying to reason with Fitz, and being forced to stand back and watch as he performed surgery on Daisy. FitzSimmons are constantly put through the wringer which as a shipper is hard to watch, but the superb acting from Iain and Elizabeth is just a joy.
Beth: Deke reveals to Jemma that she is his grandma. After such a gut punch of an episode, Deke, the cynical guy we met from the future, gave us all hope that FitzSimmons may just be okay. He told Simmons the story of his mom and what she felt for her parents in such a beautiful way and I tear up thinking about the hope he gave everyone that is a fan of Fitz and Simmons.... Truly beautiful moment.
Jamie: The truth about Fitz is revealed. Holy mother of god, I'm still shook. I did not see this coming, even though I should have.

AMERICAN CRIME STORY, "Alone", March 21, 2018, Actors: Ricky Martin, Penélope Cruz
The Scene: Antonio realizes he’s been cut loose by Donatella
After going through the devastating loss of his partner Gianni, he is also told that he’s no longer allowed to stay in any of the Versace homes and must go his own separate way. “I can now be thrown away like a piece of trash” he says. Ricky Martin did a surprisingly good job portraying the emptiness and anguish over losing everything.

BASKETS, "Basque-ets", March 20, 2018, Actors: Martha Kelly, Zach Galifianakis, The Scene: Martha returns to Chip
Chip has tried to give Martha a nice birthday. She leaves him to go on a date with her trucker. She quickly returns to Chip to tell him that it’s over with the trucker. You know at this point that they have both realized they have feelings for each other. They say good night and Chip looks stunned. Been waiting three seasons for this!

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, "Safe House", March 18, 2018, Actors: Andy Samberg, Andre Braugher, Marc Evan Jackson and more, The Scenes: Kevin saves the day & Holt's instructions to follow in the safe house & The visit to the library
Kevin saves the day. Everything I have wanted to say about this episode I have already said in the review, however I will say that watching Kevin refuse to abandon his husband and would choose to possibly die crashing that car through the warehouse to save him was everything. Those two will make it through anything because their love for each other has stood the tests of time, times where it was even completely outlawed. Between what he says to Jake before, Jake urging him to stay in the car, Holt rather dying to save Kevin, Jake 'coming alone', title of his sextape, and then Kevin's epic driving skills and throat punch, and that quip at the end? Not only did Holt and Jake look turned on by the end of it, but Jake was right. This proved how perfect they are for one another. I loved this scene, and I loved this entire outing, and I'm so thankful I was alive to see my favourite humans again.
Saloni: Raymond Holt instructing Jake and Kevin exactly how they should be moving around in the safe house. This was a hilarious bit of physical comedy by Andre Braugher.
Kollin: Jake and Kevin enter the library as perverts. Jake’s rapey smile, Kevin licking his lips, the moustaches. Jake’s creepy, “What is the bandwidth on the wifi here, we have much content to stream.” I died.

CHICAGO FIRE, The Chance to Forgive", March 22, 2018, Actors: Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, The Scene: Casey tells Severide to be honest about his feelings for Stella
Casey telling Severide that Severide’s feelings for Stella won’t go away just because he wants them to. Casey and Severide’s friendship has always been one of the highlights for me. They’ve had their ups and downs, but it’s the quieter moments like Casey telling Severide his feelings for Stella won’t go away just because he wants them to that always get me. Casey has been through something very similar with Dawson and knows from experience just how hard a romance in the firehouse can be. However, Severide ignoring his feelings for Stella isn’t going to help anyone, so I feel pretty comfortable in thanking Casey for that final scene between Severide and Stella getting hot and heavy at Molly’s.
Beth: Casey tells Severide that he needs to be honest about his feelings for Stella. I loved that Casey, who had been in a similar situation, told Severide his feelings aren't going to disappear. He saw what was happening and knew Sev needed a nudge and he gave it to him, which led to him FINALLY giving in to what he felt.

