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Riverdale - There Will Be Blood - Review

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This second part of Riverdale's second season is definitely an improvement over the slow and inconsistent first cycle of episodes. The rhythm of the storylines proceeds towards an explosive season finale and each protagonist in town has to face his/her private demons. Let’s summarize what happened in There Will be Blood.

When Archie finds out that his father is going to run for mayor, he panics. He decides that he wants to prevent any possible problem for his dad and he goes to Jughead. Jug is still investigating the Lodges' plans and the revelation that Hiram has bought Pop’s changes his perspective.

The Coopers are in turmoil: Polly comes back home, and Hal asks Alice for a divorce. Betty still doesn’t trust Chic and she decides to test his DNA. The Blossoms discover that Clifford has a secret will and at the read, Cheryl and her mother are left with much less than they expected. There is a crazy plot twist that I loved: Clifford is back from the grave, wait… Claudius, his twin brother returns to Riverdale. It’s a plot twist that I didn’t see coming, but I definitely enjoy it.

After Smithers talks to Jughead, F.P. and his son finally learn the truth about the Lodge's plans, and the Lodges are forced to tell everything to Fred: they want to turn Southside High into a private prison and Fred’s housing will be destined to the prison employees. At the end of the episode, we find out that Hermione is running for Mayor. Archie pledges loyalty to Hiram through a blood ritual, and Cheryl overhears the troubling plans of her mother and Claudius.

The episode is really entertaining: there is no space for useless moments. I love when Riverdale creates this crazy fast narrative world and uses all its characters. Still, I question some of these characters’ choices: why Archie, a fifteen years old high school boy, is not scared of Veronica’s family? Is he so in love with the young Lodge that he can not run away from this craziness? How can Cheryl be unaware of her own relatives?
We have so many questions, but I’m really curious to get the answers in these last seven episodes. 

And you? What do you think of There Will Be Blood?

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