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Good Girls - Borderline - Review + Poll: 'Oh Canada!'

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The third episode of Good Girls may be my favorite so far. Let's Dive in!

Drugs or Guns?

We begin with Beth telling Annie and Ruby about the impromptu visit from Rio the episode before and we find out why he is so curious about their passport situation. Rio wants them to go to Canada to pick up a package for him. Annie thinks that he wants them to transport drugs up their bums while Beth thinks the 'package' may be guns. Either way, all three of them are freaking out about what their trip across the border will entail.

The women also have real life situations at home to deal with. Annie has a home visit for her custody situation that she must be there for, but Rio isn't going to wait so they have be back home in time. In the latest edition of the Beth and Dean dance, Beth shows up to the lot and informs Dean they need four thousand dollars for the mortgage again. Dean is still confused about how she paid last month's bill and Beth isn't offering up any details. She tells him that she will be opening her own accounts to begin to rectify this situation when Dean tells her that won't be easy because she has no working history for several decades. I think this particular scene makes Beth's actions later on make more sense. She and Dean got married young and started a family, that was her life, she hasn't had her own thing and that may be why were are seeing the seeds being planted that Beth actually enjoys this ride she's been on.

They reluctantly decide to make Rio's run, but none of them want to use their own cars. Technically Annie can't because her car has been given a boot for unpaid parking tickets but I digress. So with a plethora of vehicles waiting for them at Dean's lot, it seems the only reasonable thing to do is steal a jeep from the lot. Annie has a little fun with the remotes for the cars while Beth tries to find the perfect match, but they have someone creeping on them in the form of Boomer, because apparently we are not rid of this stain of a human yet.

Road Trip!!!!
With their trip up north set, Ruby, Beth and Annie disguise it as a quick girls' trip because nothing says bonding like trafficking an unknown package across the border! Before they leave Ruby and Annie each have an uncomfortable encounter that makes leaving a bit more tense.

Ruby is nodding off in church because last night's grand theft auto had to be taxing, when Stan surprises her and stands up to make a testimonial about the money that appeared and bought Sara's miracle drug. He seems to think that it came from a parishioner at the church. Ruby is so uncomfortable because we all know how that money came to be, when a woman named Sheila stands up and takes the credit. She enjoys her thank you hug from Stan a little too much and it made me want to reach through my screen and separate them. Stan then invites little miss liar to dinner to thank her.... much to Ruby's annoyance. It turns out Shiela has been hot for Stan since high school, so it makes sense that she would try to get her claws into him by using his child. But Stan is no Dean, so I am not worried about this woman trying to weasel her way in, especially since it seems Stan has always rejected her advances. What did make me worry is how all of these crimes are starting to pile up in this marriage without Stan knowing. When and if he ever finds out, it will be gut wrenching because these two share everything and although Ruby's intentions have always been the most pure of the three, it is still a betrayal. Speaking of lies, Boomer is trying to piece together why our girls were stealing that car and gain the upper hand on Annie again.

Annie is manning her register when Boomer strolls up and wants to know why she needs the day off tomorrow. I would say she could have used the custody issue as the reason, but Boomer, being the stalker he is had followed them so it really didn't matter. In the tense back and forth Annie wasn't offering up anything and Boomer was becoming aggressive, shocking I know. They are interrupted when a customer comes up and Boomer, like most abusers, turns on the perfect guy act to which Annie uses for her advantage. She gets Boomer to back off by bringing up the picture he thinks she has over him under the guise of some camping shots and he leaves it at that. I normally don't like loose ends in storytelling, but if we never hear from Boomer again with no explanation, I would be just fine. With things somewhat settled, the ladies are ready to make their border run.

Act Natural
Like most shows when someone has plans to do something illegal over the border, Ruby, Beth and Annie are wound up tight as they await border patrol to check their passports. Ruby is especially tense because she has an accessory in her purse that makes things interesting..... Stan's gun which she thinks is unloaded. Beth and Annie are freaking out but they have no time for a getaway because they are up next up. They make it through fine and are ready to tackle Rio's mission and finally remove themselves from his crosshairs. But one of them doesn't seem to want to be free as we find out at the end of the episode.

