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Lucifer - Let Pinhead Sing! - Review: All About Faith

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I’m ready to see Lucifer be vulnerable in front of Linda, and this episode doesn’t disappoint with its bookended scenes of Lucifer in session with Linda. At the start of the episode, he goes to her, talks, but deflects any time Linda tries to suggest his actions are because of his feelings for Chloe. He’s never been able to openly say to Linda he’s in love with Chloe, or that she might mean a whole lot more to him than he lets on.
“Sometimes we push boundaries we shouldn’t and cause rifts with people we care about,” Linda tells him, and in speaking those words she gains some clarity herself. More clarity than Lucifer, which isn’t unusual.
Through her session with Lucifer, Linda realizes what she needs to do to start fixing things with Maze. She needs to apologize.

Please, someone take Pierce’s guitar away from him. The man cannot sing. The man shouldn’t sing. All these years on Earth and he’s that bad? It’s a fun parallel to Lucifer, who actually can carry a tune. I suppose we shouldn’t assume all immortals have the voice of an angel.

Ella is adorable, bringing Pierce a “compliment box”. She’s gone around the precinct and had people write positive notes about him. This is what I love about Ella: she’s thoughtful, she cares about people; she only wants others to be happy.
I’m pretty sure Chloe wrote the first one Ella pulls out that reads: “Pierce has nice arms.”
And… the second one.
And… Oh, Ella. Maybe you should have vetted these while putting them in, before reading them for the first time in front of him.
She only has the best intentions, though. Lucifer might be the light-bringer, but Ella’s the one bringing it.

Lucifer continues to put this series-long wedge between him and Chloe by distancing himself from her. He’s done this before, it didn’t work for them then.
He ups the ante this time, focusing his attention on anyone in the room except Chloe, and really making her feel like she’s nothing. What sucks, is how it visibly hurts Chloe. If that’s all Lucifer really wants to do then he consistently does a good job of it.
The pain in her eyes is obvious. There’s confusion and jealously, but you can see her mulling his behavior over. Lauren German nails the emotions Chloe is feeling watching Lucifer act like Ella’s best friend.
“When obsessed people don’t have their love reciprocated, sometimes they snap.” Chloe, honey, exactly who are you referring to here?
Chloe’s got Lucifer figured out though – because he muttered his plan under his breath earlier at the crime scene. She knows he’s pulling back because he’s scared of losing her, and she tells him as much. He denies it, as usual. But Chloe knows.

My favorite moment in this episode was Linda taking a wrapped battle axe as a gift for Maze. She’s put thought into it, because she wants to make amends. She knows this is something Maze will appreciate and use.
I love the parallels between Linda begging Maze to open the door and talk, and Maze last season trying to get Linda to open her office door and speak to her again.

Ella appreciates gifts more than Maze, and seeing her wearing the shirt Lucifer made for her is sweet, even though she doesn’t fully understand why he gave it to her. I often think about how Ella will react if she ever finds out the truth about Lucifer, especially when scenes like this happen, but deep down she’s one character I hope never finds out. Because she has faith.

We get to see Charlotte mediate a meeting between Linda and Maze, because solving conflict is what she’s good at. I’m not sure she’s ever had clients this tough before though. Linda has the opportunity to apologize. She needs Maze to apologize too, but Maze can’t see why she would need to. Things get heated and Charlotte can only watch at it deteriorates in front of her.
These two will not be making amends any time soon.
And that’s solidified a little later in the episode by Maze’s breaking of the axe over her knee.
The symbolism hurts.

Dan gets some wonderful scenes this week. No jokes here, no Lucifer bullying him, just Dan getting to show how big his heart is, and how good of a friend he could be if people would give him the chance. We’ve seen it in how he bonded with Amenadiel, and now there’s hope Pierce might give him more respect at the precinct. There’s also a nice scene early in the episode where Ella calls him “positive dude, numero uno”, which makes me adore Ella even more, and highlights aspects of Dan’s character that we can sometimes forget during his scenes with Lucifer.

While protecting a famous singer, Axara, from her obsessed fan/assistant/friend Cece (who we all saw coming as the killer the second we saw her. Awkward.), Lucifer is stabbed. Because Chloe’s nearby the knife injures him, and I’m not sure Chloe’s someone I’d want helping if I was stabbed because that woman puts absolutely no pressure on his wounds as she holds napkins to it.
Meanwhile Pierce is watching as Chloe tends to Lucifer, he’s listening as Amenadiel speaks of Lucifer having faith in Chloe, and he’s getting new ideas about using Chloe for himself.
There’s no chemistry between Chloe and Pierce, but that doesn’t stop her from agreeing to him going as her plus one to the Axara concert.
And in a moment of unintentional payback, Chloe admits this to Lucifer – which might just have been the let-down he needed.

Because there is it: Lucifer showing to Linda that he can be vulnerable, and it looks like, for the first time ever, he might truly open up to her about how he feels about Chloe. For the significance of that, the wonderfully devilish I Will Survive accidental duet between Axara and Lucifer, and the battle-axe gift, I love this episode. But there’s a lot to like this week, and a lot that broke our hearts just a little more, and I’m looking forward now to seeing how the rest of the episodes play out. The forward momentum finally feels like it’s present after a bit of an uneven season. I wasn’t sure how I felt about Pierce when he first arrived, but he’s turning out to be quite an important part of the Lucifer/Chloe relationship – in that I think this will be the kick Lucifer needs to finally make a big admission (whether it’s a reveal, or they relieve some UST) to Chloe.

I don’t think this Pierce/Chloe thing will last beyond an episode, and I’m feeling confident about a big Deckerstar moment before the end of the season. How about you?

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