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Gotham - Episode 4.22 (Season Finale) - Title Revealed *Updated*

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No Man's Land' and Long Halloween Arcs Confirmed

Ahead of Jerome's big episode tonight, spoke exclusively with star Cameron Monaghan, and he revealed that both popular Batman stories are going to play a part in the rest of the season. He first touched on the No Man's Land situation.

"We're borrowing very heavily from some of the most iconic Batman storylines," Monaghan told us. "I think that they're deep enough, and they show where its really splitting that duality and start totally embracing the main arcs. I think that we did a little bit in season three to bring it into The Killing Joke

"I will say that the second-to-last episode of the season is called 'One Bad Day'. That will be a little bit of an indication of how much we're gonna be ingrained in the books, specifically the No Mans Land storyline. I don't want to say what it exactly is for the people that haven't read it yet, but if you have read it, you know what it is, and the show is going there. And we're picking up the pace in a way that the show has never gone, done before. It's getting real. And the show is going on a different time, and at great speed and at the same time it's also taking us to a level of stakes that it never has before, and we really do see a really epic number of arcs reach their climax and cause an escalation that we've never seen on the show before. Where, if you've seen all these different situations force Bruce into the man he’s going to be and it's going to be challenging him in a way that he’s never been challenged before, both in a grand scale but also in a very personal sense, as well. Yeah, can't wait for people to see it."


Title Revealed

Earlier this week, fans of Gotham began buzzing when rumor spread that "No Man's Land" was the title of the Season 4 finale this spring. Of course, this title would allude to the 1999 Batman comic arc of the same name, where an earthquake struck Gotham and the entire city was left to fend for itself, causing an absurd amount of chaos.

We here at reached out to the folks at FOX and they confirmed that "No Man's Land" was indeed the title of the finale, though they didn't share any specific information about the episode itself.


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