The address from Rio isn't an off grid warehouse, a flop house or anything of that nature, it is Canada's equivalent to a Hobby Lobby. The three are baffled as to what exactly they are transporting and why this is the place they've been dispatched to, so they find the contact Rio gave Beth. Beth goes to talk to him first while Annie and Ruby wait in the car where Ruby shares her Sheila problem with Annie. She is distracted by this but it was great scene where Ruby shares her insecurities with Annie and I did feel for her. Beth returns empty handed and that is when Annie gives it a go. She tries to appeal to this man's softer side, but he is having none of Annie's charm and still won't give up Rio's contraband. Finally Ruby takes Stan's 'unloaded' gun and decides to play bad cop. Well that gun is definitely loaded and she accidentally shoots him in the foot (don't worry, it was just a graze), he quickly gives them the boxes and Ruby is shaken by what she just did. It is time to cross the border again but what happens in Canada stays with all of them.

At the border they are ready to get back and have some receipts from faux purchases to give them a reason as to why they were only briefly there. After a quick inspection which they pass, they are good to go. Once back in Michigan, they pull over and want to know just what they are carrying. It is not drugs or guns, it is wrapping paper....what? Either Rio is getting a jump on Christmas shopping, or this was a ruse to see how they could do, it turned out to be neither. Beth discovers that on the opposite side of the paper is counterfeit bills. Yep, Rio is a money launderer specializing in fake bills. The ladies make the delivery at a shady warehouse where Beth seeks out Rio to get the assurance that the debt is resolved. He ignores her at first, and she is about to walk away but turns back to get his word that they are good. He says that they are and this moment made me think Beth was a bit let down. Maybe she likes the excitement or maybe it is because she is starting to become attracted to Rio's danger, or him. I know they are complete opposites, but honestly I think they have chemistry and even though it is wrong, it left me wanting more one-on-one interactions with these two.

With the debt clear, Annie, Ruby and Beth decide to celebrate at a restaurant where the mixed drinks are flowing and Annie orders about a dozen appetizers. Was anyone else cringing while Annie day drank with her home visit being just a few hours away? Beth doesn't seem as overjoyed when she gets a call from Dean asking how her trip went, he also tells her the cops are at the lot because of a robbery, their robbery. Our girls must ditch the car quick but in the latest saga of Annie not critically thinking, they can't because she synced her phone for some road trip tunes. Oh Annie, I love ya but at some point you have to think past your impulsive urges. The next frame is the three standing at the edge of a lake while the car sinks but not before Annie's phone rings with the social worker on the other end. She is late for her meeting.

Annie rushes home to find that Sadie, bless her heart, has done the best she can to cover for mom. It almost works with the dumb cover story until Sadie reveals her injured finger she got while preparing shrimp cocktail. The observer realizes that Sadie is alone quite a bit and this just turned really bad for Annie's chances when it comes to custody. She asks for a lift to the hospital from this woman because of her booted car. When they return home, a broken mother and daughter have a heartbreaking exchange. Sadie wants to know where her mom was and Annie says she had something important to attend to. To which Sadie finally breaks and asks 'More important than me?'. Yes, Annie is carefree and also flies by the seat of her pants but she is also a mother to an extraordinary and sweet child, this crime spree is taking a toll on her daughter without her being directly involved. I hate saying this, but maybe some stability with Greg will be good for Sadie, even if it means separating them for awhile.

Ruby is exhausted but Stan wants to 'talk'. She apologizes but he isn't having it or so Ruby thinks, Stan just wants to forget the argument and have some alone time with his wife. They make up and Ruby gets some revenge on liar Sheila by making a testimony of her own in church the next day. She thanks Shiela for her 'generous' gift and also reveals that Sheila has offered to help pick up the kids and contribute with other various tasks. This is what makes Ruby my favorite, she got back at this woman in the most hilarious way, and there is nothing Sheila can do about it.

Finally there is Beth. She returns home to Dean tucking one of their daughters into bed, he may be a dirty cheater with horrible fiscal sense, but he is a great dad. The two have a talk in the kitchen where he tells her that he should move back in because of finances and also because she's the love of his life, but Beth seems uninterested. When we see her next, she has returned to the warehouse we last saw Rio, only to find it empty. Beth seems a bit disappointed and unclips her pearls and hangs them on a doorknob. This was obviously a sign for Rio, who in the closing minutes is back in Beth's kitchen, this time invited and wondering why she summoned him. So, I saw in the advanced preview that people are seeing chemistry with these two and count me as one as well. Is it because Beth longs for her own thing, and likes what this has brought to her, is she attracted to Rio's lifestyle and more importantly him? I don't know but I find their push/pull fascinating and want more.

So what are your thoughts on their trip up north? Do you see anything with Beth and Rio? Also, do you think Annie's actions are really harming any chance she has for a healthy relationship with Sadie? Also for anyone that has watched Weeds did you get major flashbacks of the time Nancy had to make a border run for Guillermo in season 4? Let me know!

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