COUNTERPART, "No Man's Land, Part One", March 18, 2018, Actors: J. K. Simmons, Ulrich Thomsen and more, The Scene: The ending shootout
This was a bloody, ruthless shootout led by Pope's moles inside Strategy and Diplomacy that was coolly executed and served as a great way to ramp up the tension going into Sunday's finale. Throwing Aldrich and Howard Prime into the mix as well made things all the more unpredictable, and the fact that this probably wasn't all Pope had planned makes things far more exciting.
Kollin: The Shootout. Talk about ramping up the tension. This was a brutal, exciting, unforgiving action scene that saw Pope’s assassins target specific employees in Strategy for unknown reasons, laying absolute carnage in their wake, before being dispatched by Howard and Aldrich.

FOR THE PEOPLE, "Rahowa", March 20, 2018, Actors: Britt Robertson and more
The Scene: Sandra reveals why she keeps all her belongings in a bag (picked by Luana)

FRESH OFF THE BOAT, "King in the North", March 20, 2018, Actors: Hudson Yang, Luna Blaise, The Scene: Eddie and Nicole go to the spring dance
Eddie supports Nicole and they go to the spring dance. Nicole's coming out story is one of the most underrated Lgbtq+ stories out there and that is a major shame cause it is heartfelt, honest and truly remarkable. The understanding friendship between Nicole and Eddie is simply beautiful and this story was a crown of it.

GREY'S ANATOMY, "Caught Somewhere in Time", March 22, 2018, Actors: Sarah Drew and more, The Scene: April learns the interns tried to cheat in her Trauma Cert
April's extreme reaction after the interns tell her they tried to cheat in her Trauma Cert. I mean, I just hate what they're doing to her character because she is in so. much. pain. How is absolutely no one realizing that's happening? I guess at least Jackson tried. I love fierce, sassy April but come on. I'm nervous they will kill her off instead of giving her a happy ending, one that she deserves.

JANE THE VIRGIN, "Chapter Seventy-Eight", March 23, 2018, Actors: Andrea Navedo, Jaime Camil, The Scene: Xiomara’s confession to Rogelio
Xiomara’s heart-wrenching confession to Rogelio about why making a decision in regards to her breast cancer is so scary. For most of this episode, Xiomara was being overwhelmed with what her family wanted her to do instead of figuring out what was right for herself. Only after a conversation with Rafael did Xo take the time to block out all the other noise and come to a realization. While she’s been leaning on Jane for most of her life, she realized the person she should be leaning on is her husband Rogelio. Then in a soul-baring confession, Xo explained that for most of her life she’s been a single mother and most of her confidence came from attracting men. That scene was just so emotionally raw and really honest, as Xo finally explains why a double mastectomy is so scary for her. She felt that by having a double mastectomy, she was giving up on who she was. However, she’s longer just a single mother; she’s Ro’s wife. I also really love that she and Ro came to the decision together, as for four seasons it’s always been Jane and Xo. It was an important moment when Xo realized the person she needed to lean on should be Rogelio.

KRYPTON, "Pilot", March 21, 2018, Actors: Rupert Graves, Paula Malcomson, Cameron Cuffe and more, The Scene: Ter-El and Charys sacrifice themselves to save Seg
This was a particularly emotional scene even if we were just getting to know these characters. The impact of the sacrifice of Seg's parents was felt thanks to the strong performances by Rupert Graves and Paula Malcomson, who manage to make the most out of their short amount of screentime on the show. Killing off the parents of the protagonist early on may be the oldest trick in the book, but Krypton managed to handle it really well indeed.

LAST MAN ON EARTH, "Hamilton/Berg", March 18, 2018, Actors: Will Forte, Kristen Schaal and more
The Scene: Tandy decides to kill Karl
Tandy decides to kill Karl so Carol doesn't have to. I just thought this was such a sweet scene because it shows how selfless Tandy is now when it comes to Carol and how much he cares for her compared to season one.

