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Fear The Walking Dead - Episode 4.04 - Buried - Promo, Sneak Peek, Full Set of Promotional Photos + Synopsis

Full Set of Promotional Photos


Sneak Peek

EW Interview

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So you all morphed into the grim reaper over the weekend and took out your first big victim. The episode ends with Nick being shot and killed by cute little Charlie. Why do that to poor Nick? Hasn’t that guy been through enough already?

IAN GOLDBERG: Well, one of the hardest things for Andrew and me, when we came on as showrunners, is that Frank had asked, even prior to us coming on to lead the show, to pursue other opportunities. So it was really, for us, crafting an emotional exit for an incredible character that he played. That was something that was just really important to us, was how to tell an emotional story for Nick and to send off his character in a fitting way. But with the way that we are playing with time in these first eight episodes, we will be seeing Nick again, as we do have multiple timelines.

THR Interview

We're losing Nick at a moment in the season when Madison's fate is still very much up in the air. For all we know, Alicia is grieving her brother's death while simultaneously reeling from her own mother's death. Was that front-of-mind for you in terms of the timing of Nick's death, that it would be a real shock while people are so worried about Madison's currently ambiguous fate?

Chambliss: I would say the one thing we were very conscious of as we were telling these stories over two different timelines was that people would be asking questions about who's there, and who's not there. We wanted to write the stories and have them unfold in such ways that there are many twists and turns along the journey. Keep watching, because there's plenty of flashback story to tell and plenty of present day story left to tell. There's an interesting chemistry between the two.

Goldberg: Telling stories across time is really about telling one big emotional story. That's where we started this season: a story of hopelessness building toward hope. That's where everything comes from for us. The flashback story provides a different emotional context for what we're seeing in the present day. We're really excited to see how people react to getting to see two very different sides of these characters, and asking the questions of what happened that made everyone change so drastically?

Promotional Photos

Al's questioning uncovers some surprising truths about the group's past; John Dorie receives unexpected news.


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