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Divorce - Losing It - Review

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The episode aired on HBO Sunday, February 18

In this episode, we join the Dufresne's as they try to navigate new relationships they are in and dealing with their kids who are trying to grow up too fast. Frances and Andrew are enjoying each other and have some understanding that their relationship is casual. I was wondering what was familiar about Andrew; then it hit me that he speaks like Julian. Frances unmistakably has a type if you can call it that but I don’t mind Andrew at all. She is starting to lean on him more, which is cute but will it last? Robert, on the other hand, is hoping things work out with Jackie but her daughter seems to be a huge problem. Roberts discovers that Tom and Ella are having sex which doesn’t sit well with him. Tom is inexperienced, and Ella seems to have been enjoying herself sexually for a long time. This situation proves to be challenging for Robert because he would need to discuss with Frances. He doesn’t need to wait for too long because Lilla tells Frances in the middle of her regular “manipulating my mother” sessions where she was not getting what she wanted.

The dynamic here is interesting because of the relationship Robert has with Jackie who handles things completely the opposite way than Frances does. She is more open to letting her daughter explore her sexuality and live her life freely. Frances, on the other hand, is very protective of her children and does not want to make them go into the world without holding their hands. This control is one of the reasons that she and Robert are still going to therapy to help with how to communicate. I am not a fan of their therapy sessions because they stress me out particularly the passive-aggressive way they engage. This time it ends the same way where Frances has the last word, and Robert agrees in a sarcastic manner. What he was forgetting was he is in another relationship, so he has to tread carefully.

Jackie is upset with Robert for talking to Ella without her being present and trying to create boundaries that Ella doesn’t need. If you asked me I think Jackie needs to reign in Ella a little bit. The situation doesn’t end well, and she decides she would rather not be in a relationship any longer. Roberts seems to be falling for women who are similar to Frances in how they communicate, trust me I don’t think he is a better communicator, but he has a pattern. Jackie also needs a new therapist that’s not Dallas; she appears obsessed with her which is not healthy. Dallas doesn’t want to betray her friend, and it is a noble thing, so I am okay with her for now.

Diane was not having a good time in this episode; her insecurities came packed in a huge bus. Molly Shannon is my favorite person on this show because she knows how to push buttons and in this case, Diane was taking it a notch higher. Diane felt like Frances was getting too close to Sylvia and would replace her as the best and neediest friend. She also deals with her relationship with Nick the same way, I think Nick adores her, but she has blinders on and will not let a chance pass to make him feel jealous. If the writers wanted Diane to cheat and divorce Nick for real, they should be brave and do it. I hate how the show began with Diane almost killing Nick because of how bored she was with her marriage, and now she’s just using different tactics to drive him crazy.

Tom and Lilla finally got to meet Andrew in the most awkward way, which was hilarious but Lilla was not impressed. I don’t know if anyone else sensed some jealousy coming from Robert, but I did. These writers are driving me insane; if they want them to get back to their toxic relationship, then they need to write that. One episode they are behaving like friendly co-parents, and the next moment they are having feelings of jealousy. I might be seeing this from a single, never been married person eye view so bear with me. Frances does manage to have a weird conversation with Tom about safe sex which completely embarrasses him, but she did get her word across.

Losing It is one of my favorite episodes of Divorce this season, they finally got their footing even though they are about to end the season. What I liked about it was the consensus from both couples and their new partners to take it might be a step further. I loved that both pairs ended up with their new significant others on romantic dates which signified growth. Let us wait for the next episode and see the madness because knowing these two nothing stays the same.

Don't forget to watch Divorce on HBO Sunday, at 10 PM ET/PT.

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