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Grey's Anatomy - You Really Got a Hold on Me - Review

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As some of you may or may not have heard Grey’s Anatomy got a spin off series called ‘Station 19’ and, in this episode, we got to meet the newest lady of TGIT who will be a main character in the spin off series; Andy Herrera. A firefighter and Ben Warren’s new boss.

Andy made an impressive entrance in the episode as she arrived at Grey Sloan with her hand in a young boy’s cavity to stop him from bleeding out. A bit of her personality shone through when she encountered our beloved intern, Glasses, who immediately told her to take her hand out to which she responded: “You look twelve, can you find me a grown up to tell me that?” Right there and then I knew that I was going to like her. Quickly, Meredith and April arrive and carefully rush her inside to save 10-year-old Zack. Andy is amazed and in awe of the surgeons as they work around her to save the young boy. She then gets to become a part of the team when Meredith asks for her help in clamping the aorta. Andy manages do so with Meredith carefully walking her through it. Finally free, Andy goes to find Ben and shares her experience with him.

Ben throughout the episode seems to struggle being in the hospital as he realises what he is leaving behind to become a firefighter. At many moments we see him wanting to be a part of what is happening but not being able to because he has already made his decision. I personally thought that Webber was especially harsh on Ben this episode when he told Ben and Andy to leave the gallery in which they were watching Meredith and April work their magic on the patient. However, I think it was the push he needed to see what he really wanted to do.

Near the end of the episode we found out that Andy had manged to help Meredith set up a meeting with the holder of the polymer that Meredith needs for her Surgical Innovation Project that she began with Jo. During the episode Meredith, Jo and intern Helm were waiting for a phone call from the doctor who is based in Madrid. When the doctor finally called mid-surgery, Andy was there to save the day and took the call. To our surprise she began speaking to him in Spanish! I really think Andy made a great impression during this episode and now I am actually excited to watch Station 19 when it premiers later this month.

In the episode we also saw the return of Tom Koracick who, as most will remember, managed to save Amelia’s life by removing her brain tumour. Some will also remember him as being very cocky and arrogant. Amelia decided to call him in when she and Alex hit a bit of a dead end when trying to figure out how to save Kimmy by shattering her tumour without shattering her skull. Even though Tom spent most of him time at Grey Sloan flirting with Amelia, making inappropriate comments about Sam to DeLuca and basically ignoring Alex’s existence, he and Amelia managed to find a solution to their problem. However, their project is still at very early stages and Kimmy only has a few months to live. If she dies the death will definitely hit us just as hard as the team at Grey Sloan but not as hard as it will Alex. We’ve seen him develop a real bond with Kimmy (the scene where he sang with her was adorable) and if she doesn’t make we don’t know how Alex will deal with it. This is going to be a very interesting storyline that I am very much looking forward to.

Now, let’s move onto April. She has been out most nights partying and then grabbing a banana bag to rehydrate. And yes, she is still hooking up with the intern. However, finally, Jackson has managed to see the change in April. He brings this up to Arizona who doesn’t seem to be worried at all. Jackson is ready to accept the advice Arizona gives him about not worrying until he hears the intern bragging about sleeping with April and interrupts him to inform him that he’ll be draining a groin abscess- how lovely. Eventually, Jackson decides to bring up his concern with April who simply replies with “You’re Harriet’s dad, not mine.” Later, when Arizona walks into the bar and finds April pouring shots directly into the intern’s mouths, she realises that she was very wrong and that she should be very worried. I’m glad that someone has finally noticed that April is not being herself and I’m hoping that Jackson and Arizona will work together to help April especially when we begin to see much more of Dark April.

Other Notes

I loved the beginning of the episode and seeing the Meredith, Amelia and Maggie altogether. I always love their interaction with each other and I just want to see more of it.

I’m glad Bailey is finally back to work and that we got to see more of the Bailey and Webber relationship; it never disappoints. However, Bailey really didn’t need a babysitter.

The whole Sam and DeLuca thing is definitely beginning to get very boring. If the writers want to carry on this storyline they need to add some drama.

On the topic of relationships, I wish the writers would stop dragging out the inevitable Jackson and Maggie hook-up in order for us to try and like the paring. Its just not going to happen; they might as well get it over and done with.

The Jackson and April interaction in the episode still makes me hope they will eventually get back together.

I loved Arizona mentioning Callie even though it broke my heart as a Calzona shipper.

I actually really enjoyed seeing Arizona and Jackson interact in the episode and I hope to see more of it.

I really want to see more of the intern Qadri. She showed a lot of potential in the episode that I really want the writers to explore.

Overall, I thought the episode was really great. Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

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