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Good Girls - Atom Bomb - Advanced Preview

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Good Girl`s 4th outing of their freshman season was another blast to watch, it delivered some neat character moments and delivered a bunch of great laughs in the process. "Atomic Bomb" during its 1-hour run dropped 4 B bombs and one shocking C bomb.

As always lets start this preview with the Rio related part. The girls are still in need for money and working with Rio was the easiest way to get to it. You`ve got to love Rio`s style, he really delivers this week and he doesn´t make it easy for the girls. Not easy at all. This week´s case is a bit more complicated for the girls but leads up to a nice solution and helps Annie in the process as well.

Annie is probably the weakest link in the Girls trio but she stepped up this week a lot. In general, the way they are handling Annie´s kid and the whole perception and self-discovery she is admirable and every executive/writer needs to take notes from this one. The balance between their light and empowering moments combined with the dark bullying world we live in was enjoyable to watch with a great message.

The true MVP of this episode once again was Ruby. Retta is such a phenomenal actress and the energy she transfers to the screen is simply phenomenal. Her work related story this week will probably hit very close to many waiters out there and the message they send is wrapped up in a phenomenal dose of humor and truth we all should aspire too. Still, Ruby will suffer consequences for her actions.

Meanwhile, Beth had to deal with her snobby son and his B-day party wishes which got really complicated with the help of Rio and her useless husband. But as always Beth provides some powerful moments and brings out all the fabulous empowerment she got and as always provides for some good character growth. Still, has to face something that she really didn`t anticipate which will lead to an unexpected development which will make her deals with Rio so much more difficult.

Bummer was as annoying as always but did start a story which will bring further juicy complications into the lives of our Good Girls. How are you enjoying Good Girls so far? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and don´t forget to tune into Good Girls on Monday the 19th at 10pm Central on NBC.

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