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, "Necromancing the Stone", March 19, 2018, Actors: Caity Lotz, Matt Ryan, Jes Macallan and more, The Scenes: Ava and Gary meet Constantine & Ava and Constantine save Sara & Sara and Ava talk in bed
Ava & Gary meet Constantine. Surprisingly for an emotional episode, there were a lot of funny scenes, which isn't really that surprising when Constantine is around. From Gary trying to explain what bollocks means, to Constantine flippingly informing them he gave Ray instructions to kill Sara, it was just the perfect scene.
Sam: Ava and Constantine save Sara. I thought this episode was an interesting exploratory one for looking into the thoughts and feelings of the legends. Bringing back up Sara's past as an assassin and the canary was not only a nice throwback but a reminder of who Sara was and who she's trying to be now. And that she may be a legend now, but she still has her demons inside of her. Nevertheless, she doesn't let her demons take over, and Ava is able to get through to her and help her break free of Mallus' control.
Jamie: Sara and Ava talk in bed. This was so cute. It was nice to see Sara this happy. I hope they make up soon.

MADAM SECRETARY, "Refuge", March 18, 2018, Actors: Sara Ramirez, Sebastian Arcelus, The Scene: Kat talks to Jay about her sexuality
A beautiful scene with two characters who have grown to be great friends and Sara Ramirez is a true friend to the LGBTQ+ community. The writers rightly leaned heavily on her for advice on how to write this scene, and it shows, because it is beautiful and poignant. Kat is a wholly unique character and I'm so glad she exists. I hope she gets to have more scenes with Blake someday because those two can rule the world.

RIVERDALE, "Chapter Twenty-Nine: Primary Colors", March 21, 2018, Actors: Madelaine Petsch, Vanessa Morgan, The Scene: Cheryl tells Toni she only wanted to invite her
I really like seeing Cheryl's softer side. She doesn't let people in that easily (figures with a mother like that). Not excited to see her suffer next week.

SANTA CLARITA DIET, "The Queen of England", March 23, 2018, Actors: Drew Barrymore, Ramona Young and more, The Scene: The standoff with Ramona (picked by Luana)

SCHITT'S CREEK, "The Gesture", March 20, 2018, Actors: Dan Levy, Noah Reid, The Scene: David dances for Patrick
Abi: David dancing for Patrick as an olive branch in order to win him back. It was just a really cute scene and I love that you could tell it was improvised on Dan Levy’s part and that they just really had fun with it. It’s great that David and Patrick’s relationship is being given depth and screentime like this and it was just wonderful to see them smiling and looking adoringly at each other.

SPEECHLESS, "N-o-Nominee", March 21, 2018, Actors: Minnie Driver, John Ross Bowie and more, The Scene: The final scene
The final scene with the DiMeos sleeping outside. The DiMeos are survivors and they prove it week after week. A really good finale ended with the family evicted sleeping outside without any worries cause they know they are together.
Claire: The end scene where the DiMeos have been evicted and are all tucked into bed on their lawn. JJ's asleep holding his film award and Jimmy says: “we’ll figure it out, we always do.” They don’t quit!

THE GOLDBERGS, "The Scrunchie Rule", March 21, 2018, Actors: Hayley Orrantia and more
The Scene: The end scene
The end scene where EVERYONE (JTP, Lanie, etc...) has shown up at Erica’s dorm to help out. It’s a big party scene set to the Outfield’s Your Love. I like how they all show up for each other; family and friends.

THE GOOD FIGHT, "Day 422", March 18, 2018, Actors: Christine Baranski, Audra McDonald, The Scene: Diane tells Liz off
Laura B:
There is so much that could be unpacked from this particular episode of TGF, from the harrowing way Chicago Penthouse's sexual assault case was shown to viewers (not being bogged down by network age ratings, gave them an advantage here), to the comedy act with Marissa and Maia and the police that helped in the Ricen scare, which of course Marissa asks the cute guy out for drinks (leading to some interesting Marissa/Maia bonding time and surprise appearance in the bar tender--did they also take the drug btw??), to Liz's first obvious attempt to change the firm (there may be a less obvious one, when she may have lied to Diane in a previous episode about whom the surprise witness was at Maia's trial), but this ongoing story with Diane kind of losing it (or perhaps pulling a Kalinda or Will Gardner?!) is something I would have never expected the writers to do with this character. I loved that when she went home (thanks to Liz's push) she saw things on tv that don't exist, such as Trump having a "pot-bellied pig" at the Whitehouse (which by the way, Theodore Roosevelt had a large white pig), which we know has to be false, because an episode of Darkness at Noon also is shown--and the main character died in the season finale of The Good Wife! But Diane not putting up with Liz shenanigans and watching her walk across the firm without shoes and just opening the door to Liz's office and telling her, "*uck you!" was a great way to cap-off this episode! It shows the viewers that despite this crazy somewhat unsettling microdosing Diane plot, she still is paying attention and not letting others take advantage or control.

