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In Between Lives - NBC Pilot Preview

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I almost didn’t write this preview for two main reasons. First, nobody cares about this project. I’m wasting my time, you’re wasting yours by reading what I have to say about it (thanks anyway! Keep reading now you’re there!) and everybody involved in this, from NBC to the actors, are kinda wasting their time too. But at least they’re getting paid! Second, do I really have anything to say about it? I mean, the logline is quite telling. Also, it’s announced as a “clairvoyance crime drama”. Not sexy or promising. And sadly, there’s no hidden treasure between those lines. In Between Lives is a lazy project that looks exactly as it sounds: BO-RING. It will probably be watchable and NBC might feel like there’s an audience for it but nowadays, when you make a procedural, you need a hook. A hook that’s new. And if In Between lives has one -which is debatable- it is NOT new.

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