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MacGyver - Hammock + Balcony - Review

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Hammock + Balcony
Episode 2.16

So I LOVE the opening scenes to MacGyver and this episode is no exception. Plus I LOVE the funny ass tags that pop up on the screen. Take for example, in the opening scene, the tag reads “Where Jack Shoulda Passed On The Big Lunch”. How is that not freakin hilarious when the image on the screen is Jack stuck, trying to make it through a tinny crawl space. Even a Winnie the Pooh reference is made. Sometimes these opening scenes are the best of that episode. Like this one. Mac mentions that there is a way for Jack to reduce the circumference of his waist... Jack wouldn't hear of it until Mac has him trussed up and is pulling and he ant budging, till finally, he's like “is it too late to pee in my pants?” Between that line and Jack saying they’ve released the hounds of hell and all his important bits are trapped on the other side of the opening. It was way too funny. That is why I love those cold opening scenes. Truthfully, I think that was the best part of this episode.

“Where Jack Shoulda Passed On The Big Lunch”

This episode was a lot of Bozer who I love but like him so much better not on missions and his secret girlfriend who I have to say has this vide like she might be a double agent. Plus there was no Jack and MacGyver this episode. I do enjoy the addition of Jill who I remember from Season One’s season finale, episode 21 – Cigar Cutter. I actually like her way better than Cage.

Jack has Jill dislocate his shoulder (which looks painful) and we find out he did this so that he can break into Matty’s house. He talks Jill and Riley's Dad Elwood Davis (Billy Baldwin) to not only break into Matty’s house but also into her safe.

The dynamics between the three of them was very fun to watch. Especially since Jack couldn't remember Jill's name and gave them both code names. It was very funny.

“is it too late to pee in my pants?”

This does show the lengths Jack will go to for MacGyver and I wonder if the destruction he did to her house was his anger toward her for keeping secrets about MacGyver’s dad. We learn at the end of the episode that Matty did, in fact, know MacGyver’s dad. Should be an interesting storyline.

The bulk of this episode is surrounding Bozer and his secret girlfriend, Leanna Martin on loan from the CIA. This is the storyline I could have lived without. Bozer and Riley are now “fake” married and Mac and Leanna are “fake” married. These two couples did look cute dressed up for their wedding pictures. I found it strange that Riley the former girl of his dreams knows about his secret highly unsanctioned romance, but when asked why MacGyver doesn't know Bozer said Mac can't keep a secret. Yet how many years was Bozer clueless to what Mac was actually doing? I did enjoy when Mac realized who Leanna was to Bozer during the photo shoot. And when they first arrive at the fancy resort Mac lets Bozer know he wasn't going to make a move on Mac’s “wife”. But I didn't get why everyone was so enamored with her. She is beautiful but like I said, I thought she was too perfect and it was too easy this intense relationship that formed between her and Bozer. It kinda reminds me of Nicky. Anyway, this opp doesn't go like planned. There were cute moments and the makeover Bozer did on Leanna was amazing.

The other awesome scene of this episode is when Mac walks into the house where Bozer and Leanna are being held hostage and saves the day. That was truly awesome.

What did you think of this episode? I still can't wait for this week's episode. And I've enjoyed Season 2 a lot! Please leave a comment...

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