THE MAGICIANS, "Twenty-Three", March 21, 2018, Actors: Jason Ralph and more, The Scene: Quentin is revealed to be the Beast
From the start of the episode, I knew it was going to be another amazing one. I’ve always been a fan of alternate reality episodes, and even after three seasons, The Magicians still finds new and exciting ways to surprise me. While viewers knew little about timeline 23 going in, we assumed the Beast was still alive, so the twist that Quentin was actually the Beast was perfect. Ever since we’ve met this character, he’s been obsessed with Fillory, even before he knew magic existed. Of course, a Quentin without his shade would want to control and keep Fillory for himself. The reveal that Quentin was the Beast also provided an explanation of why magic went out in timeline 23. I thought that maybe all the timelines were without magic due to the events of timeline 40, but after Quentin came back without his shade, he killed both Martin Chatwin and Ember. It was something so simplistic, yet unique as to why timeline 23 didn’t have magic that didn’t feel like an exact copy of why timeline 40 didn’t either.
Winston: Q is revealed to be the Beast in timeline 23 - this season has been incredible, and it's amazing how the writers are able to keep delivering twists and turns and keep the show engaging and fresh. I never expected to go back to this timeline, but I was so thrilled it did. My jaw dropped when the moths flew away to reveal Q! The episode was already fantastic, but this reveal was such a twist! Love it!!!

THE MIDDLE, "Hecks vs. Glossners: The Final Battle", March 20, 2018, Actors: Patricia Heaton, Neil Flynn, Brooke Shields and more, The Scenes: The Hecks decide to take on the Glossners & The Neighborhood vs The Glossners
The Neighborhood vs The Glossners. I'm a The Middle newbie, a fan since July last year but I love this family so much and their Glossners' episodes were always hilarious. No surprise this episode delivered as well. The fight itself was funny, giving space for all their crazy natures to make me laugh.
Saloni: The Hecks, motivated by Mike, decide to take on the Glossners once and for all. I loved this little scene in their living room. I love the family scenes of all 5 of them together. This was the funniest episode they've done in a little while. Also picked by Laura

THE X-FILES, "My Struggle IV", March 21, 2018, Actors: Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny
The Scene: The pregnancy reveal
Klutzy girl:
Although the episode as a whole was a mess, the revelation about Scully's pregnancy (which fandom saw coming weeks ago) was still nice. I loved Mulder's reaction and that the last shot was the two of them hugging.

TIMELESS, "The Darlington 500", March 18, 2018, Actors: Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter
The Scene: Lucy and Wyatt and Wendell Scott's moonshine compartment
Aka "The Lyatt trunk scene". The cuddling, the conversation, the almost kiss. My heart ached for them, I laughed as they were bounced around in the trunk, and then the feels hit. It was perfect.

UNREAL, "Confront", March 19, 2018, Actors: Shiri Appleby and more
The Scene: Rachel confronts her past (picked by Luana)

WHEN CALLS THE HEART, "My Heart Is Yours", March 18, 2018, Actors: Erin Krakow, Daniel Lissing and more, The Scene: The townspeople pitch in to help Elizabeth and Jack
The townspeople pitch in together to get the schoolhouse ready for Elizabeth and Jack's wedding after a fire almost destroys it. It was great to see how invested the whole town is in the wedding so that no matter what obstacle is faced, they come up with a way to pull it off.

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