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Quote of the Week - February 25th, 2018

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Agents of SHIELD - 
1. Coulson: "These things look roomier from the outside." Mack: "It’ll get us where we need to go." May: "Hey, could be worse." Simmons: "True. We could be enslaved by an alien sociopath in a dystopian future." Mack: "Or we could be trapped in a virtual reality fascist state." Fitz: "Or stuck at the bottom of the ocean." Yo-Yo: "Or stopping a crazy robot lady." Simmons: "Or falling out of a plane." Mack: "Fighting Daisy’s mom." Coulson: "Or fighting Daisy’s dad." May: "Or dancing." (Milo M-J)

The Alienist - 
1. Sara Howard: “You don’t have the courage to see yourself for who you are, you really are a coward!” (Claire Serowinski)

Ash vs. Evil Dead - 
1. Ash: "You know me as Ash Williams. The hero who saved Elk Grove from evil. For 30 long years I've used this saw on monsters and demons. But those battles are won. So now I use it to--slash prices!" (Milo M-J)
2. Candy Barr: “Good sex is 30 seconds followed by a cheeseburger.” (Prpleight)

Black Lightning - 
1. Pierce: "Listen, and stay honest with yourself about what you hear." (Naomi Anna)

Channel Zero - 
1. Louise Lispector: “I’ve got a dead Peach in my basement and it ain’t gonna keep.”
2. Joseph Peach: “Welcome to our little plantation, custom made atop of the food chain; although the landlord’s a real prick!” (Claire Serowinski)

The Flash - 
1. Barry: "You're right. As much as I wanna get Devoe and get back to our lives, I can't rush this." Iris: "That's gonna be a little hard for a speedster." Barry: "Especially an unemployed speedster." Iris: "Don't worry. You're gonna find something." Barry: "And until then?" Iris: "You can start by kissing your wife." (Naomi Anna)

Grey’s Anatomy - 
1. Bailey: “You look twelve! Can you get me a grown up to tell me that?” Andy Herrera
“Baby sitters get paid 10 dollars an hour. Do you want to get paid 10 dollars an hour? I can arrange for that.” (Patrycja)

How to Get Away with Murder - 
1. Ophelia: "Bring out the Tupperware daddy!" (Jaz Schoone)

NCIS: New Orleans - 
1. Raymond Isler: "Eat your biscuits and gravy, it will calm your nerves." (Kelly Anne Blount)

Superstore - 
1. Dina: “One of the gamers is trying to teach Alexa racial slurs.”
2. Amy: "After a long day of work, it's nice to have a glass of wine and reach into a stable-boy's chest and pull out his still-beating heart." (Antonia Le)

1. Jessica: “I never said it before but I love you."
2. Hondo: “You need the space to do the great things that I know you’re gonna do.”
3. Street: “This city needs to see we’re there for them.” Luca: “So let’s show ‘em.” (Bex W)

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