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Runaways - Spoiler TV Exclusive interview with star Angel Parker - Season 2, Returning Characters and more

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The podcast team were very lucky to speak to awesome and absolutely delightful Angel Parker from the hit Hulu show Runaways. You can listen to the full interview below but we thought we would share a few highlights from the interview:

Congratulations on season 2.
Thank you, we are so excited. It got picked up for more episodes, so we have 13 instead of 10 for season 2, which is a tribute to all the fans, so thank you.

The tagline for season 2 - "Every child turns into their parent". Can we see more of a dark side of our runaways in season 2?
I think the young cast will be able to portray whoever they need them to, so I do think you will see some darkness inside of all of them come out. They don't know who they are fighting against, they don't know who their enemy is, if it Jonah, if it's their parents. Alliances will be made. I think it's going to get dirty, its going to get ugly, really really quickly.

When is filming due to start for season 2?
The writers go back in February, and we start April. It takes a while for all of the special effects so I am hoping it will be back on air by the end of the year. 

With so many characters leaving or disappearing in the show, will we get more time with them in the 13 episodes of season 2?
Well James Marsters left because he was in the box [laughs]. I can't wait to see how they bring him back. I hope that he comes back. I hope he comes back as a fan of the show. He was such a joy to work with, such a great actor and storyteller, I know they will want him back, I don't doubt it. 


Listen to the full interview below. (approx 30 mins):

Remember you can catch Marvels Runaways on Hulu .

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