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Mom - Charlotte Bronte and a Backhoe - Review: "The Limitless Power of a Waitress"

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Things got real this week on Mom, as the girls' sobriety was tested in unexpected ways.

Bonnie and Christy are on their way to the bistro after a meeting, when a motorcycle cuts right in front of them and takes their parking spot. Turns out said motorcycle driver is Jill's "inner-strength" coach Miranda, who Jill's called in for reinforcements after struggling to stay away from the sweets. Over dinner, the gang (particularly Marjorie and Bonnie) express their skepticism of this whole inner-strength self-help thing. (And I'm nodding right along with them!)

Miranda starts telling Wendy about how despite her meek exterior, she has a strong, powerful voice on the inside. Suddenly, Wendy's loud and in-charge. Maybe Miranda does work...

After another meeting, Miranda expresses her own skepticism of AA's first rule "Admit you're powerless." (which definitely doesn't sit right with Marjorie) and offers to give Christy an energy cleanse to get her out of her funk from being rejected from law school. Christy agrees.

What happens next is a pretty funny scene of Miranda dancing around, squeaking, and "throwing" away Christy's bad energy. And somehow, Christy's in a way better mood afterward.

At the bistro later, Christy tells everyone how she's going to go to the admissions office and try and re-convince them to let her in. She also admits that Miranda charged her $500 for the energy cleanse. This sets off alarm bells in Bonnie's head, and she heads over to Jill's to have a word with Miranda about scamming Christy.

As Bonnie starts to proverbially rip Miranda's head off, Miranda turns it around and is suddenly psychoanalyzing Bonnie, guessing that she was abandoned as a child, and offering to give her an energy cleanse (on the house of course!). After the energy cleanse, Miranda mentions something to a now joyously bawling Bonnie about not making "any important life decisions for say...36 hours" and to avoid operating heavy equipment," which totally made me think she's drugging them somehow.

Meanwhile, Christy is at the admissions office, where it seems she's got little chance of actually seeing the admissions director. This changes when she hears that the receptionist has to make the admissions director last minute reservations at a nice restaurant. Christy offers to get them in at the Rustic Fig in exchange for some face-time with the admissions director.

Christy arrives home with the news that the admissions director said they'll find a spot for her if she can raise her LSATS. As Christy and Bonnie rave to each other about how wonderful Miranda is, they get a call from her that there's a situation at Jill's. Christy, Bonnie, Wendy, and Marjorie arrive to find Jill half-passed out and surrounded by booze. Apparently, she took Miranda's advice about being able to eat sweets in moderation and tried to transfer it over to alcohol. As the girls comfort Jill, Miranda apologizes to her. Marjorie, again taking her place as the mom of the group, assures her that it isn't her fault, as you can't force someone to stop drinking or start drinking again.

Random Thoughts:
-Bonnie believes in the traffic gods and the lotto gods? That sounds very Bonnie like!

-Bonnie referring to Miranda as Jill's "elf on the shelf" was funny.

-Best lines go to Christy and Wendy about moderation. Christy: "Yeah, Miranda, we're not really a moderation buncha gals." Wendy: "I once drank floor cleaner!"

-I loved it when Bonnie said to Miranda "I don't care if you're dipping into Jill's Botox fund, but when you start taking money from my daughter, who's barely scraping by, that's when you hear from me." Bonnie may be world's biggest scam herself, but she isn't gonna let anybody pull that on her kid!

-This was, in my opinion, one the best episodes of the season in the way it nailed the reality, the setbacks, and the heartbreaks that can come with addiction.

Were you shocked to see Jill relapse? What do you think will happen next for her? Is Christy going to be able to raise her LSATS and get in? Let me know below!

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