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Mom - Pudding and a Screen Door - Review: "She's Back and She's Skinny!"

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Mom picks up in a season of changes, both good and bad, for several of the characters.

Jill's back! And she's down 115 pounds! But, not only did the retreat change her physical health, it's made her take a look at her financial health as well. And that means she's decided to stop paying for everyone's meals at the bistro. She's out to see who's really her friend and who's just mooching off her. Of course, this leaves everyone else in a bit of a rut, as they can't afford to eat out all the time.

Back at home, Christy opens the mail to find her Stanford letter. Her Stanford reject letter, that is. As Bonnie attempts (and fails) to console her, Christy resolves that Stanford was a long shot anyway and she's got plenty of schools left to hear from. Besides, if worst comes to worst, she can go to North Valley, where everyone gets in.

With Jill's purse strings now closed, Christy comes up with a creative solution to their problem and takes the girls to her school cafeteria. This goes, well, terrible. Windy accidentally orders three different drinks, Bonnie comments that she hasn't "carried a tray since [she] was in lockup," and Jill is horrified that she has to bus her own table.

After a meeting later, the girls debate where to go. Jill accuses Bonnie and Christy of mooching off her and manages to be ugly to Wendy and Marjorie too when they try to intervene. It looks like everyone is on the outs.

Later that night, Christy gets the last of her law school letters - and they're all rejection letters - even North Valley. She tells Adam, who, like Bonnie, tries and fails to console her. Christy decides not to tell Bonnie, who's just headed off to a new meeting. Bonnie runs into Jill at the meeting, who's also trying to avoid everyone, and after Bonnie assures her that she'd be her friend even if she didn't have money, the two make up.

The next day at the cafeteria, Christy runs into her classmates drunkenly celebrating their law school acceptances. When she confides in the one other guy who didn't get in anywhere, he hands her a shot. We're left wondering if she's going to take it when the phone rings. It's Jill.

All five of the girls end up back at the bistro. Christy admits she almost drank and didn't tell anyone about her rejections from school because Jill made it seem like no one wanted to hear about her school problems when they started fighting. At this, Jill orders extra coffee and the five settle in for a long conversation.

Random Thoughts:
-I really do hope Christy works something out.

-Poor Adam. You could tell how much he wanted to be able to give Christy advice...and he just flunked at it!

-Best line of the night goes to Jill. "Ya'll need to start paying for yourselves because I ain't no Bank of America."

Do you think Christy will be able to find a way into law school? Let me know below!

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