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Divorce - Alone Again, Naturally - Review

Season 2 Finale

This episode is it, the end of Divorce season two is here, and I couldn't figure out what exactly to write about it. If by any chance you have read my review of the penultimate episode then you probably will understand why this finale also felt like a rehashed episode of sex and the city. This episode was not some edgy writing; it was mediocre at best for a season finale. HBO produces some of the very best shows, and because of the few episodes a show gets, it’s crucial that they are outstanding and leave you wanting more. One of the major issues I have had lately with their shows is the rush to wrap up stories. This approach is understandable being that there is no guarantee for renewal but I wish they could leave people hanging.

One of the most significant changes was seeing Roberts’s growth, he has undoubtedly moved on with Jackie and was trying his best to have a somewhat healthy relationship. In this episode, he finally proposed even though it was one of those proposals that would be considered terrible it was still cute. Jackie was a little hesitant but I think she was just shocked and lacked words but even her acceptance was lackluster. They also finally signed documentation and sealed their joint business venture in one of the funniest scenes of the episode. Robert visits Frances to help fix the wall she destroyed and hands her a seventy-five thousand dollar check. He did it because he was feeling like life was finally starting to go right for him, and Frances had put in more, financially in their relationship. Rejecting her attempt to kiss him was a great move, it made her realize he was choosing to make a better life with Jackie and that was a good thing. I didn’t appreciate the writing about Robert finding it hard to tell Frances that he was engaged. I thought it was corny because the first person he mentions it to is Nick; Yes, Nick who is the area blubber mouth.

Let’s talk about the SATC part of the episode because it was getting on my nerves. Frances sees pictures of Sylvia and Skip plastered all over the papers, and she is fuming with rage. Where have we seen this scenario before? She decided to confront Skip who admits to poaching artists who had a head start, but he wouldn’t concede that he did this because Frances rejected his advances. He offers her a partnership, but she turns him down. I didn’t expect this from her though because my perception of her is tainted with the number of shitty things she’s done, mainly how she treated Andrew. I will give props to Diane because if it weren’t for her badgering, Frances would not have felt strong enough to approach Skip and read him the riot act.

SATC was making a comeback again; enter Diane and her drama when Frances hands her the check Robert gave her. This gift was supposed to be a nice gesture because of how supportive she had been, but it backfires. Diane is a mess, and her insecurities can be annoying sometimes. She leaves Frances at the location where they had gone to see some art and heads to a bar to drink her life away. Her driving off scene after the bar kicked her out was terrific though, Molly Shannon can give a good performance, and this was one of her best. It was funny and sad at the same time because she was not only breaking down in the process she destroyed several cars. The direction and writing in this scene should win some award because it was perfect.

Nick’s Ponzi situation was unexpected; again I will admit I didn’t see this coming, but it was also very cliché. We have seen this same story written many times where one partner is enjoying all the money and luxurious life but, are blindsided when it all comes crashing down. I find hard to believe that in this days and age there are people still so caught up in the fake wealthy lifestyle without a clue. Diane doesn’t come off as stupid to me, but they plainly made her seem like a dumb woman. Her outburst at the jail was also cringe-worthy, it was typical of lousy writing where the woman always ends up crying and yelling at the people who destroyed their cushy life, and in jail; come on! I am not sure what will happen to Diane if the show comes back for a third season but at the end of this finale she was looking for a job at Macy's or might have found one when/if they come back.

The episode ended with Robert coming clean about his engagement and letting Frances know he was happy. It was funny that the women in this show did not sit down even once to discuss how their lives seemed crazy, yet this episode they reflect on the big holes that existed and they chose to ignore. If the show is going to come back and I am not banking on it, the writing needs to change. For now, I think they wrapped everything nicely, and they might be okay to see it end here but who knows.

Don't forget to watch Divorce Seasons 1 and 2 available on HBO.

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